TEMSE sells the rotary switch directly to households Electric fan switch Specialized switch of electric oven

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TEMSE sells directly to households and supplies the rotary switch Electric fan specialized switch Specialized switch operating principle of the electric oven

Vary resistance quantity within the range of segment, then there is a contact switch, this is outdated television and switch of the radio, of the present fan has several pieces of gear shifting, connect several groups of outgoing lines of the coil of the fan, change the rotational speed by changing the number of rounds of coil, the principle is similar to potentiometer.

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Hall's proximity switch

The Hall element is a kind of magnetosensitive element. Utilize the switch made of the Hall element, is named Hall's switch. When the magnetic things are moved to near Hall's switch, the switch measures the Hall element on the surface to make the internal circuit state of the switch change because of producing the Hall effect, therefore discern the magnetic object nearby exists, and then the controlled switch one is open or broken. The detection target of this kind of proximity switch must be a magnetic object.

The American bodyguard's electric Co., Ltd. main management of Zhejiang, the others, circuit breaker, trigger producer, direct-flow trigger speed control switch producer, wane switch producer, the switch producer of the vessle's form, microswitch producer, limit switch producer, limit switch producer, light contact switch producer, speed control switch producer, change-over switch producer, wall switch producer, the change-over switch producer of duplicate supply, switch train producer, tool switch producer, the tool switch producer in the garden, the switch producer of electric tool, stir the switch producer, the end subfamily is sold in batches, the producer TEMSE of the connecting terminal sells directly to households and supplies the specialized switch of electric oven of electric fan switch of rotary switch;

Zhejiang Wenzhou specially beautiful bodyguard's electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that manufactures electron, microswitch, electric tool switch. The company was established in 1996, it was near the mountain and by the river that lay in, land and water easily accessible Wenzhou urban area. The apparatus advanced person of the company, technical force are rich; The products are excellent, received by the masses of customers favourably deeply. The company establishes the system of managing according to ISO9001 international standard strictly, the products have obtained UL, VDE, CQC, CB, TUV, CE to authorize. The products find a good sale in all parts of the country and squeeze into the American-European market.

The company insists on " The customer is the centre " Basic principle,last goal,last product quality and service quality constantly until fine direction march towards.

Wish and old and new customers share in trouble, create the beautiful future. Welcome the friend sincerely to negotiate the business, develop together; Choosing us, you will find the specially beautiful bodyguard is the believable cooperative partner.

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