EMFM-HFD3000 electromagnetic flowmeter

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First, EMFM-HFD3000 sewage electromagnetic flowmeter are summed up:
EMFM-HFD3000 sewage electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle is the Faraday's electromagnetic induction law, the key component of the sensor is: Meter tube, electrode, field coil, core and frame yoke shell. It is used mainly for measuring and closing the volume flow rate in conducting liquid in the pipeline and slurry. Including strong caustic liquid such as acid, alkali, salt. This product applies to trade's, environmental protection, municipal administration such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmacy, papermaking managing extensively, fields such as water conservancy construction,etc.. The LD series electromagnetic flowmeter is all intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters adopting domestic and foreign technology to develop, its all Chinese electromagnetic transducers kernel adopts the high-speed central processing unit. Calculate very fast, the precision is high, measure reliable performance. The circuit design of the converter adopts international advanced technique, input impedance is up to 1015 ohms, the common-mode rejection ratio is superior to 100db, is superior to 90db as to extraneous interference and 60Hz/50Hz interference rejection capoability, can measure the flowrate of fluid medium of lower conductivity. Its sensor adopts technology and special magnetic circuit structure of nonuniform magnetic field, the magnetic field is stable and reliable, and large reduced volume, has lightened and repeated, the characteristic making the flow indicator small-scale and flowing and quantizing. Enable the customer & ldquo; The ones that bought rested assured, the ones that are used save worry, service gratified & rdquo; It is a aim of our company.
Second, EMFM-HFD3000 sewage electromagnetic flowmeter products characteristic:
There is no movable member in the pipeline, without choked flow part, almost there is no additional pressure loss in measurement.
Measuring result and velocity of flow are distributed, fluid pressure, physical parameters such as the temperature, density, degree of viscosity,etc. have nothing to do.
Can revise the quantum online according to the needs of user's reality on the scene.
High sharpness LCD in a poor light reveals, all Chinese menus are operated, easy to use, easy to operate, it is apt to study luminously.
Adopt SMD device and surface mounted (SMT circuit reliability is high) .
Adopt 16 embedded microprocessors, operation is fast, the precision is high, the low frequency square wave agitation of the programmable frequency, having improved metric stability of flowing, low power dissipation.
The whole treatment of digital quantity, antijamming capability strong, measure reliable, precision high, flowrate measurement limit 150:1 reachable
Ultralow EMI switching power supply, uses the large excursion of mains voltage, it is good to resist EMC
Inside has three integrating meters that can reveal the adding up to amount and integrating quantity of difference forward separately, there are power down clocks in inside, can record time of power down 16 times
Have image output of digital communication such as RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus.
Third, EMFM-HFD3000 sewage electromagnetic flowmeter electromagnetic flowmeter operating principle
EMFM-HFD3000 sewage electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle based on Faraday's electromagnetic induction law. The meter tube of the flow indicator is a non- magnetic conductive alloy short pipe of a inner liner insulating material. The perforans tube wall in the direction of pipe diameter of an electrode is fixed on meter tube. Its insert electrode tip and interior surface of lining are basically flush. Field coil at the agitation, it produces one magnetic flux density to be working magnetic field of B at direction that transverse to shaft axis of meter tube by of both sides the intersection of wave and pulse. At this moment, if the fluid with certain conductivity flows through the meter tube. Cutting the reaction of line of force will electro-motive force E will happen. Electro-motive force E is proportional to magnetic flux density B, meter tube internal diameter d and product of the mean velocity v. Electro-motive force E ( Flow sihnal) And send to the converter through the cable by the detection of electrode. After converter is dealing with flowrate signal amplification, fluid flow it is displayable,and can output pulse, it is equisignal to imitate the electric current, is used in control and regulation of the flowrate.
E =KBdv
In the type: E ---------------It is the inter-electrode signal voltage (v)
B -----------------Magnetic flux density (T)
d ------------------Meter tube internal diameter (m)
v ------------------Mean velocity (m/s)
K in the type, d is a constant, because the exciting current is constant current, so B is a constant too, by E =KBdv is knowing, is the volume flow rate Q - directly proportional to with the signal voltage E, namely the induced signal electricity of velocity of flow? ? ? E and volume Q become linear relationships. So, so long as measure E can confirm the flowrate Q, this is a basic operating principle of an electromagnetic flowmeter.
By E =KBdv is knowing, the temperature, density, firm firm composition of liquid of two quarter-phase fluid medium of pressure, conductivity, liquid of the flowrate body medium examined will not influence the measuring result more than isoparameter. So long as flow regime accord with axial symmetry, flow ' Such as laminar flow or turbulent flow) Would not influence measurement to be consequential. So say the electromagnetic flowmeter is a genuine volume flowmeter in one. To manufacturers and users, need only by the ordinary actual standardization of water, measure the volume flow rate of any other conductive fluid medium, and does not need any revision. This is an outstanding advantage of an electromagnetic flowmeter, it is what any other flow indicators do not have. Measurement is intraductal and adiaphorous and choked flow part, so almost there is not a pressure loss, and divide high reliability.
1)Measure the requirements: 6mm-1200mm
2)Velocity of flow range: 0.3-10m/s
3)Medium electric conductivity: > 5us/cm
4)Survey accuracy: ± 0.5%, ± 0.2% (the appointed section of quantum)
5)Mechanical vibration frequency: ≤ 55Hz
6)Unexplosive grade: ExdIIBT4
7)Protection grade: IP65, IP67, IP68
8)Working power: 220VAC± 15%, 24VDC± 5%
9)Power consumption: < 10VA
10) Outcoming signal: 4-20mA, RS485
11) Reveal the holding period of deenergization live: 10
Display mode: LCD reveals 4 of instant flowrate, accumulates 8 of flowrate.

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