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Leqing protects and sells the electrical relay of Snide LRD-10C hot year along the electric agent of limited company, foresee details please set aside 0577-27882628, 13634207967, the intersection of QQ2876107667 LRD and the intersection of series and hot year electrical relay (hereafter referred to as the thermorelay) Used mainly for exchanging 50Hz/60Hz, nominal voltage 690V, the long term operation or over load and phase-failure protection of the alternating current motor of the disconnected long term operation of the electric current 0.1-80A. The thermorelay has phase-failure protection, temperature compensation, movements are pointed out, be hand-restoring, stop the function (hand-restoring and stop the function to realize through the same button) ,This properties of product are stable and reliable. This product accords with standards such as GB14048.4, IEC60947-4-1,etc.. Technical parameter: The compensatory ambient temperature of the temperature: -The ambient temperature of 15 - +55 ¡æ normal operation: -The ultimate ambient temperature of 25 - +55 ¡æ work: -Nominal insulation voltage 40 - +70 ¡æ: 690V. Tripping grade: 10A (accord with IEC60947-4-1) . The current range of setting: 0.1-140A employs: Over load, open-phase protection used for electric motor. Direction, environment for use and used connecting wire in which heat continuing device is installed will influence the movement characteristic, should arouse attention at the time of installation. ( 1) The installation direction of the installation direction thermorelay of the thermorelay is very easy to be ignored. The thermorelay is that the heating element of passing of current generates heat, promote the movements of the bimentallic strip. The transmission of heat has convection current, radiation and conducts three ways. Among them convection current has directivity, heat leaves and transmits up by oneself. While laying, if heating element, in below bimentallic strip, right away instant heater bimentallic strip, pick-up time is short; If the heating element, by bimentallic strip, the bimentallic strip is relatively slowly hot, the pick-up time of the thermorelay is long. When thermorelay and other electric apparatuses are installed together, should be mounted below the electric apparatus and far away from other electric apparatuses above 50mm, in case that the influence generated heat by other electric apparatuses. The installation direction of the thermorelay should go on according to the regulation of the catalogue, so as to ensure the movement characteristic during use of the thermorelay is compatible. ( 2) The environment for use mainly points the ambient temperature, it, to heating the speed of actuating of relay of great impact. The temperature of the medium around the thermorelay, should be the same as temperature of the medium around the electric motor, otherwise will have destroyed and already adjusted the good cooperation situation. For example, when the electric motor is installed in high-temperature place, and the thermorelay is installed in relatively lower of temperature, the movements of the thermorelay will lag behind ' Or the action current is great) ; On the contrary, its movement will be advanced (or the action current will be little) . To having no compensatory thermorelay of temperature, should use in the thermorelay and place not big of environmental temperature missile-launche of the two of electric motor. To having compensatory thermorelays of temperatures, can be used in the thermorelay and place with certain difference of ambient temperature of the two of electric motor, but should reduce because of the influence which environmental temperature variation brings as much as possible. ( 3) The lunk of the lunk thermorelay also plays a heat conduction role besides electric conduction. If the lunk is too thin, then the heat that the connecting wire produces will pass to the bimentallic strip, in addition, the heating element dispels the heat outwards few along the wire, thus has shortened the tripping pick-up time of the thermorelay; On the contrary, if the lunk adopted is too thick, will lengthen the tripping pick-up time of the thermorelay. So the connecting wire section can't be too thin or too thick, ones that should try hard to adopt the specification to stipulate or close sectional area. Electrical relay 0.1-0.16A LRD02C hot year electrical relay 0.16-0.25A LRD03C hot year electrical relay 0.25-0.4A LRD04C hot year timing relay of LRD01C hot year Electrical relay 1.6-2.5A LRD08C hot year of electrical relay 1-1.6A LRD07C hot year of the electrical relay 0.63-1A LRD06C hot year of device 0.4-0.63A LRD05C hot year Electrical relay 2.5-4A LRD10C hot year electrical relay 4-6A LRD12C hot year electrical relay 5.5-8A LRD14C hot year electrical relay 7-10A LRD16C hot year timing relay Electrical relay 30-38A of electrical relay 23-32A LRD35C hot year of electrical relay 16-24A LRD32C hot year of electrical relay 12-18A LRD22C hot year of device 9-13A LRD21C hot year Electrical relay 37-50A of electrical relay 30-40A LRD-350C hot year of electrical relay 23-32A LRD-340C hot year of electrical relay 17-25A LRD-332C hot year of LRD-325C hot year Electrical relay 48-65A LRD-3361C hot year electrical relay 55-70A LRD-3363C hot year electrical relay 63-80A LRD-3365C hot year timing relay of LRD-365C hot year Electrical relay 110-140A of electrical relay 95-120A LRD-4369 hot year of electrical relay 80-104A LRD-4367 hot year of device 80-104A LRD-4365 hot year

