FC optical cable terminal box SC optical-fibre-melting box waterproof terminal box square mouth terminal box of 8 optic fibre boxes

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The serial products of terminal box of optical cable terminal in communication networks of optical fiber transmission mix the collinear ancillary equipment, suitable for the direct and branch of the indoor optical cable
Continue, and shield the fiber joint
The environment is required
a. The terminal box of optical cable is not suitable to use in the open, if want to use, should take the protection measure.
b. Operating temperature: -25 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ
c. Storage temperature: A 25 ¡æ- +55 ¡æ
Relative humidity: Not quite when 85% (30 ¡æ)
d. Atmospheric pressure: 70- 106kPa
Functional requirement
1.Have function that optical cables are introduced, the conductor arrangement Tail fiber draws and fixes and protects the optical cable, conductor arrangement Tail fiber and the optic fibre characteristic among them is not damaged.
2.Make optical fiber cable terminations avoid the function influenced by environment.
3.Insulate hardware and optical cable terminal box shell of the optical cable and can draw the earthy function conveniently.
4.Offering optical fiber cable termination laying and I leave space that optic fibre store, make, install easy to operate.
5.The physical stamina of the box is fixed resisting the impact strength enough, and have different corresponding installation functions of using the occasion.
6.If necessary, should have difference of optical cables to continue the function, functional requirement.
The optical cable terminal box is made up of outer cover, internal component, fiber joint guard 3 part.
1.Outer cover
It is opened that the outer cover should be able to be convenient, it is easy to install; The outer cover should be used for protecting the hardware of the optical cable under high pressure on the earthy caterpillar.
2. Internal component.
The internal component should include the following parts:
a. Bearing: The body of the internal structure, is used in internal structural support;
b. Collect fine one: Used for preserving the fiber joint (and the guard) in series And I leave the optic fibre, but the length that I leave the optic fibre is not smaller than 1.6m, I should not be smaller than 37.5mm while leaving a radius of curvature put of optic fibre. And offer the mark apt to discern fine number and space operated conveniently for continuing again;
c. Fixing device: Used in fiber cable jacket fixing, optical cable and strengthen the component to fix and fix with the Tail fiber of conductor arrangement.
3.Guard of the fiber joint
The protection of the fiber joint can adopt the protective tube of thermal contraction, protects and inserts etc.

