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Controller AAD03010 of the door machine of electrician of Panasonic //AAD03011(NSFC01-01)

Specified specification

Single-phase 200V inputting type

Type AAD03020D/AAD03020G

The applicable electrical machinery is exported 0.4kw
Amount exports the electric current 2.8A
Specified output capacity 1.1kVA
Power capacity 1.3kVA
Estimate the weight 1.2kg

1) The end D of the type: Without applying the brake type, G: There are applying the brake types.
2)It is numerical at the time of the voltage 230V AC for the output of the specified output capacity.
3)The power capacity varies with impedance of one side of power.

Main function

The function of the usable frequency converter is to the motor (AC) ,Three phases control the multistage speed
Can detect the position and control the multistage speed according to the input of the encoder
Also can be carried on multistagely and operates rapidly according to the input of the sensor, (the input terminus son of the encoder switches over)
Range determines the function on the door
Allocate RS485 communication I/F (through the specialized agreement, can finish various arrangement, control, run to reveal)
Equip specialized input terminus son
It is allocated at 3 o'clock that the relay exports

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