35kV wind-powered electricity isolates the switch GW37-40/630

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Key technological innovation of the products
1,Adopt, stand the open system on the intersection of switching and design ' Open vertically) Structure, the conductive placement is not rotated to the alternate direction, does not need to consider the alternate switching space, only need to meet requirements for distance of phase to phase insulation, meet the requirement for miniaturization of apparatus;
2,All adopt two work station to be designed in the working position, disintegration operation and earthing operation to go on at the same time, adopt a set of actuator mechanisms, does not need anti-false operation device, meet the simple, safe and reliable requirement.
3,Install the three-phase conductive loop on a base, does not need to carry on assembling and adjustment on the scene, meet and install the convenient requirement.
Main technical indicator of the products
1,Nominal voltage: 40.5kV.
2,Rated frequency: 50Hz.
3,Rated current: 2500A.
4,Amount tolerates the electric current in short-term: 31.5KA.
5,Cut circulation ability: 0.8 times of rated current, 100 times of number of times of switching. The recovery voltage is at this moment: 100V.
6,Disconnecting switch and rated value of mechanical life of the earthing switch: M1 grade (2000 operating cycles) .
7,The rated value of the earthing switch electrical durability: E1 grade (have the one that closes and operates jointly twice to close and shut ability) .

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