Switch on ZW32-12 outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker column

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ZW32-12 outdoor high-pressure a vacuum circuit breaker ' Also called: Vacuum switch) on a column jacket ,Three-phase alternating current it suitable for 50Hz, electric system on nominal voltage is 12kV,can on-off, imprison to last circuit load current, overcurrent and short circuit current. Apply to circuit segmenting, protection and control of the converting station, urban and rural power grids and industrial and mining enterprises power distribution system extensively, suitable for the places of rural power grids and frequent operation.

Classify and dispose
This vacuum circuit breaker is divided into two kinds spring operating organizations and permanent magnetism operating organizations according to the actuating mechanism. The type is ZW32-12T and ZW32-12M, actuating mechanism divides the permanent magnetism into bistable and monostable two kinds again. The vacuum circuit breaker of Model ZW32, can be according to user's request, apolegamy CT overcurrent protection, disconnecting switch, outdoor PT, intelligent controller (watchdog) ,Device of the batcher,etc., meet many kinds of occasion demands.

Structural features
1,The outer cover adopts the high-quality stainless steel material or treatment process of reaching Crow and antirusting of ordinary copper plate to spray the lacquer of ultraviolet resistance again, the defending the corrosivity, defending the salt fog etc. of the products resists the environment of good performancely.
2,The insulating part adopts epoxy resin and silastic load insulating material, the insulation class is high, it is strong to defend filthy ability, is able to bear the ozone, uviofast, hydrophobicity and ability to resist high low-temperature. There is no voltage transformer oil, not have sulfur hexafluoride gas in vivo in the case, meet oilfree transformation and environmental protection requirement.
3,Actuating mechanism, say good-bye move and two kinds electronically, install the remote control manipulator additionally and avoid the switching-in surge device while needing. For main input to greater than 70W outside, it is apt to allocate the backup power. Design the unique suspension, the characteristic is excellent, it is small to rebound, the noise is low.
4,The arc chute adopts the stainless steel brazing technology of the special type, does not need electric plating, it is high in quality to weld, stable and reliable, air leak rate is low. Make and use filling a prescription and advanced ceramic metallization craft of special ceramic metallization on crafts, having guaranteed the airtightness of the products, tensile strength is greater than 130Mpa, a complete once is sealed and arranged.
5,The current transformer adopts high-quality magnetic conductive material and epoxy resin to be insulated from silastic load, have large capacity, move the high, high, non-maintaining, higher advantage of reliability of accuracy class of the thermostable multiple.

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