Material characteristic
The material that the part of the terminal box of optical cable adopts should antisepticize characteristics, if has not antisepticized the characteristic and should be antisepticized; Its physics, chemical property must be steady; Must be inclusive between various materials, and is compatible with fiber cable jacket and conductor arrangement Tail fiber boot. In order to prevent corroding and other electricity are damaged, these materials must also be compatible with commonly used material in other apparatuses.
1. If the terminal box of optical cable adopts the engineering plastics, its combustion performance should accord with the test A in GB/T5169.7, it is a requirement for 30s to test the flame and exert in duration.
2. The hot molten temperature between material and filler that the fiber joint strengthens the guard and adopts should not be below ¡æ120, the hot softening temperature should not be below ¡æ90, should be able to use at a 25 ¡æ+40 ¡æ temperature.
3. All material should nonpoisonous having, corroding, to health and other the intersection of apparatus and yuans of side effect.
Visit cable outside terminal box intact in conformity with shape, burr-free, bubble-free, have chap, cavity and yuans of warping, yuans of the intersection of impurity,etc. and defect. All ground colour should be even continuously. Appearance esthetic construction continue, add the intersection of attenuation and little reasonable structure while being convenient, can fix reinforced core of the optical cable in terminal box, have function that earth lead connecting the metal outer protective sleeve of optical cable with draws, applicable ribbon optical cable and ordinary optical cable at the same time. The design is unique, there is terminal box on 19 inches of frameworks, there is a terminal box of the hung type of walls too.
Optical property
The terminal box of optical cable is inner I leave the optic fibre to twine in collecting the fine plate, optic fibre and fiber joint answer yuan are added and decayed after terminal box is installed and operated in the optical cable.
Mechanical performance, after following test, optical cable the intersection of terminal box and cartridge and every part answer yuans of change in the box, it is only checked that the writings optic fibre is open if necessary.
1. Draw: Should be able to bear axial tensile force not smaller than 500N among optical cable terminal box and an optical cable, with can bear axial tensile force not smaller than 5N among the Tail fiber of any conductor arrangementing.
2. Flatten: The terminal box cartridge of optical cable should be able to bear the vertical static pressure not smaller than 200N.
3. Turn back: The optical cable terminal box should be able to be born and turned back the angle
Electrical performance
1. Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the splice closure hardware of the optical cable and metal reinforced core of optical cable, between the optical cable hardwares, among optical cable hardware and ground should not be smaller than 2*104MΩ [The test voltage is 500V (DC) ].
2. Able to bear voltage strength: , 1min under function of 15Kv direct current among optical cable hardware and ground between the terminal box of optical cable and metal reinforced core of optical cable, between the optical cable hardwares, does not puncture, there is no arc over phenomenon.
Optical property
The terminal box of optical cable is inner I leave the optic fibre to twine in melting the fine plate, optic fibre and fiber joint should not add decaying after terminal box is installed and operated in the optical cable.
Specification Type
2 enters 8 ST-SC-FCs
4 enters 12 ST-SC-FCs
4 enters 24 ST-SC-FCs
6 enters 48 ST-SC-FC [1 ]s
The function of the splice closure is to join two-section optical cable. The terminal box is the place where the termination of the optical cable inserts, then connect the light incidence switchboard through the mere jumper wire. So, the terminal box is usually installed on 19 inches of frameworks, there is many quantity that can hold the termination of optical cable. The function of the splice closure is to join two-section optical cable. The terminal box joins the optical cable with the Tail fiber and shields. The terminal box can use as indoor splice closure but seldom use the splice closure as a terminal box the use differently in the real work, 1, the joint box can be divided into joint box and cable joint-box of optical cable. Their function is used in user's forward end conductor arrangement and used. 2,It generally means the optical fiber cable jointing box to continue the box, call the splice closure of optical cable too. Some places, especially the system of broadcasting and TV also let to continue wrapping up all, its function is to protect optical cable splice from receiving the external damage. The distribution frame is divided into distribution frame and cable distributor of optical cable too, function is like joint box, but it is in the computer lab used for operator.
Terminal box of optical cableAs the transmissive carriers of information, regard optic fibre hardware as the transmission media of information, have already become the pillar with important modernized communication. The terminal box technology of the optical cable proposes from theory to the technology of the project field, the realization of the high-speed optical-fibre communications, went through decades from beginning to end until more today, the intersection of optical-fibre communications and technical birth and it deepens development to be the intersection of information and the intersection of communication and the intersection of history and important reform of last time.
The optical cable terminal box is applied to local call, rural word network system, data, graphic transmission system extensively, cable television series CATV, the straight concerted effort used for indoor optical cable is connected and the branch is continued, play the tail fiber disc and store and protect the function connected, adopt the cold rolling steel sheet static to gush out and mould and make, design the reasonable structure, elegant in appearance to fix the reinforced core of the optical cable on the terminal station.
Install the requirement
1,The intersection of information and module, the intersection of multi-user and the intersection of optical cable and terminal box, assemble some the intersection of conductor arrangement and the intersection of module and erection site, install way and height, should accord with the designing requirement.
2,Install it in the raised floor or on the ground, should fix in the terminal box, the information faceplate adopts forms such as standing upright and level,etc., the interstar connection box cover can be opened, should also have waterproof, dustproof, pressure-proof functions, it should be with ground Qi Ping that the terminal box caps. ?
3,When the terminal box chassis of optical cable installs module of information and convenience receptacle at the same time, the interval and safeguard procedures taken should accord with the designing requirement. ?
4,The fixing method of the box base of the optical fiber cable termination should be made with the concrete condition constructing live, the method of can use the swelling screw, penetrate and nail ing etc. is installed, the bright fixing method containing chassis of the module of information depends on condition of construction site. ?
Do 5, fixed screw need to tighten? Should not produce and loosen the phenomenon. The base, information module and installation of the faceplate should be firm and steady, have not loosened the phenomenon, should the faceplate keep on a horizontal plane? Accomplish esthetically and neatly. ?
6,The optical cable terminal box installed on wall, its position should be higher than the ground about 300 mm. When adopt the raised floor on the ground of room. The terminal box of optical cable should be from the raised floor superficial 300 mm. ?
7,Should various socket faceplates have labels? Type of traffic of the terminal installation connected in color, figure, characters. ?
8,Should optic fibre interface unit and adapter installation chassis terminating the optical cable in the working area have sufficient spaces? Should also accord with the designing requirement

