Italian GIOVENZANA (G.G.) Start the disconnecting switch

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World-famous brand, Italian GIOVENZANA (G.G.) Company's design, manufacturing.

Make-and-break disconnecting switch, take waterproof box and safety interlock, the tape starts the location, waterproof rank IP65, protect and point the function IP20.

Major indicator:

Switch type: P0200726SC02

Working voltage: 400 - 440V AC

Working current: 20 amperes

Power rating: 7.5 KW

Switch poles number: 6 poles

Switch position: 0- 1< --Start (tape starts the location)

The angle of switch position: 45 degrees

P0200726SC02 switch is that P0200726S010 switch is installed on a safe waterproof box, has finished already installing when being dispatched from the factory in fact.

The cam-operated switch C1340765 index that P0200726SC02 switch and Italian BRETER Company produce is all the same, so can substitute each other.

Because Company, BRETER of Italy, stops producing series of products such as his cam-operated switch,etc., and only produce the load switch of series L2, L7. So in the future if needing C1340765 switch, can totally substitute with P0200726SC02 switch.

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