Unexplosive air conditioner of power supply bureau

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Power supply bureau the intersection of unexplosive and air conditioner review the intersection of our country and many of chemical manufacturing enterprise and chemical industry store how on fire calamity and explosion hazard place take place in recent years, the cause happening in numerous accidents has been who has punished every department too the relevant personnel's and have neglected the basic reason which cause the fire / explosion hazard, new news of manufacturer's close attention of air conditioner of unexplosive, the storehouse presents the great fire explosion hazard again that Tianjin Coastal Region endangers the product of melting at about 06 past 23 on the 12th of this month that the weather temperature just rises continuously in August of 2015, explosion hazard lie in the intersection of Tianjin and the intersection of Coastal Region and auspicious the intersection of sea and international stream endanger product of taking, change trains the storehouse, the fire explosion take place. This explosion hazard is very serious, in order to cause 114 deaths more than 700 people are injured to 12 on the 16th, accident this cause, explode intensity of a fire to be very violent to have large fire control soldiers die and is injured many times. In recent years, there are constant seeing where news explode here to explode such as many industrial factories, converting station, oil depot, dangerous cargo warehouse, make people in popular anxiety, see the scene after the accident happens is very painful, national relevant safe unit emphasize every chemical industry unit enterprise want put in place safely and why have unit to have idea of leaving things to chance neglect and cover up to this constantly. Hangzhou and electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of kindness face the challenge in new economic era, we are fully confident, explore actively, advance talents to bring up the project, image-building project, the staging project of quality, science and technology improves five major foundation works such as project and market expansion project, in order to turn Hangzhou and electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of kindness into technology and have priority, management science, large-scale, and the enterprises of the modern international unexplosive electric apparatus with first-class benefit struggle hard.

Power supply bureau unexplosive one speciality so as not to explode electric and the intersection of humiture and control equipment in air conditioner: Explosion-proof electrification and humiture apparatus are taken as the leading factor, collect researching and developing, make, trade, accepting various automatic projects in integrative high scientific and technological enterprises. Our company is so as not to produce the electric and dehumidifier apparatus to exploit market for the main products of the main fact since the establishment of our company, high science and technology in order to be researched and developed and consummate for many years of our company, since unexplosive air conditioner and dehumidifier apparatus are put into the market, the annual sales amount rises steadily. Already had sale and service site spreading over the whole country gradually now. What our company produced has already reached the international most advanced level with the kindness brand unexplosive air conditioner, all by the Gree air conditioner of the Chinese air conditioner giant with kindness brand unexplosive air conditioner raw materials, primitive machine that the beautiful air conditioner offers. The unexplosive air conditioner has already been authorized through China 3C, it is authorized by inches, let the people buy the good air conditioner resting assured that the country is strong, use the good products resting assured!

Hangzhou and kindness electric apparatus BKF/G products heating and automatic defrosting function of refrigerating, compressor, air blower,etc. are all dealt with through special unexplosive, unexplosive type is the unexplosive of complete machine. The unexplosive products can be applied to flammable and explosive mixed gas atmosphere such as the petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, scientific research, military, dangerous warehouse and used. Adopt explosion suppression type, intrinsically safety type, encapsulation type,etc. on the structure and compound unexplosive technology, the control ends are all controlled by the intrinsically safety type, does not produce any electric spark, use the convenient safety, adopt the fin type heat exchanger more, the contact with air is more abundant when the cold coal is passed, can refrigeration heating result of improvement air conditioner greatly, hand control and remote control two kinds. Unexplosive air conditioner can't be produced and sold without obtaining the unexplosive certificate.

[Explain in detail ]

The main core of air conditioner of unexplosive of power supply bureau adopts explosion suppression, five of safety performance enhancement, no-spark type, intrinsically safety type, encapsulation type unifies the technological manufacturing of staging edition, has already reached the national great unexplosive standard and obtained the certificate of conformity of unexplosive, does the unexplosive air conditioner compared with the requirement for the unexplosive air conditioner of kindness with other producers demand to be very strict? ? . Adopt explosion suppression type, intrinsically safety type, encapsulation type,etc. on the structure and compound unexplosive technology, the control ends are all controlled by the intrinsically safety type, does not produce any electric spark, use the convenient safety, adopt the fin type heat exchanger more, the contact with air is more abundant when the cold coal is passed, can refrigeration heating of improvement air conditioner greatly result, hand control and remote control two kinds.

