ZW37-40.5 exchanges the vaccum broken circuit

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The products are summed up:
It is the nominal voltage 40.5kV, the outdoor high-pressure switch apparatus of the three-phase alternating current 50Hz to exchange the vacuum circuit breaker in the open air of the Model ZW37-40.5. Used mainly in on-off, turn off load current, overcurrent and short circuit current that are shut electric system.
Suitable for doing the protection and control in the converting station, industrial and mining enterprises, city, rural power grids, especially suitable for operating the frequent place and automatic distribution network of city network.

Use the environmental condition:
1,It is less than 1000m that above sea level.
2,Ambient temperature: -From 35 ¡æ to +40 ¡æ.
3,Relative humidity: Monthly average does not exceed 90%; The relative humidity per day is not greater than 95%;
4,The earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 degrees.
5,The filthy tolerating value of environment: Grade.
6,The thickness of ice coating: 20mm.
7,The atmospheric pressure is less than 700Pa ' It is equivalent to the wind speed 34m/s) .
8,Installing the place is should be for not having flammable, explodes, chemical corrosion material and regular violent vibrating place.

The characteristic of the products:
1,Miniaturized vaccum arc chute: Reliability of maximum, longe-lived capsulating in the intersection of seal and terminal ' Sealed insulator) Inside.
2,Seal terminal: Accord with the requirement for environment protection, the outdoor characteristic already proved extensively, able to bear ozone and ultraviolet ray, fasten, light, difficult brittle fracture, easy transportation.
3,Design the reasonable structure: Seal terminal pillar vase, the upper portion is a seal terminal, the underpart is a pillar vase, there are insulating draw bar and long draw bar inside, the three-phase pillar vase is mounted on a mechanism case together, the moving end of arc chute connects the insulating draw bar of moving end of the vaccum arc chute with output axis of the organization to connect with organization output axis straight to sports through the draw bar. Safe and reliable, the edge is debugged and safeguarded.
4,Automation mixes the electric interface: But the flexible outfit sport secondary contact, respond to the request that electricity distribution is automatic.
5,High parameter, high performance: Rated current achievable 2000A, the breaking current is 31.5kA that amount shorts out.

Order notice:
Should prove type of products order, ' For example specified on-off capacity, circuit breaker of the circuit breaker take the disconnecting switch, circuit breaker to bring current transformer, quantity, accessory power supply way etc.) , name, transformation ratio,etc. of counting and required the current transformer.
Users must propose installation way, choose to fasten the attachment correspondingly.
Users must choose the corresponding function to dispose according to the instructions for use.
Random file
1.One certificate of product inspection.
2.Install one operation instruction.
3.One packing list.

Quality and service promise after sale:
Our company specializes in the high-pressure electric equipment products. In order to guarantee product quality, meet customer's demand and expect the characteristic, quality and after service to the products of our company, we specially promise as follows:
Carry out country and sector standard related to products strictly.
Rigorously enforce the quality of control process in production, deal with the information that the customer feedbacks in time, guarantee finished quality.
1.Rigid control raw material, bought-in component and a quality of other association.
2.The products are during the course of installing and debugging, our company can offer technology service.
3.Carry out country and sector standard related to products strictly.
4.Rigorously enforce the quality of control process in production, deal with the information that the customer feedbacks in time, guarantee finished quality.
5.Under the circumstances that the customer observes transportation, stores, installs and uses the regular condition, in 12 months from the day when install, but not exceed our company to get up in 18 months for customers, the products are damaged or can't work normally because of making badly, our company is responsible for customer's free repair or change.
6.Serve all the life with the products, offer fittings, spare part, technology service at any time.
It explains to guarantee:
1.This product is guarantee period is one year from the day of selling.
2.Our company will offer the high-quality after service to you.
3.If users cause the damage of the products because of the human factor, our company will collect the fittings expenses while repairing.
4.Please keep this card properly, our company will regard this as and guarantee the basis.
5.Originally it is suitable for the whole series of products of our company to guarantee the card.

Shanghai celebrate a victory electric the intersection of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. and main products, circuit breaker, switch cabinet, disconnecting switch, Shanghai celebrate a victory electric professional production and sales of Science Technologies Co., Ltd.: Indoor ( Outside) Vacuum circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, potential transformer, current transformer, the mutual inductor of the zero sequence, high-pressure power metering box,etc.? A series of high pressure electric products! Drive relevant industry development, has already become and collected researching and developing now, the production, sale, service, trade have been integrative pluralistic enterprises. Shanghai celebrates a victory in electric scientific and technological Co., Ltd., has been carrying out all the time " Is quality the growing of enterprises? The life " Management theory,overall develop? ,Pursue being outstanding, in new product development, products quality are improved, the service quality is improved, the human resources are put into the respect, do one's utmost, bent on making progress! ZW37-40.5 exchanges the vaccum broken circuit;

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