Warm air blower rotary switch The warm air blower switch price Rotary switch producer of the warm air blower

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  • Because the make-and-break ability of the rotary switch is lower, so can't use the failure current of breaking. Use electric motor when the forward backward rotation control, mustn't electric motor is allowed to put through backward after at all stalling and then;

  • When the power factor supported is lower, the capacity of the rotary switch should be reduced and used, otherwise influence the switch life-span; When the power factor supported is smaller than 0.5, because the arc blowout is difficult, it is unsuitable to adopt HZ rotary switch;

    Price explaination

    The measurement of this kind of switch is usually a polar plate which forms the capacitor, and another polar plate is the outer cover of the switch. This outer cover usually earthes or links with chassis of the apparatus in the course of measuring. When there are objects and is movable towards the proximity switching, whether it is a conductor, because of its proximity, always make the capacitive dielectric constant change, thus make capacity change, make the circuit state of connecting with instrument head thereupon change too, therefore the alright controlled switch one puts through disconnection. Unless that proximity switch measure for target in this kind, by conductor,can insulating liquid or powder,etc..

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