Xi'an ZW32-12G outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker price

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ZW32-12G outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker products sum up ZW32-12G outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker (hereafter referred to as & ldquo; Circuit breaker & rdquo) It is the three-phase alternating current 50Hz outdoor high-pressure switch apparatus, ZW32-12G outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker used mainly in 10kV outdoor power distribution system of rural power grids and city network, as dividing, shutting the using of load current, overcurrent and short circuit current. It also can be used for other similar places. Accord with national GB 1984 and " exchange the high voltage breaker " with International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60056 standards of " exchanging the circuit breaker under high pressure " etc.. Type meaning

Service conditions
Normal service conditions
The air temperature around: -40 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ;
The height above sea level: Less than 2000m;
The ambient air can receive the pollution of the dust, cigarette, corrosivity gas, steam or salt fog;
The wind speed is less than 34m/s (equivalent to 700Pa on the periphery) ;
The vibration or earthquake from switch apparatus and place department of the control equipment is negligible;
Filthy grade: Grade.
Special service conditions
The circuit breaker can be used under being different from the above specified normal service conditions, users' requirement should have consultations with manufacturer, and make the concerted opinion at this moment.
Such as going beyond the above-mentioned normal service conditions, users consult with works.
ZW32-12G outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker structural features
The circuit breaker adopts the three-phase pillar type structure, it is stable and reliable and having no burning and explosion hazard, avoiding maintaining, small, light and characteristic of having long performance life etc. to have on-off characteristics.
The circuit breaker adopts the whole enclosed construction, it is of good performance to seal, contribute to improving dampproofly and defending the condensation characteristic, especially suitable for the severe cold or use of moist area.
Three-phase pillar and current transformer adopt and import the outdoor epoxy resin solidly and insulatingly, or adopt the organic silicon rubber of epoxy resin epiboly in the indoor solidly and insulatingly; Have characteristics of able to bear high low temperature, ultraviolet resistance, ageing-resistanting etc..
The operating mechanism adopts the miniaturization spring operating mechanism, the EMP of stored energy is small, the divide-shut brake is with low consumption; The organization transmits and adopts the transmission mode of direct action, the spare part is small in quantity, reliability is high. The operating mechanism is put into hermetic organization case, has solved the problem of the corrosion of operating mechanism, have improved the reliability of the organization.
Circuit breaker divide the intersection of closing operation and can adopt manually or operate and distant place remote operation electronically into. Can realize the automation of electricity distribution with the intelligent controller together, can cooperate and make up the automatic reclosing device, segmenting device with coinciding the control device too.
The circuit breaker can install the two phase or three phase current transformer, for use in electric current or short circuit protection, also can provide the electric current for intelligent controller and gather signals; Can install the measuring current transformer additionally according to user's request.
Circuit breaker can outside with three-phase linkage disconnecting switch, have, can see break obviously in separating brake of disconnecting switch state, and possess the misoperation-prevent interlock device with body of the circuit breaker. When the circuit breaker is in the position of switching-in, the disconnecting switch can't be divided, closing operation; Can operate circuit breakers while only isolating a one hundred sheets of complete switching-in or complete separating brake. Connectable to install the pillar electrical insulator of lighting arrester, convenient maintenance.

Install, safeguard
The operating personnel should understand characteristic and installation adjustment of the products, maintain knowledge tentatively, should record the question in operation, notify the manufacturer if necessary.
The products need to carry on appearance inspection before installation. Observe insulating bushing of products have, damage, disintegration point out and stored energy instruct leak and install the phenomenon, it is out of shape that there are the container bodies,etc.. Check-off, products want, mount at the post above the high 4m using.
? ? The circuit breaker of the disconnecting switch should check the reliability of mechanical interlock movement between disconnecting switch and circuit breaker conscientiously while installing.
The products are before being commissioninged, check whether nominal voltage, rated current of every executive component conformed with the actual conditions carefully. And operate with the organization, in order to check whether various movements are correct.
Every parameter of circuit breaker adjust already during routine test, user don't the starting up check; After carrying on the withstand voltage test on request, can install.
The all right single pole of circuit breaker is erected, can also erect with one pair of poles. The circuit breaker should be installed on specialized steelframe steadily, firmly.
The products are examined small regularly, mainly check whether the movements of the circuit breaker are normal. The circuit breaker with disconnecting switch, the disconnecting switch is checked twice every year, the content checks whether the mechanical interlock movements between disconnecting switch and circuit breaker are normal, and inject in the movable part into some grease.
Transport, confirm and store
Must pack into the close packing box and fix in the whole platform while transporting.
Transporting can't be turned over, sloped, need to take the earthquake counter measure in the course.
While exceeding and hanging the body of the circuit breaker, four rings colluding on the container body, can't carry the epoxy insulating cylinder directly.
Exceed, hang the circuit breaker lead the disconnecting switch, the weight is partial to the side of disconnecting switch, should go on slowly while lifting.
Users should confirm the work as follows after receiving the circuit breaker:
Check that packs damaging.
Is it complete to contrast the packing list audit file of the products, attachment.
Check whether the technical parameter on the data plate of circuit breaker, certificate of product inspection accord with the order requirement.
This circuit breaker should be left in drying, ventilates, dampproof indoor resisting shock and preventing the harmful gas from attacking, preserve and should check the environment regularly and fulfil requirements for a long time.
Case, unpack and keep and should go on in the dry indoor, need to products and every part to check whether it is intact and conforming or not.

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