The intersection of Cixi and department succeeds main management of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of communication, optical cable, communication light current instrument, optical communication equipment, are the optical communication products smooth? ? Divide fine the intersection of case and optical cable divide fine the intersection of optical tapping element and boxlike optical tapping element, PLC of case, insert chip type optical tapping element optical cable joint box optic fibre jumper wire Tail fiber optical cable splice closure optic fibre terminal box optic fibre right Orchestrate and melt FC optical cable terminal box SC optical-fibre-melting box waterproof terminal box square mouth terminal box of first class optic fibre box 8 times of fine networks cabinet crystal;

The intersection of Cixi and department succeeds the communication Cixi located in coastal open economic region of the Changjiang Delta of China of Science Technologies Co., Ltd.. Southeast China is close to Ningbo, connects the neighbor in southwest and Yuyao, the north and Shanghai face each other across the sea, from the world first bridge & mdash; The bridge spanning the sea of gulf of Hangzhou is only 18 kilometers. Located in the trigonal centre area of economic gold of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, easily accessible, the geographic location is superior.
The factory brand is the brand which a plurality of producers appoint: The intersection of speciality and communication apparatus room for telecommunication, outdoor cabinet, the intersection of network and communication, indoor cover and the intersection of base station and construction, data communication,etc. offer some auxiliary products and an attachment.
The staples is as follows,
First, optic fibre conductor arrangement series (ODF) : The optic fibre divides the fine case, the distribution block of optical cable, the joint box of optical cable, PLC optical tapping element, the splice closure of optical cable, optic fibre adapter, melting fine one, store fine unit, optic fibre jumper wire, Tail fiber, distribution block, wall type distribution block, fiber optic faceplate, melting one, six clamp bars, optic fibre conductor arrangement unit, fiber distribution frame (cupboard) directly Wait
Auxiliary products are as follows,
Two, always mix the series (MDF) : 25 loop security personnel arrange, 32 loop test is arranged, 100 loop security personnel arrange, 128 loop test is arranged, all kinds of protective cell, the alarm, main distribution frame (cupboard)
Third, comprehensive wiring products: Network distribution frame, paying attention to the bobbin, 110 to jump the bobbin, exceeds 5, 6 kinds of module, information faceplate, the module of fastener joint, the stainless steel halt by operating oar, junction box, network and means of communication,etc.
Four, count and mix the series (DDF) : Digital distribution frame, coaxial connector,etc.
The factory inherits & ldquo; Taste the reputation first, the customer the highest & rdquo; Management theory,with stable for product quality, prestige on it is good,after sale to serve system as foundation, guarantee quality of products, delivery date and a after sale one follow up continuously; And advocate environmental protection, all products carry out Bellcore TA-NWT-001209 industrial standard strictly, produce according to the communication sector standard. Offer most satisfactory products and optimal service to customer, welcome your condescending to inquire and cooperating in sincerity. The department becomes science and technology, for the development and prosperity of the factory, further meet user's demands, the staff unite to advance courageously, are improving and managing constantly, further improve product quality, strengthen the management of after service.

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