Xi'an 10KV indoor permanent magnetism vacuum circuit breaker

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The products sum up HYG-12M indoor permanent magnetism vacuum circuit breaker and suitable for the three-phase alternating current 50Hz, do the occasions of the switching load and frequent operation of different properties in the electric system of 10kV, suitable for the using of protection and control of industrial and mining, enterprise, power plant and converting station electrical apparatus. Very matched KYN28A-12( GZS1) Wait for the mid-set hand cart type switch cabinet, can also mix in XGN - fixed switch cabinet. This product accords with the national standard GB1984 and " exchanges the high voltage breaker ", JB3855 " 3.6-40.5kV indoor ac high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker ", with standard of IEC60056 " exchanging the circuit breaker under high pressure ". Meet DL/T403 " 12-40.5kV indoor high voltage breaker order technical condition ". Use the angry temperature of the environmental condition environment: Upgrade is +40 ¡æ, lower limit - 10 ¡æ; Relative humidity: The relative humidity per day: ≤ 95%; The relative humidity of monthly average: ≤ 90 %; The vapour pressure of saturation per day: ≤ 2.2× 10-3MPa, the vapour pressure of the saturation of monthly average: ≤ 1.8× 10-3MPa, the height above sea level: 2000m and following; Earthquake intensity: Do not exceed 8 degrees; There are no flammable, explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and shaking vigorously in the location of use. Arc chute and operating mechanism part of the circuit breaker of the structural features adopt the front and back Direction, connect as a whole through the actuator mechanism, in order to guarantee the overall cooperation characteristic of the circuit breaker. The sealing vaccum arc chute of pottery while adopting, copper-chromium contact material and stylus structure of the vertical magnetic field are nowadays universally acknowledged most advanced arc blowout ways. The vaccum arc chute is mounted in the insulating cylinder adopting APG new skill to shape, not merely narrow the overall dimensions of the circuit breaker, have also prevented the damage and surface contamination of arc extinction of foreign matter. The insulating cylinder is on the basis of drawing lessons from the foreign like product advantage, shirt rim and reinforcing rib while setting up, have improved the insulation level and ability against dynamic current. Operating mechanism adopt spring to be energy-storing type, have electronically and manual the intersection of stored energy and two kinds of functions, the energy of stored energy spring is transmitted to the connecting rod gear through exporting the cam when the circuit breaker works, and then transmit to moving and touching and having no part through the connecting rod gear. Advanced reasonable suspension, the separating brake has not rebounded, weaken the separating brake to assault and shake; Do not need to adjust, seldom safeguard or non-maintaining. The intersection of HYG-12M and the intersection of indoor and the intersection of permanent magnetism and the intersection of vacuum circuit breaker and the intersection of operating principle and the intersection of permanent magnet operation mechanism and when the circuit breaker is in the switching-in or separating brake position principle, there is no passing of current in the coil, the low magnetic impedance passway where the permanent magnnet utilizes core of sound to offer keeps the core in the upper and lower limiting positions, and does not need any mechanical lock catch. When there are actuating signalsing, the electric current in the switching-in or separating brake coil produced the magnetic field potential, the magnetic field produced by magnetic field and permanent magnet that the coil produce is superposed and formated in the dynamic & static core, the armature is together with fixing on the driven bar above, under the action of force of resultant magnetic field, drive the switch body to accomplish the task of opening and shutting at the specified speed within specific time. The reason why this organization is known as two bistable principle structure of type, it is two positions stopped in the journey because of the armature, energy can keep not to need to consume any. And traditional electric magnetic mechanism, the armature is kept on one end of the journey through the function of the spring, another end in the journey, protect by mechanical lock catch or electromagnetic energy. By above-mentioned and knowing, permanent magnet operation mechanism through combine electro-magnet with permanent magnnet specially, to realize the repertoire of the traditional circuit breaker operating mechanism: Replaced traditional taking off the lock catch organization to realize by the permanent magnnet? ? ? Restrict the maintenance function of the position, is offered the required energy while operating by the divide-shut brake coil. Can find out, because of the change of the operating principle, the total number of spare parts of the whole organization is reduced by a wide margin, make the global reliability of the organization get the improvement by a wide margin. Because of the intersection of magnetic mechanism and characteristic of itself forever, can improve the reliability of the circuit breaker, the characteristic of close and break brake only relates to coil parameter at the same time, so the divide-shut brake characteristic of the magnetic mechanism can be controlled by electron or microsystem forever, realize the characteristic intellectual control of the speed, have self-detection functions. The control loop can adopt electronic control, connect the switching-in DC contactor. The arc chute arc extinction principle HYG-12M indoor permanent magnetism vacuum circuit breaker adopts the vaccum arc chute, regard vacuum as arc extinction and insulating medium, the arc chute has extremely high vacuum degree, as work up, the fixed contact is in the charged separating brake under the function of operating mechanism, the vacuum arc will emerge among the stylus, will produce the appropriate vertical magnetic field in the interval of stylus too because of the special construction of the stylus at the same time, impel the vacuum arc to keep for the divergent mode, and make the electric arc distributed in stylus surface combustion evenly, maintain the low arc voltage, during natural zero crossing of the electric current, residual ion, electron and metal steam can be compounded or gathered on the surface of stylus and shield and cover within microsecond, the disconnected oral medium insulating strength of arc chute is resumed soon, thus the electric arc is put out, achieve the goal of sectioning, because this vacuum circuit breaker adopts the vacuum arc of field control, therefore have ability of strong and steady breaking current. Appearance and sizeOrder notice, name of product, type, rated current, nominal voltage, specified breaking current; Specified operating voltage and nominal voltage of electric motor of the stored energy; Current ratio and accuracy class time of the current transformer mixed; Material and color in the outer cover of container body; If there are other special requirements, consult while ordering. Xi'an 10KV indoor permanent magnetism vacuum circuit breaker http://www.hydlq.com/chanpinzhongxin/3.html

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