The unexplosive air conditioner can be divided into single and cold and changes in temperature two kinds according to the characteristic, can be divided into cabinet type three kinds window machine, wall-hanging of the sealing body, sealing body according to the structural style;

The unexplosive air conditioner producer sells the applicable environment directly to households:
Suitable for a district of explosive gas atmosphere, 2 districts;
Suitable for ¢ò A, ¢ò B, ¢ò C grade explosive gas atmosphere;
It is the environment of T1- T4 to be suitable for the temperature group;
Suitable for the petroleum is mined and refined, chemistry, the battery is stored, explosive dangerous environment of painting the room, chemical industry, medicine, war industry and military installations etc.;

The unexplosive air conditioner producer of power supply bureau sells the characteristic directly to households:
Adopt world to roll the compressor of the trochanter, the unexplosive air blower with low noise with the unexplosive air conditioner of kindness, , electric-saving of operating steadily, have long performance life, adopt the folding heat sink more, guaranteeing the cooling medium while passing and pneumatic abundant contact, refrigeration heating result of the improvement air conditioner by a wide margin; Can judge and run automatically, refrigerating, heating, dehumidifying, the arbitrary selection of blowing, can regulate four position wind directions. Look esthetic, saving in space, easy installation easy to operate.

Sell with the unexplosive air conditioner producer of kindness directly to households and carry out the standard as follows
GB3836.1-2000 explosive gas atmosphere uses the electrical apparatus Part 1 : It is required that common
GB3836.2 - 2000 explosive gas atmosphere uses the electrical apparatus Part 2 : Explosion suppression type & ldquo; d”
GB3836.4 - 2000 explosive gas atmosphere uses the electrical apparatus Part 2 : & ldquo of intrinsically safety type; ib”
GB3836.9-2006 explosive gas atmosphere uses the electrical apparatus Part 9 : Encapsulation type & ldquo; m”
GB3836.15-2000 explosive gas atmosphere uses the electrical apparatus Part 15 : Hazardous area electrical installation ( Except the colliery)
JB/10538-2005 " unexplosive dehumidifier and air conditioner "
Must meet several conditions to explode in the explosive gas atmosphere, while lacking any condition among them, enough for not becoming the explosion, so, the safety measure in electrical design should be considered from several respects. So explosion-proof electrification is the petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, when the indispensable necessities, installed the unexplosive electric apparatus for the factory, bought a insurance for the workers' life.

Air conditioner installation of unexplosive
1.Erection site of the outdoor aircrew
1.1 unexplosive detachable air conditioner refrigerating output is big, the outdoor aircrew is heavier (generally the host computers of 2 are about 45b, the host computers of 3 are about 70kg, the host computers of 5 are about 90kg, so be able to bear the quality and vibration strength of the aircrew to should choose, and will not produce the places of vibration and noise greatly, for instance the preformed outer wall of concrete for building float in the platform.
1.2 chooses the shady place (such as the north of dynasty) as much as possible Installation.
1.3 is in front of, after aircrew, keep certain space, beneficialing to draining off water, heat abstraction and maintenance easy to install in Left deviation, right; It if you can't should greater than by 1250px, upper portion from just in the front to obstacle aircrew, last 250px, both sides and behind last 250px from wall.
1.4 avoids imflammable gas, corrosivity gas, heat source and vapor source (such as the kitchen) Influence,outlet air and aircrew to influence neighbour.
2.Erection site of the indoor aircrew
2.1 chooses the external air to influence minimumly and with distance Zui short position of the outdoor aircrew, the connecting line of aircrew is short in order to reduce the resistance to flow of refrigerant as much as possible indoor and outdoor making.
2.2 unexplosive separated cabinet-air conditioner indoor aircrews are relatively large in external dimension, on the support seat frame that generally locate in the ground or is welded directly, can't close to heat source, try hard, make cold and (or hot) It is even by air blowing to send each area in the indoor wind energy.
Keep certain space on the front and both sides of 2.3 indoor aircrews: Generally, there should be 100c1TI right in the front, both sides minimum 1250px, in order to benefit the airiness.
3.Installation of the unexplosive air conditioner indoor aircrew
1.Drill hole of the through-wall. After positioning hole of the through-wall according to the needs of trend of the on-the-spot tube, make the hole of the through-wall (invite the table tennis 60mm) with the electronic percussion drill ,Hole is sloped outwards in order to do benefit to discharging the condensed water inside on the wall, at the same time in order to prevent the pipe line of the through-wall from abrading, in the pipeline back up washer of the suit of hole place of the through-wall.

2.Wrap up one set of pipings with heat insulating material well with the gummed tape together with electric wire, blow-off pipe.
3.Put and fasten the indoor aircrew.

Hangzhou and kindness main management of electric apparatus Co., Ltd., unexplosive distribution box, the others, the others, unexplosive air conditioner of power supply bureau;

Hangzhou and electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of kindness insist on Israel " Based on sincerity, quality first, price are reasonable " Management theory,insist on"customer first " Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to negotiate the business!

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