South Korean HANYOUNG NUX time-recorder

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Have Sid the intersection of bodyguard and the intersection of department and the intersection of mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. and excellent price to supply, import South Korea HANYOUNG NUX temperature controller while being original packaging, HANYOUNG NUX sensor, HANYOUNG NUX Coder, HANYOUNG NUX counter, HANYOUNG NUX time-recorder, HANYOUNG NUX switch, HANYOUNG NUX control button, HANYOUNG NUX warning light, HANYOUNG NUX multi-layer display lamp, welcome to call to consult to choose!

HanGuo HANYOUNG NUX (HanRong) Electronics Co., Ltd. is an electronic high-tech enterprise specializing in automatic temperature controller, its products produced are mainly used in automatic machine field. Since the company was established till now in 1972, the company has been with the development of automatic field of factory all the time, during this period, the company has won a plurality of rewards such as trade winning price of KS, ISO9001 and quality control, and is appointed as " Quality is remarkable " Factory. Under the fierce Chinese competitive and harsh environment, in order to meet the new challenge, all colleagues of our Korea S. honour Electronics Co., Ltd. promise here: We will go back to feed customer's more high precision, the products that more advanced technology and quality are better.

HanGuo HANYOUNG NUX (HanRong) The staples produced is as follows, HANYOUNG programmable temperature humidity controller / TH50/TH30, HANYOUNG programmable temperature controller / TD500/NP SERIES, PID temperature controller / PX SERIES/NX SERIES/UX100/MX-F SERIES/MX-V SERIES/KX SERIES/DX SERIES, HANYOUNG digital temperature controller / DF SERIES/KF SERIES/HY SERIES-DIGITAL, HANYOUNG simulation temperature controller / ND4/AF1/HY SERIES-ANALOG, HANYOUNG mould temperature controller / MT200/MT100, HANYOUNG multi-point temperature controller / MC9, HANYOUNG temperature controller / BR6/ED6/RS6 for cooling machine, HANYOUNG template temperature controller / BX8/SM100, HANYOUNG voltage transformer uses the temperature controller / D55, &'s voltmeter &'s ammeter of HANYOUNG temperature controller / CP SERIES, HANYOUNG temperature indicator / HY-48I/HY-72I/HY-800S/AT-SERIES/BK6-M S/BK6-M the same type, HANYOUNG sauna bath uses the temperature indicator / HN100, HANYOUNG converter / CV300 for communication, HANYOUNG temperature sensor / RS55/TC-PL, HANYOUNG data set / EM300, HANYOUNG graphic formula logger / GR100, HANYOUNG temperature umbilical logger / RT9, HANYOUNG counter / GE SERIES/GF SERIES/LC1, HANYOUNG time-recorder / LF4N/TF2/TF4/TT4/MA4N/T38N/T 48N/T57N/TF62N/TF62D/LT1/LY7, HANYOUNG current meter / voltmeter / BA1/DP SERIES/BS SERIES, HANYOUNG display device / DPL-H/DPL-L/DPH, HANYOUNG digital power meter / PF3, HANYOUNG proximal sensor / HYP/HCP/HYP C/HYP CR/HCP CR, HANYOUNG photo-sensor / PZ1/PS SERIES/PW SERIES/PY SERIES/PN SERIES/PR SERIES-SENSOR/PU SERIES/PLD SERIES/ PEN B TYPE SERIES/PEN A TYPE SERIES/PE SERIES/PF SERIES, HANYOUNG displays the sensor / PAS SERIES/PAN SERIES, HANYOUNG sensor control device / HPA-2/FS-3/HPAN SERIES, HANYOUNG Coder / HE/PSC SERIES, HANYOUNG electric trimmer / TPR-2/TPR-2N/TPR-3/TPR-3N/TPRF- - 3N, HANYOUNG contactless electrical relay / HSR-2D/HSR-2A/HSR-3D/HSR-3A/HSR R 50/70 SERIES/HSP SERIES/HSM SERIES/HSR-PD/HSR-3, HANYOUNG power supply device / HNPS/HNPS 03/07S, HANYOUNG umbilical switch / SR SERIES/AR SERIES/UR SERIES/QR SERIES/CR SERIES/PR SERIES-SWITCH, HANYOUNG limit switch / L902/M902/L903/M903/L904/M 904 / L907/M907/L908/M908/L909/M 909 / L804/L807/L808/L809/LS-802N/LS- - 803 N/LS-803RN/LS-804N/LS-807N/LS - 808N/P501/R504/L507/PR508, HANYOUNG microswitch / P701/R704/L707/PR708/P601/L 607 / R604/R404A, HANYOUNG opens and closes and uses the switch / 1022/1024/1026/1028/1029 / LEL/LES/501/512/512S/513/513S / 514/516/517 / MAS25A/MAS63A/MAS120A, HANYOUNG foot push / 101/102/103/104/105, HANYOUNG square display lamp (bulb) /CR-401/CR-402, HANYOUNG set display lamp (LED) /CD-SA/CD-RA/CD-SC/CD-SD/CD-RC / CD-RD/CD-SB/CD-RB, HANYOUNG beeper / 256/306/606/606 N/226MD/226MA/256MD/256MA / 606MD/606MA, HANYOUNG multi-layer signal pilot lamp / WME/WMS/STA/T/TB/TW/TWB/STB/STC/STL/STS C/STL/STS, HANYOUNG rotates warning light / TR/TP/TF/TX/RLA/TLB/CTB/CTC, HANYOUNG and warns the display lamp / SLB/LT/RLA-XENON LAMP.

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