Technical grade is one giga of 2 8 mere electric ring mesh-type switchboards

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The ether of No. one hundred trillion 8 surrounds the network, accord with the industrial moderate breeze electromagnetic compatibility requirement, support many kinds of optic fibre network architectures: Point-to-point, star, link type, ring network are redundant

The products are summed up:

The network cast switchboard series 1000M of technical grade is Ethernet switchboards of optical fibre loop MAN of a technical grade based on that the independent software research and develop and become of communication of confederate state, it possesses 2*1000Base-GX (SFP Ethernet optical port) And 8 10/100Base-T (RJ45 Ethernet electric interface)s Adaptation Ethernet electric interface. Diagnostic ability of since annular network connection, backup periodic line, fast self-healing of the trouble, network that the apparatus possesses, support web interface disposition, management.
This product has designs of technical grade, have high stability, high cost performance, the characteristic of the rayproof protection grade of high lightning protection, there are DIN guide rail installation and tabletop that are installed availably at the same time, can apply to different fields such as telecommunication, electricity, water conservancy, finance, traffic, energy, public security men, prison, army extensively, different trades throw business of Ethernet into environment and occasion of any required harsh condition.

This series of products adopt industry's redundancy loop network to be designed, each apparatus has two optic fibre ports used for making up the ring network, make up the annular network topology through the cascade-connected way hand in hand, industry's redundancy loop network (FC-Ring) Design in order to realize under the severe environment, data transmissive stability, reliability and real-time nature. Its operating principle is that physics is connected to into circular type structure, the network signal becomes catenate structure while working, once the nodal broken circuit of some of the fiber optic transmission cable, the apparatus is switched to and transmitted on the emergency line automatically in extremely short time. The network structure of the redundancy loop has not only reduced the signal transmission risk of the data, simpler project is installed, have reduced the engineering cost.
This product adopts and thickens the outer cover of aluminum alloy, esthetic and durable and durable, and reach IP40 protection grade, but independent utility, can mount onto benefit centralized management in 19 inches of 4U machine frames that the speciality uses, offer, mark warmly at the same time ' -10 ¡æ~ +60 ¡æ) And wide and warm ' -40 ¡æ~ +85 ¡æ) The type is available.
Technical grade network serial network cast technical grade Ethernet switchboards of cast switchboard meet every index in standards such as 3C, CE/FCC, EN61000,etc., MTBF: >100000 hours, the manifestation of high stability, high reliability is the ideal products used in an industrial environment.

Function characteristic:
Ø Industry guide track style to design, harsh harsh industrial environment but design specially

Ø It offer two optic fibre pieces of circuit,during line fault can auto-switch,it guarantees that communication is normal.

Ø Support many kinds of optic fibre network architectures: Point-to-point, star, link type, ring network are redundant, and can make up and support many kinds of optic fibre network architectures for more complicated network topology;

Ø The apparatus offers Ethernet electric interface of No. one hundred trillion 8, giga SFP of No. 2 surrounds the optical interface of the network, the general transmission bandwidth of the ring network is the line speed 1000M;

Ø Exchange built-in to build the intersection of 1Mbit MP-SSRAM and high-speed memory, clog-free to design, maximum carries the width 32GBit/S of the belt

Ø Group is designed in FPGA +ARM, shorten the loopback build-up time of self-healing fast, supports & ldquo; FC-Ring” Redundancy loop network (self-healing time & lt; 20ms) ;
Ø Support the transmission of VLAN overlengthy data packet, can match and use with supporting the switchboard products of IEEE802.1Q agreement;
Ø Function of radio storm protects, equilibrates the flowrate, isolates the conflict and measures the mistaking etc.;

Ø 10/100Mbps adaptation, the electric interface MDI/MDI-X adaptation does not need hand regulation;
Ø Interface of ether and serial data tape lightning protection are protected, radar-proof to GB/T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5) Wave 8/20& mu of short circuit current; S, the output voltage 6KV standard of the crest value that open a way;

Ø The apparatus is taking WEB management platform, the upgrade of the software that can be online, can manage the working condition of the apparatus of each slave on the end of host computer;

Ø Support the alternating and direct current of the wide-range to input (9V-48V) ,Support inside to isolate, redundant pair of power input, the power has supported to protect, prevent the opposing connection from protecting in year

Ø Accord with the industrial moderate breeze electromagnetic compatibility requirement

