Insert the light splitter of the chip type A point of 4 optic fibre splitters and a point of 8 boxlike optic fibre branching units

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Brief introduction
It is one of the most important passive devices in the optical fibre link, it is the tandem device of optic fibre with a plurality of input ends and a plurality of Ausgangs, especially suitable for the passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON,etc.) China connect local side and the intersection of terminal installation and the intersection of concurrent implementation and optical signal along separate routes.
Naked fine type is miniature (steel tube / module) Type,ABS case type, branching unit bringing type, support dish type, chip type, framework type & hellip will be inserted; …
Framework type: Install in OLT cabinet of 19 inches; When the optic fibre branch registers one's residence, the erection unit offered is a standard digital cabinet; When ODN needs putting on the desk.
ABS boxlike: Install in 19 inches of standard frameworks; When the optic fibre branch registers one's residence, the erection unit offered is a joint box of optical cable; When the optic fibre branch registers one's residence, install in the apparatus which the customer appointed.
Naked fine type: Install in various typological Tail fiber box. Install in various typological test instruments and WDM system.
Branching unit type: Install it in various typological light mix the apparatus. Install in various typological light test instruments.
Miniature: Install in the optical cable splice closure. Install in the module box. Install in the distribution block.
Insert the chip type: This apparatus is used for FTTX system's needing to assign photic user's access point, the optical cable that mainly finishes entering the Residential Area or building becomes the end, fixing with optic fibre, making shelling, welds, the jumper wire, function along separate routes,etc., enter the terminal user in the form of entering an optical cable after light splitting.
Support dish type: Suitable for every typological optic fibre splitter, wavelength division multiplexer,etc. to integrate and install and use.
Choose high-quality optical fiber connector, adapter, low insertion loss, high echo return loss;
Note: A point of 16 adapters of interface of single-storeyed tray maximum configurated, a point of 32 adapters of interface of double-deck tray maximum configurated.
Advantage and shortcoming

1)Loss and transmit the insensitivity of optical wavelength correctly, can meet transmission of different wavelength's needs.
( 2) Light splitting is even, can distribute the signal to users to evenly.
( 3) Compact, the volume is small, all right direct mount is in various Off-The-Shelf joint boxes, do not need special planning to reserve very large installation space.
( 4) Only the shut passway of the device is numerous only, can be up to above No. 32.
( 5) Multi-channel low cost, the more count along separate routes, the more obvious the cost advantage is.
( 1) Produce complex technology with device, the great of technological threshold, the chip is monopolized by several companies in foreign countries at present, there are very few domestic enterprises that can capsulate and produce in enormous quantities too.
( 2) Draw the cone type splitter cost great as to fusing, is especially in inferior position in low passway splitter. [1]
Capsulate the way

. The capsulation of PLC optical tapping element is a difficult point of making the optical tapping element. Packaging technique influences the characteristic of the products directly. [2]
It is capsulated that miniature: It is generally stainless steel, the line of optic fibre is a naked fine type. (Refer to fig. Capsulate 01)
ABS boxlike capsulated: It is ABS plastic outer cover, regular size (MM) There is 100*80*10 120*80*18 140*115 *18. (see that capsulates 02)
The naked fine type is capsulated, support dish type, insert the chip type, framework type,etc..
Constituent element

Inside is coupled and made up by the optic fibre arrays of an PLC optical tapping element chip and both ends. The chip adopts semiconductor technology and grows to make layers of optical waveguides on the quartz base, the chip has an input end and n Ausgang waveguides. Then couple the input output optical fibre array at chip both ends separately.
The outside is by ABS box and square steel tube, optical cable and optic fibre coupling head.
Technical indicator

