LY7636P 100mA electric current Input pressure tight 40V 3.6V and export voltage regulation IC

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Series ly76xx are the linear voltage regulation IC of the Low Dropout, the module of built-in Voltage Reference, module and phase compensation module of correction of error. Series ly76xx are linear voltage regulation LDO, the low current input and little quiescent power drain of CMOS upper voltage. Output current and input voltage that this series can offer 100mA allow to have 40V most high. To 12V when this serial feedback resistors are set up from 2.1V. The output precision is & plusmn; 2%.
The output is tall in precision: ± 2%
? Input voltage: To 34V
? Output voltage: 2.1V ~ 12V
? Ultralow quiescent current (representative value. =3μ A)
? Output current: Output current =100mA
(Look on it as the input voltage as 5.5V VOUT =3.3V)
? Low temperature coefficient
? The input end can use the ceramic capacitor
? Pack: TO-92 SOT-89-3, adopting SOT23-3. Li Sheng 13480762331 QQ: 1424919792

Shenzhen unites little Electronics Co., Ltd. of benefit and manages the voltage transformer, the voltage regulation IC of the stabilizator mainly, boost IC, AC/DC, charges and manages IC, the voltage measures the current input pressure tight 40V 3.6V of ICLY7636P 100mA and exports voltage regulation IC;

It is tenable on August 28, 1997 a little to unite benefit, mainly research and develop and produce wafer, IC mainly. Regard researching and developing and innovating the mode in China and selling and serving Quan world as. It is a speciality in IC, brilliant round design, semi-conductive enterprise produced, sold to unite the benefit microelectronics.
Mainly produce at present: The intersection of DC/DC and the intersection of boost and IC, the intersection of LDO and the intersection of voltage regulation and IC, the intersection of lithium and the intersection of battery charge and IC, the intersection of constant current and IC, LED drive IC, voltage measure IC, step down IC, MOS tube the intersection of power management and IC,etc.. Craft technical simulation and digital-to-analog hic, the relevant products are applied to fields such as infromation household appliances, digital electron, wireless communication, digital communication and network technique,etc. extensively.

Uniting benefit has outstanding management groups a little, " regard managing as the centre adhering to, if market-oriented, regard developing as foundation, regard quality as life, regard management as, ensure ", pursue enterprises and improve continuously, manage continuously with the sane and steady and sure step
Spirit,it makes great efforts that if you can't march toward, become whether it is world first-class last manufacturer analogy component.

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