Japanese mountain military YAMATAKE limit switch

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First, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) LS serial ' General limit switch)
The structure is firm, wide in variety, the general limit switch widely used
Type: 1LS1-J, 1LS19-J, 1LS-J500, 1LS-J550, 1LS-J50, 1LS3-J, 1LS-J503, 1LS-J553, 1LS10-J, 1LS10-JEC, 1LS10-JE, 1LS10-JS, 1LS10-JSEC, 1LS2-J, 1LS9-J, 1LS-J501, 1LS-J551, 1LS-J51, 1LS23-J, 2LS1-J, 2LS1-J6, 3LS1-J, 5LS1-J, 5LS7-J, 6LS1-J,

Second, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) Series 14CE (enclose small-scaly, the vertical limit switch)
Satisfiable machinery, the miniaturization of device requires, small-scale, is able to bear the limit switch with excellent environmental characteristic.
Type: 14CE2-1J, 14CE2-3J, 14CE2-5J, 14CE3-1J, 14CE3-3J, 14CE3-5J, 14CE6-1J, 14CE6-3J, 14CE6-5J, 14CE8-1J, 14CE8-3J, 14CE8-5J, 14CE9-1J, 14CE9-3J, 14CE9-5J, 14CE10-1J, 14CE10-3J, 14CE10-5J,

Third, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) Series VCL (large-scale and waterproof, vertical limit switch)
2 groups of built-in SPDT types (SPDT) The switch, can serve as 2 measuring switches and multicircuit controlled switches.
Type: VCL-5001, VCL-5001-H, VCL-5001-K, VCL-5001-L, VCL-5003, VCL-5003-L, VCL-5101, VCL-5101-H, VCL-5101-K, VCL-5103,

Fourth, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) Series SL1 (UL/CSA/CE/CCC) Super limit switch
Mechanical life is up to for 20 million times, high leak tightness. High robustness, have long performance life convenient maintenance small-scale, the limit switch of the horizontal.
Type: SL1-A, SL1-AK, SL1-AL, SL1-AKL, SL1-AV, SL1-AKV, SL1-AKN, SL1-AE, SL1-AF,

Fifth, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) Series LDVS-5000, accord with many point pattern limit switches of EN/IEC specification
Accord with general industry's mechanical EC machinery and point out explanation and EN/IEC specification, it is much more essential limit switch of the point pattern for getting CE mark.
Type: LDVS-5204S, LDVS-5304S, LDVS-5404S, LDVS-5214S, LDVS-5314S, LDVS-5414S

Sixth, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) LX5000 series setting upright flame-proof switch
Vertical type, the gas unexplosive of the small-scale integrative outdoor use, pressure tight explosion proof type limit switch
Type: 1LX5001, 1LX5001-R, 1LX5003, 1LX5003-R, 2LX5001, 2LX5001-R, 5LX5001, 5LX5001-R,

Seventh, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) 2 measuring flame-proof switches of VCX series unexplosive
Getting vertical, use the unexplosive of gas indoor and outdoor the small-scale an organic whole, measure the pressure tight explosion proof type switch at 2 o'clock
Type: VCX-5001, VCX-5001-R, VCX-5003, VCX-5003-R, VCX-5101, VCX-5101-R, VCX-5103, VCX-5103-R,

Eighth, YAMATAKE (mountain is military) 1LX5700 series accord with the flame-proof switch of IEC specification
Type: 1LX5701, 1LX5701-C, 1LX5703, 1LX5703-C, 1LX5701-J, 1LX5701-R,

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