Leqing protects and obeys electric limited company main management, contact apparatus, circuit breaker, low-voltage apparatus, Leqing protects and is located in electric limited company " The capital of the Chinese electric apparatus " --Within the territory of Leqing. Specialize in the agent: Small-scale circuit breaker, residual current circuit-breaker, plastic shell circuit breaker, one pair of mains switches, AC contactor, DC contactor, actuator, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, knife switch, frequency converter. Our Israel " Ensure the quality of products in the job Anshun " It is a aim, it is that we protect the pursuit which obey people to offer the products with better characteristic to customer. LRD-10C;

Leqing city protect along electric limited company (are abbreviate as & ldquo; Protect and obey & rdquo; Electric apparatus, & ldquo; Protect & rdquo; & ldquo is fitted in the quality work of the card; Obey & rdquo) Establish in 2008, will lie in the willow town of Wenzhou of Zhejiang Province, one turns main management automatically with industry, combine science, industry and trade together, it is one of the domestic largest low-voltage apparatus retail trader and industrial automation system integration trader to collect all kinds of imported and famous brand electric and automatic products. The company adheres to many brand, difference development strategy, magnanimity and distribution mode that the speciality develops simultaneously, main agent's international and domestic famous electric brand of industry, Israel Snide is electric, ABB is electric, Siemens is electric, LS electric production, Changshu switch, people in Shanghai, 213 of the sky and water, the gold clock ties solemnly tight, De Miller Wei, electromechanics of Fuji, Omron, and spring, Mitsubishi, the intersection of Kean and person, Otto Knicks, Tuerk, it has, Taiwan fits, An Liang, reach Taiwan, it is triumphant for elder brother, intellectual circles, Changshu, god look at, mountain is military, in bamboo, male genital bright, Ke, good fortune, bright, getting more safe exactly, Germany strength, Rogge of TCL extraordinarily Shi, the coverage rate of the products is relatively great, involve undervoltage and products and industrial automation products of medium voltage power transmission and distribution; Users' extensive praise, and become appointed supplier and system integration trader of their industrial control system field.
The company is devoted to developing the circuit breaker, small-scale circuit breaker, residual current circuit-breaker, plastic shell circuit breaker, intelligent circuit breaker, universal circuit breaker, contact apparatus, AC contactor, thermorelay, duplicate supply, duplicate supply automatic transfer switch, surging protector, surge protector, frequency converter, soft start, P L C (programmable controller) Fuse, voltage transformer, mutual inductor, Coder, thermostat, photoelectric switch, proximity switch, limit switch, microswitch, limit switch, foot push, omnipotent change-over switch, magnetic switch, man of great talent of optic fibre, capacitive approach switch, displacement pick-off, technological development and after service of automatic products such as permanent magnetism reactor, flow switch, indicator light, button, pilot lamp, scram turning on or off, switching power supply,etc., it is high quality, Hi-Tech industry and provider of the consumer products at the same time. The company products rely on the outstanding behaviours in energy conservation and enviromental protection, widely used in fields such as the power plant, bank, hospital, hotel, chemical industry, military affairs, infrastructure of factory building, building house,etc.. Network overlapping China and overseas of production distribution.
Company's always aim is that the customer's suggestion is our valuable experience, do the specialized thing with the specialized heart. Our aim: Offer high-quality services to user wholeheartedly and qualified products. Our idea: Quality seeks survival, prestige seeks development. Our quality: People have no me and have & middot; People have I who am excellent. Our policy: Professional & mdash; — Absorbed in & mdash; — Attentive, our slogan: Face the future & mdash; — Surmount forever. Welcome old and new customers to cooperate sincerely, create brilliance! Choose, protect along the electric apparatus right away meaning choosing successfully, so we hope to succeed together with you!

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