The liquid flow sensor of Guangzhou makes, the calorimeter of the turbine, impeller fittings

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The liquid flow sensor of Guangzhou is made, calorimeter of the turbine, impeller fittings are sold in batches
1,Turbine flow transducer ( Hereafter referred to as the sensor) Defend the rotten sensor for what our company developed newly, make up the turbine flowmeter with the display instrument together. The instant flowrate and adding up to the total amount of the volume of the liquid of measurable quantity, can be to liquid quantitative control. The sensor has characteristic such as being simple of high longe-lived operation maintenance of precision, are used in trades such as the industrial and mining, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant,etc. extensively. The sensors all adopt the nonmetallic material, measurement strong more corrosive liquid is particularly applicable. Measure the ideal instrument with liquid corrosivity.
2,The sensor is suitable for having no liquid of impurity such as fiber, particle.
3,The sensor, can consult and order together as users need to use the special pattern. While needing explosion proof type sensor, prove in the order
Second, operating principle:
When the liquid examined flows through the sensor, the inner impeller of the sensor is rotated with the liquid kinetic energy. The impeller blade brings about the cyclic variation in magnetic circuit magnetic resistance in the detection device for week at this moment, therefore publish the electric pulse signal proportional to flowrate in the coil both ends reaction of detection, send to the display instrument after the pre-amplifier is amplified.
In the measurement limit, the impulse frequency of flowrate of the sensor is proportional to volume flow rate, this ratio is that the gauge factor shows with K: : K =F / Q or K =V / N
In the type: Signal frequency of f- flowrate (Hz) ;
Q- volume flow rate (m3/h or L/h) ;
N- pulses number;
Total amount of V- volume (m3/L) ;
The gauge factor of each sensor is filled in in the calibration certificate by the works. K-value has already set up entering in the related display instrument when being dispatched from the factory, can demonstrate the instant flowrate and total amount of volume, must guard against changing K-value while using the producer
Third, main technical parameter:
Accuracy grade: 1.0 grades, 0.5 grades;
Service conditions:
1,Ambient temperature: -20- +50 ¡æ;
2,Relative temperature: 5%- 95%;
3,Medium temperature: -20- +80 ¡æ;
4,Unexplosive grade: Ib¢ò BT4;
Medium pressure: 1.0MPa;
Output mode: Pulse output or 4- 20mA two wiring system;
Install the way: Flange coupling;
Transmission distance: The sensor is to the distance reachable 1km of the display instrument

Guangdong moistens the scientific and technological Co., Ltd. main management of the universe instrument, electrical meter, electrotechnical instrument, chemical instrument, gas flowmeter / liquid flowmeter, the pressure, differential pressure / temperature / humidity / level transmitter sensor, intelligence observes and controls the intellectual eddy meter mass flowmeter miniature flow indicator temperature transmitter of electromagnetic flowmeter of the instrument, humiture transducer, the liquid level transducer of the pressure transmitter weighs a series of products such as force cell and relevant related thermodynamic instrumentation,etc.. The liquid flow sensor of Guangzhou is made, calorimeter of the turbine, impeller fittings are sold in batches;

Guangdong one collects and researches and develops, produces, sells all kinds of gas flowmeters / liquid flowmeters to moistens instrument Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of the universe, the pressure, differential pressure / temperature / humidity / level transmitter sensor, intelligence observes and controls the high-tech enterprises of technological development of the instrument and production, the company is located in Guangzhou, the traffic is extremely convenient, company's technical force is rich, production is superior equipped. In line with strict, innovate, realistic spirit advancing courageously, improve product quality constantly, developing the new product constantly. Has already developed into reasonable structure of the products now, the domestic assortment most complete instrument produces the company. The company products have already covered more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the whole country, widely used in principal products of business of domain company such as every large domestic running water company, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, electricity, food, metallurgy,etc.: Intellectual eddy meter mass flowmeter miniature flow indicator temperature transmitter of the electromagnetic flowmeter, humiture transducer, the pressure transmitter liquid level transducer weigh force cell and relevant related thermodynamic instrumentation,etc.? ? ? Series of products. For many years, the company is in the petroleum, chemical industry, food industry, fields such as pharmaceutical industry, water treatment, boiler control, machine-tool control, electric plating production line, environmental monitoring, energy-conservation system,etc. have accumulated a large number of field experiences, have abundant, complete systematic schemes. From control system of the instrument, computer control system, PLC control system to DCS system, the automation from simplex proceeding control to whole factory, the control from local improvement of the control system to area integrates, principle that we follow the system reliability strictly and the system flexibility give consideration to, fully combine technological requirement and characteristic, offer all-round services to customer wholeheartedly. Inherit the abundant experience engaged in the automation equipment trade for many years, and after service that we will offer service of improving to the customer before careful selling, and the actual demand on the basis of the customer carries on the tailor, offer the advanced, rational, economic whole

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