Ø Superstrong lightning protection function: Defend being struck by lightning, the high pressure of resistant reaction, surge-proof,etc., the fan-free dispels the heat high-efficiently, reduce maintenance down time

Ø IP40 outer cover protection grade, can stand the test of the severe environment, the guide rail or wall type is installed

Ø It is wide and warm type: Operating temperature -40 ¡æ +85 ¡æ

Technical parameter:

u Optic fibre part

Multimode optical fiber:

50/125um or 62.5/125um,

Transmission distance: 2Km multimode optical fiber, decays (3dbm/km)

Wavelength: 850nm

Transmitted power: -12dBm (Min) --9dBm (Max)

Receiving sensitivity: -28dBm (Min)

Link budget: 16dBm

Single mode fiber:

8/125um or 9/125um,
Transmission distance: 20Km single mode fiber, decays (0.35dbm/km) (if reality needs larger distance to need to customize)
Wavelength: 1310nm (choose at the time of extra long distance transmission 1550nm wavelength)
Transmitted power: -9dBm (Min) --5dBm (Max)
Receiving sensitivity: -27dBm (Min)
Link budget: 18dBm

Ethernet interface of u 10/100M

Agreement: Accord with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
Speed: 10/100M adaptation, the whole / half duplex complete adaptation
MAC address list: Can study 8K MAC address
Physical interface: Block RJ45,support Auto-MDIX (cross /through line adaptation)

u Power

Redundant pair of power input: DC9-48V, power consumption & lt; 5W
Overload protection: Support
The opposing connection is protected: Support
It is protected that redundant: Support
Insert terminals: Core 5.08mm interval 4 Plugin terminal

u Electric and mechanical property
Systematic power:
Input DC9-48V/AC9-48V of redundant duplicate supply
Power consumption: ≤ 10W
Appearance structure: It is 143mm (long) x It is 104mm (wide) x It is 48mm (high)
Install the way: The installation of guide rail, wall type are installed
Weight: 0.85kg / platform

u Environmental criteria

Operating temperature: -40 ¡æ& mdash; +85 ¡æ

Storage temperature: -40 ¡æ& mdash; +90 ¡æ

Working humidity: 0%— 95% (not condense)
MTBF: >100,000 hours

The confederate state Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen manages the electrical wire and cable, the video optical fiber terminal of the electrical apparatus mainly, the optical fiber terminal of the telephone, PDH optical fiber terminal, optic fibre transceiver, protocol converter technical grade is one giga of 2 8 mere electric ring mesh-type switchboards;

The confederate state Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen is absorbed in the optic fibre broadband access field, devoted to mere network technique, Ethernet technology and technical integration of broadband access. The company takes technology such as optical communication, video communication, access network as the leading factor, incorporate researching and developing, producing, selling, serving independently into an organic whole, the high-tech enterprise with rich technological capability and whole advantage in the optical communication field. The company regards leading technology and high-quality products and swift service as motive force, develop at a high speed for years, become China and Asian-Pacific area, American-European area, broadband fiber optic net accession equipment of North America area and staples supplier inserting the solution synthetically. In the domestic products are used in the platform of communication such as telecommunications, moving, UNICOM, broadcasting and TV, government bodies, army, electricity, oil field extensively.

The research and development, production, service system of the company are totally authorized through ISO9001 international management system standard. " insert synthetically, the overall network management " It is a basic fundamental route of the company. Regard comprehensive access based on light sum Ethernet as the core, inserting the field in the optic fibre broadband synthetically forms the intact technological solution of products.

The products that the company mainly produces are as follows, video optical fiber terminal series; Telephone optical fiber terminal series; Optical fiber terminal series PDH; Series EPON; PCM synthesizes and multiplexes the equipment chain; Protocol converter series; Optic fibre transceiver series; Mere cat's series; Optical fiber connector series; Splitter series PLC.

The communication of confederate state is by " guides science and technology for the guide, cast quality as the foundation, lead the new technology of the trading, outstanding brand of confederate state of tree. " The communication of confederate state pays attention to products researching and developing independently and technological innovation, have first-class group of research and development of products of fiber optics telecommunication and independent intellectual property right.

" the quality first, the customer is first & quot in communication Israel of confederate state; ? ? ? The principle, in order to innovate progressive fiber optic net communicating device technology constantly to serve the customer, with " sincere, practical, innovate, speciality, winning together & quot; It is a idea, enable " communication brand & quot of confederate state; Gain sufficient trust and energetical support of the masses of users.

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