Xi'an 10KV high-pressure duplicate supply

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The products are made up of an outdoor high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, electronic three-station disconnecting switch and control box to sum up Xi'an 10KV high-pressure duplicate supply. The overall structure is box altogether for three phases. Each conductive loop is to insert connecting with the vaccum arc chute from passing in and out line conductor pole, electric conduction. The other insulating material is the silicon rubber of large climb gap, internal insulation is the compound insulation that silicon rubber, SMC form. Suitable for while exchanging 50Hz, nominal voltage 12KV, double-channel power power supply system to 630A of rated current, switch to another No. normal power and supply power automatically when black out or voltage shortage takes place in the power of No. one, continuity that reliable assurance supplies power. There is shorting out and excessive load,etc. that protects the interlocking function at the same time, needless again while avoiding supporting the trouble effectively the power supply is struck. In the black out of breaking down of the commonly used power, HZW10-12 outdoor high-pressure duplicate supply mutually throws the device and can finish the auto-switch with the back up supply, in order to guarantee the reliability and safety. Can also carry on the choice switch between the two-way power according to the needs of load. Especially suitable for not allowing to break the electric important place, as the important electric controlling device guaranteeing to supply power continuously. For the intersection of a new generation and novel in design, characteristic improve, safe and reliable, the intersection of automaticity and high, the intersection of operating range and hauling oneself willingly into the intersection of complex and the intersection of double-channel and the intersection of power and the intersection of auto-switch and product wide. The products guarantee the complete segregation of the two-way high tension supply in the design, adopt and improve reliable machinery and electricity chain at the same time, so have very high safety and reliability. Duplicate supply energy consumer that this product is suitable for to service ability and the safety demanded to relatively want, set up as control and protection of the power supply system of the duplicate supply. Xi'an 10KV high-pressure duplicate supply is used in 10kV distributing lines such as the oil field, mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, railway, communication, machinery,etc. extensively, industrial and mining enterprises 10kV circuit. Type meaningXi'an 10KV high-pressure duplicate supply technical parameterInstall, maintain characteristic and installation adjustment that the operating personnel should understand the products tentatively, maintain knowledge, should record the question in operation, notify the manufacturer if necessary. The products need to carry on appearance inspection before installation. Observe insulating bushing of products have, damage, disintegration point out and stored energy instruct leak and install the phenomenon, it is out of shape that there are the container bodies,etc.. Check-off, products want, mount at the post above the high 4m using. The circuit breaker with disconnecting switch should check the reliability of mechanical interlock movement between disconnecting switch and circuit breaker conscientiously while installing. The products are before being commissioninged, check whether nominal voltage, rated current of every executive component conformed with the actual conditions carefully. And operate with the organization, in order to check whether various movements are correct. Every parameter of circuit breaker adjust already during routine test, user don't the starting up check; After carrying on the withstand voltage test on request, can install. The all right single pole of circuit breaker is erected, can also erect with one pair of poles. The circuit breaker should be installed on specialized steelframe steadily, firmly. The products are examined small regularly, mainly check whether the movements of the circuit breaker are normal. The circuit breaker with disconnecting switch, the disconnecting switch is checked twice every year, the content checks whether the mechanical interlock movements between disconnecting switch and circuit breaker are normal, and inject in the movable part into some grease. Transport, confirm and must store while transporting the whole platform is packed into the close packing box and fixed. Transporting can't be turned over, sloped, need to take the earthquake counter measure in the course. While exceeding and hanging the body of the circuit breaker, four rings colluding on the container body, can't carry the epoxy insulating cylinder directly. Exceed, hang the circuit breaker lead the disconnecting switch, the weight is partial to the side of disconnecting switch, should go on slowly while lifting. Should confirm the work as follows after receiving the circuit breaker while confirming users: Check that packs damaging. Is it complete to contrast the packing list audit file of the products, attachment. Check whether the technical parameter on the data plate of circuit breaker, certificate of product inspection accord with the order requirement. Storing a circuit breaker should be left in drying, ventilates, dampproof indoor resisting shock and preventing the harmful gas from attacking, preserve and should check the environment regularly and fulfil requirements for a long time. Case, unpack and keep and should go on in the dry indoor, need to products and every part to check whether it is intact and conforming or not. Xi'an 10KV high-pressure duplicate supply http://www.hydlq.com/chanpinzhongxin/9.html

The electric Co., Ltd. main management of the appearance of Xi'an China, circuit breaker, the converting station, switch board, high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker, switch cabinet of high-low voltage, box type transformer substation, electric voltage transformer, voltage and current transformer, high tension fuse, load switch, disconnecting switch, zinc oxide arrester, Xi'an 10KV high-pressure duplicate supply such as resonance eliminator, wall bushing, pillar electrical insulator, high-pressure SF6 circuit-breaker, voltage transformer neutral point discharge gap and repair piece fittings;

The appearance electric Co., Ltd. of Xi'an China is a high-pressure electric equipment leading enterprise of our country, been engaged in high-pressure power equipment production for more than 20 years, there is rich technical force, and make various fine apparatuses tested, have abundant experience of designing and making the power product. The leading products have high-pressure vacuum circuit breakers, switch cabinet of high-low voltage, box type transformer substation, electric voltage transformer, voltage and current transformer, high tension fuse, load switch, disconnecting switch, zinc oxide arrester, resonance eliminator, wall bushing, pillar electrical insulator, high-pressure SF6 circuit-breaker, voltage transformer neutral point discharge gap and repair piece fittings,etc., have already reached domestic advanced stage. There are batch outstanding engineers and technicians now in our company, have spacious purification producing areas. Have rich technical force, complete scientific and technological checkout equipment. The company has already passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality systems are authorized. All products are examined through the quality monitoring of the national high-pressure electric apparatus.

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