Insertion loss.
Insertion loss of optical tapping element mean, export, count for dB to input into the optical loss all the way while being every, their mathematical expressions are: Ai =-10lg Pouti/Pin, Ai mean i one export oral insertion loss among them; Pouti the intersection of i and pieces of the intersection of Ausgang and oral luminous power; Pin is a luminous power value of the input end. Added loss.
Added loss define all the intersection of Ausgang and oral luminous power the sum of as count inputting all DB of power loss. What deserves to be mentioned is, as to the fiber coupler, the added loss is the index which reflects the device manufacture process quality, reflect the inherent loss of the device fabrication process, it is the better that this loss is the less, make the examination index with good and bad quality. But the insertion loss only represents the oral output power state of each Ausgang, not only there is factor of inherent loss, have considered dividing the influence of the light ratio even more. So between different fiber couplers, the difference of the insertion loss can not reflect the quality of making quality of the device. Divide the light ratio.
Divide the light ratio to define as the oral output power ratio of every Ausgang of the optical tapping element, in the system employs, it is really according to the amount of the required luminous power of mere node of the real system to divide the light ratio, confirm the appropriate of light ratios ' Except being average and assigned) ,The dividing into the light ratio of optical tapping element has something to do with with transmitting the photic wavelength, one point of light ratios in two Ausgangs is 50 when for example a piece of light is transmitting light of 1.31 microns along separate routes: 50; Transmitting 1.5& mu; The light hour of m, turn into 70: 30 (the reason why appear these kind of situation, because the optical tapping element has certain bandwidth, namely frequency bandwidth of optical signal transmitted) when it is basically constant to divide the light ratio . So must mark out the wavelength while having the optical tapping element made to order.
Order the notice

Enter mode
1 =1 channel ,2 =2 Channels
Input optical fibre type
B =250um Bare Fiber ,L =900um Loose Tube
Input the fiber length
1.2M, 1.5M can be according to customer's request
Output the form
04 =4Channels,08 =Channels,16/32/62 ~~~~~
Output optical fibre type
B =250um Bare Fiber ,L =900um Loose Tube
Fiber length of the output
1.2M, 1.5M can be according to customer's request
Coupling head type

The intersection of Cixi and department succeeds main management of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of communication, optical cable, communication light current instrument, optical communication equipment, optical communication the intersection of products and optic fibre divide fine the intersection of case and optical cable divide fine the intersection of optical tapping element and boxlike optical tapping element, PLC of case, insert the optical tapping element optical cable joint box optic fibre jumper wire Tail fiber optical cable splice closure light of chip type The fine terminal box optic fibre adapter melts the fine networks cabinet crystal first classly and inserts a point of 4 optic fibre splitters and a point of 8 boxlike optic fibre branching units of chip type light splitting device;

The department of Cixi becomes the communication scientific and technological Co., Ltd. Cixi located in coastal open economic region of the Changjiang Delta of China. Southeast China is close to Ningbo, connects the neighbor in southwest and Yuyao, the north and Shanghai face each other across the sea, from the world first bridge & mdash; The bridge spanning the sea of gulf of Hangzhou is only 18 kilometers. Located in the trigonal centre area of economic gold of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, easily accessible, the geographic location is superior.
The factory brand is the brand which a plurality of producers appoint: The intersection of speciality and communication apparatus room for telecommunication, outdoor cabinet, the intersection of network and communication, indoor cover and the intersection of base station and construction, data communication,etc. offer some auxiliary products and an attachment.
The staples is as follows,
First, optic fibre conductor arrangement series (ODF) : The optic fibre divides the fine case, the distribution block of optical cable, the joint box of optical cable, PLC optical tapping element, the splice closure of optical cable, optic fibre adapter, melting fine one, store fine unit, optic fibre jumper wire, Tail fiber, distribution block, wall type distribution block, fiber optic faceplate, melting one, six clamp bars, optic fibre conductor arrangement unit, fiber distribution frame (cupboard) directly Wait
Auxiliary products are as follows,
Two, always mix the series (MDF) : 25 loop security personnel arrange, 32 loop test is arranged, 100 loop security personnel arrange, 128 loop test is arranged, all kinds of protective cell, the alarm, main distribution frame (cupboard)
Third, comprehensive wiring products: Network distribution frame, paying attention to the bobbin, 110 to jump the bobbin, exceeds 5, 6 kinds of module, information faceplate, the module of fastener joint, the stainless steel halt by operating oar, junction box, network and means of communication,etc.
Four, count and mix the series (DDF) : Digital distribution frame, coaxial connector,etc.
The factory inherits & ldquo; Taste the reputation first, the customer the highest & rdquo; Management theory,with stable for product quality, prestige on whose name is good, it is complete after sale to serve system as foundation, guarantee quality of products, delivery date and a after sale one follow up continuously; And advocate environmental protection, all products carry out Bellcore TA-NWT-001209 industrial standard strictly, produce according to the communication sector standard. Offer most satisfactory products and optimal service to customer, welcome your condescending to inquire and cooperating in sincerity. The department becomes science and technology, for the development and prosperity of the factory, further meet user's demands, the staff unite to advance courageously, are improving and managing constantly, further improve product quality, strengthen the management of after service.

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