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Leqing city protect, obey electric the intersection of limited company and the intersection of acting and the intersection of contact apparatus and the intersection of attachment and the intersection of time delay and hair, LAD-T4 of Snide, telephone number 0577-27882628, 13634207967, QQ2876107667
The contact apparatus is used for putting through and dividing and breaking off the friendship the electric apparatus of direct-flow main circuit and high-capacity controlling circuit thick and fast remotely, its main control objective is an electric motor, the contact apparatus can control other electricity to support too, such as electric heater, lighting lamp, arc welding generator, bank of capacitors,etc..
Chinese name Undervoltage contact apparatus Concept Remote to put through and assign to and break off the friendship the direct-flow main circuit electric apparatus Main control objective Electric motor Other control objectives Electric heater, lighting lamp, arc welding generator,etc.
Categorised editor of the contact apparatus
Total classification
Divided into electromagnetic contactor, pneumatic contact apparatus, hydraulic contact apparatus,etc. according to the driving means of the stylus.
According to the development of electric vacuum technique and electronic device, there are vacuum contactors and electronic formula contact apparatuses.
The contact apparatus can be divided into AC contactor and DC contactor according to the working voltage kind.
Classification of the AC contactor
Divide into exchanging and direct current according to the kind of the controlling circuit of the main contact;
According to a point of unipolar, dipole, three-electrode, quadrupole, five of poles number of main contact very much;
Divide into the air type and vacuum type according to the arc extinguishing medium;
The main contact position when according to the field coil deenergization divides into normally openly, closure is normally open and normally closed frequently;
It is direct type, rotary to divide into according to the structural style and the lever is driving type:
According to having non-contact to divide into having contact type and not having contact type.
Structural analysis
The contact apparatus is mainly made up partly by electric magnetic system, stylus, arc extinction system, auxiliary stylus, support and outer cover,etc.
Main contact
The main contact of the contact apparatus has two kinds of forms of bridge contact of double-breakpoint and digitatus stylus of single break point. The former's advantage has two valid arc extinction areas, arc extinction is effectual. Usually, the nominal voltage is in 20A and the following small capacity AC contactor in 380V and following, rated current, spending the electric current passing naturally can go out the electric arc to give up nearly oral cathode effects two times at zero hour. The rated current is the AC contactor of 20- 80A, under the condition of installing additionally and guiding the arc slice or utilizing electric power arc-extinguishing of the loop, have one more by break in order to cooperating,can arc extinction effectively,but it is reliable, still need to install the grating or baffle additionally sometimes. If the rated current is greater than 80A, although the main contact of the AC contactor is that the double break is oral, must install the arc extinction grating additionally or adopt the other arc chutes definitely in its arc extinction. Usually, dual break stylus open distances are minor, the structure is relatively compact, the volume is small, do not use the flexible joint yet at the same time, so help to raise the mechanical life when is contacted.
However, dual break stylus is inconvenient in parameter control, the slippery sport that have not generally rolled at the time of closednesses, can't remove oxides of the surface of stylus, so the stylus needs silver usage or silver-based alloy material to make, cost great. The slippery sports of rolling in the closed course of digitatus stylus of single break, it is apt to remove external oxide, guarantee that it is reliable to keep in touch, so the stylus can be made with copper or copper base alloy material, the cost is lower. But stylus rolls the slippery sports meeting increases the mechanical wear of the stylus. Because of having a break only, the open distance of the stylus is oral and larger than double break, so the volume is relatively large, the moving contact needs to connect through the flexible joint at the same time, so that mechanical life is limited.
Arc control device
There are the following several kinds of arc control devices of the contact apparatus:
The electric power of utilizing the stylus loop to produce elongates the electric arc, make it contact with potter's clay arc extinguishing chamber, cool for it and go out. This kind of arc extinguishing chamber is the simplest arc control device, it is suitable for the AC contactor of the small capacity.
Grating arc-extinguishing chamber it used mainly in AC contactor, utilize electric current pass nearly cathode effect and cooling action arc blowout of the grating for zero hour naturally. The grating is generally by the punching of the steel plate, it has gravitation on electric arc, so it is small to gush out the arc distance, over voltage is low. But the grating will absorb the electric arc energy, so the great of its temperature, operate the frequency unfavorably in improving.
It is used mainly in DC contactors and heavy task AC contactors to connect the arc extinction of the magnetic blow out in series. Enter the arc chute rapidly under the electric dynamic action that the electric arc produces in the magnetic blow out coil, go out for cooling in its chamber wall. The arc chute is made of potter's clay more, and there are wide joint, narrow seam, cross wall and maze type various forms. Because is the hot ionized gas of the electric arc apt to run off to go out? ? Room, so it is easy for heat not to spread, it can be used for, it operates frequency to be relatively height. But the the intersection of arc extinction and way gush out arc from loud, the intersection of acousto-optic effect and old, the intersection of over voltage and great too. Go out alternating current arc, because the intersection of arc extinguishing chamber and ambilateral the intersection of steel and cleat and blower coil have core loss in being unshakable in one's determination, will make magnetic flux and electric current of magnetic blow out out-of-phase, so that the blowback phenomenon of electric arc may take place while disconnecting.

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