The intersection of overvoltage and the intersection of voltage shortage and the intersection of protector and EM-001NAH280, the people of benefit, use simultaneously protector

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Function: Prevent electric apparatus burning off and electric apparatus fire
Suitable for: Special electric apparatus, apparatus,etc. are protected
Function: Excess pressure, overvoltage, voltage shortage, earthing-short, surging, shorting out,etc. are protected


1,According to being set up, changed and protects the data etc. multiply to protect by the nominal voltage, characteristic of electrical appliance protecting
2,It is wide to set up the range, other and EM-001NA

Basic parameter:

Working voltage: 60-500VAC
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Set up the range: 65-280V (can be set up)
The mode is set up: ON/OFF (can be set up)
Switching-in delays time: 5-999S (can be set up)
The speed of response:< 2ms
Built-in switch power: 30A
Error: ± 1%
Power consumption:< 1W
Plug: National standard ( 10A compatible 13A)
Socket: Standard the general purpose ' 10A compatible 16A)
The complete machine size: 110*63*38mm

What voltage of safe electricity consumption it is

Security of the voltage of electricity consumption, can't autonomous control, the service voltage will usually give up the zero line, all sorts of factors such as the loose contact of zero line, blowing to touch the strand cable, facility outmoded wearing out, increasing severely, unbalance aggravating, thunder and lightning of electricity consumption of phase line of current consumer of electricity consumption of electric wire to scurry into, cause the voltage from 0-450V level;
The voltage of civil electricity consumption, (China) Stipulate 220V, & plusmn; 10% ;
The voltage goes beyond the nominal voltage of using the electric apparatus, electric apparatus will all have injury at various degrees, light the function characteristic is unusual, bury the potential safety hazard, heavy burning off, breaking out a fire;

So, electricity consumption current consumer should pay attention to voltage protection;

Ask voltage a lot kinds, very much complicated of protector, it is very special to use too, can become effective when putting, could become effective when the voltage is unusual, so put, it goes up to be can energization, press piece what button can trip, can show safe protection;

How to choose:

Function whether electrical appliance protecting work in nominal voltage, guarantee function characteristic and life-span does not damage, not bury the potential safety hazard and not high-voltage burning off, on fire; The voltage protector is a special electric apparatus, work among 0-450V when the mains voltage is unusual, working voltage can't be smaller than 450V, does not equate with the working voltage 220V of the ordinary electric apparatus; The speed of response the sooner the better; Can presume the protective range of the voltage according to the nominal voltage of using the electric apparatus; It can set for the time delay time of switching-in according to the characteristic of using the electric apparatus;

EM-001NAH280 voltage protection

Working voltage 60-500V, do not damage by oneself at the time of the mains voltage 0-450V; It is very fast to respond to, reliable valid assurance; Voltage protection presumes range 65-280V, 220V/110V is common, suitable for various electric apparatuses; The second of range 5-999 of time setting of time delay of switching-in, the time delay time of special electric apparatuses such as air conditioner, refrigerator,etc. is more than 300 seconds; Earth leakage protection of the self-carrying and current protection are multiple use electric protection safely;

How to test effectively:

The test of working voltage, two live wires (380-450V) of direct connecting of service entrance About 4 hours, can test using pressure regulator too; Other functions can finish testing with this machine.

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Benefit the people's Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen manages the overvoltage protector of the equipment for power transmission and distribution mainly, excess pressure protector, excess pressure deenergization protective device, self-recovering type overvoltage voltage shortage protector, the intersection of household electrical appliance and the intersection of protective device and the intersection of overvoltage and the intersection of voltage shortage and the intersection of protector and EM-001NAH280, the people of benefit, use simultaneously protector;

Our company is practical, new products manufacturers.

The products are as follows, at present Series of products such as protector of the electric apparatus, excess pressure overvoltage voltage shortage protector, rall-mounted type, walkie electric apparatus protective device, new distribution box of modified form,etc.. The products are used in household electrical appliances such as the computer, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner,etc. extensively; Office equipment and controlling, medical treatment, instrument, LED advertisement screen, distribution box,etc. professional facility such as facsimile machine, printer, copying machine; The products find a good sale in America and Europe, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Taiwan and obtain customer's good prestige and approval.

Benefit the people's electron technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen

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