The rare earth electrolyzes the stainless steel electrolytic polishing power of power The producer makes Professional environmental protection and energy saving

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Product introduction: Mainly apply to scarce metallic heating and Electro-Winning, for instance, the rare earth is electrolyzed, stainless steel electrolytic polishing,etc.. Technical parameter: Input voltage
Three-phase AC380V± 10%, 50- 60HZ,etc.
Precision of voltage regulation
≤ 1%
Precision of current regulator
≤ 1%
Specified efficiency
≥ 90%
Operating environment
-10- 40 ¡æ
Storage temperature
-20- 50 ¡æ
Cooling system
Air-cooled /water-cooling
Operation conditions
Full load runs in 24 hours
Load type
The characteristic of the products:

· According to the characteristic that the rare earth smelts, cold stove and required voltage of hot stove differ greatly, the general cold stove voltage needs 40V— 60V, and the hot state only needs 8V— 12V, if use a single automatic voltage regulation current regulator direct current power supply with nominal voltage of 60V briefly, that only needs 8V&mdash in hot stove state; 12V, the result is that the voltage is tall in crest value, electric current pulses greatly, it is endangered that what time cause as follows like this:

a. The crest value of the voltage is high, apt to cause other impurity penetration, influence the purity of the products;

b. Proceed from angle of mains supply, the power factor of its net side is very low, waste the idle work, cause the waste of the capacity of power supply;

c. Harmonic content increase greatly, pollute electric wire netting, jeopardize, spend the electrical equipment while being other;

d. The line loss increases, waste the electric energy. In order to avoid the above is insufficient, our company specially develops outputting for the power of two kinds of voltage of level, have replaced the traditional rare earth power.

· For raise the intersection of purity and our company that rare earth smelt, put out the intersection of efficiency and the intersection of power factor and high, the intersection of waveform and kind energy-conserving electricity-saving high-frequency switching power supply further, have already been favored more and more by user. · Multiple practical valid protection system: Open phase, current limiter, voltage-limiting, excessive load, overvoltage, excessive heating,etc. are protected. · Can offer the RS485 interface or canonial 4- 20MA, 0- 10V, 0- 5V control signal. Product specification: Output current: 0- 50000A output voltage: 0- 100V

Can customize according to customer's request Welcome to call to consult!

The speciality is customized: The kickback type of supply, the power of electric plating, the power of water treatment, aging power, oxidize the power, the rare earth smelts the power, the rectifier, heat the power, high-frequency switching power supply, energy-conservation oxidizes the power, electrolyze the power, mono-crystalline silicon power, the sapphire heats the power, the aluminium alloy oxidizes the power, the power of experiment, charge the power.

The scientific and technological Co., Ltd. main management of grand power of the department of Zhong Shan City, power cabinet, electrotechnical instrument, sewage processing apparatus, researching and developing, production, processing, sale: Electronic device, rectifier, electromechanical device, energy-conserving environmental protection equipment, high-frequency switching power supply and relevant products; Electron technology and computer application technology develop: Goods and technological imports and exports. The rare earth electrolyzes the power, the stainless steel electrolytic polishing power producer makes professional environmental protection and energy saving;

The speciality of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of the intersection of Zhong Shan City and department's male power is devoted to the direct current power supply, high-frequency switching power supply, the rectifying power source of high-power, the kickback type of supply, the power of electric plating, the power of water treatment, aging power, oxidize the power, the rare earth smelts the power, the rectifier, heat the power, high-frequency switching power supply, energy-conservation oxidizes the power, electrolyze the power, the copper foil electrolyzes the power, the aluminium foil electrolyzes the power, test the power, mono-crystalline silicon heats the power, the sapphire heats research and development and manufacture of power such as the power, create switching power supply of group for many years, make and produce experience mainly, especially technology in the field of high-frequency switching power supply of high-power accumulate and innovation have original opinions, the company has very mature technology, meanwhile, pay attention to each domain energy-conservation, intelligent improvement and popularization in power.

The company pays attention to researching and developing and innovating very much, get rid of and have one's own research teams, and exchanged with many universities such as Zhongshan University, Shanghai Communications University, Xi'an Communications University extensively and deep cooperation, absorb the relevant up-to-the-minute technology of the power trade actively. The company staples is applied to electrolyzing extensively, PCB electric plating, anodic oxidation, electrochemistry, test, electrolyze gas, electrodeposited copper foil, electrolyze aluminium foil, electrolyzing, water treatment is electrolyzed, the rare earth is electrolyzed, field of heating and using the power, surface treating the trade etc. of environmental protection. There are extremely high stability and preferably cost performance in the power that the company produces.

The company carries out the associated quality management system strictly, has realized the computer control of networking, systematization, have formed the normal, efficient modernized management system.

The company inherits & ldquo; Absorbed and innovating, serving, winning together & rdquo; Management theory,principle why we insistance quality first all the times, customers is the highest, make products such as stable and reliable high-power switching power supply, kickback type of supply,etc.. Devoted to making the enterprises with certain influence of power trade, welcome old and new customers to call to consult, exchange at the same time, also thank for the masses of customer's energetical support of our company! The company will be absorbed in the switching power supply field, will offer service of satisfied with the products and high-qualitying for the customer wholeheartedly.

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