NOHKEN float switch

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Japan can grind NOHKENFloat switch FQ-8/6

Products summary

1,A floater controls two switches to click
2,Easy to install
3,Adjustable range 0.3M 4M
4,Can use in the rapids environment
5,Can be used and used in the dirty or viscous liquid
Technical parameter
Material: Floater ABS, cable PVC, the rope falls: Polyethylene, heavy object: Alloy or PVC Lu
Working temperature: Most high 50 ¡æ' Available 70 ¡æ)
Pressure: 195KPa
Output signals: The short-hilted broadsword form is thrown The biggest 50VA 0.5A AC
Install the way: Suspend or 4 " Flange
Structure and principle
Designed upset movements make the floater turn in upper and lower two control points. Make it act on being a reed of switches internal not to slip magnet, offer the adjustable empty pot to control
Install and use
Use: Dive under water and break out and control, sewage disposal pot and sewage pool, the industrial sewage is controlled, irrigate water, water for industrial use,etc..

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