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Control the case | Electric cabinet | The traffic police controls the equipment box | *Control the case | The video controls the control box of forward end | The video controls the control box of forward end The street lamp controls the case | Control the water-tight caisson | Control the power water-tight caisson | CCTV controls and assembles the case | Control the waterproof power |

[SanWang three networks of communication made ] the video control the integrated apparatus forward end control box and control the case | Electric cabinet | Control the equipment box | Control the case | The video controls the forward end case | The safety protection controls the case | Control the equipment box | Control the case | Control the case in the Residential Area | The building control the case | Weak electric box | Control and pole | Network case, equipment box, control the case in sheetmetal working, day; Weak electric box; Control and pole; Monitor system; The making up type is poled; Distribution box; Outdoor water-tight caisson; Cabinet of the network; Control box | It is outdoor and waterproof it control case CCTV last case / waterproof to last case / need to last equipment box / last power box iron box to control to last chassis box CCTV distribution boxes waterprooves outdoor 8 of water-tight caisson / Weak electrical equipment outdoor waterproof box production base of power network! Building talkback case | The safety protection of Residential Area controls the case | Weak electric box | Information case of the family | Network case | Control and pole | Equipment box of the Residential Area | Telephone network case | Case production base of the broadband access.

Think the main management of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of communication of Damien's health in Ningbo, optical cable, distribution box, deals in the products: FTTH optic fibre register one's residence product, ODF unglazed components and parts, ODF optic fibre conductor arrangement products, digital routing products, MDF copper cable main distribution frame, serial monitoring information cases of comprehensive wiring of copper cable of DDF copper cable;

It is that the wholly-owned constituent companies of three networks of communication of Ningbo are located in the beautiful Chinese shore of east China sea to think Damien health communication Science Technologies Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, Cixi of the coastal developed area of south bank of gulf of Hangzhou sees the sea and defends the industrial park. It is a professional manufacture communicating device incorporating researching and developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole, enterprise run by the local people of the electronic element products. Three networks of communication merge, the popularization of FTTx in order to adapt to three networks, and put out from local side to user's desk-top FTTX mere conductor arrangement network solution. The products mainly include the joint box of optical cable, the optical cable divides the fine case, divide the fine case of the optical division, the junction box of optical cable, the splice closure of optical cable, the terminal box of optical cable is cold meet the son, the quick connector, smooth? ? Jumper wire, conductor arrangement optical cable, rubber-sheathed lamp cord optical cable, urban routing optical cable, passive device, circuit auxiliary equipment,etc.. The industry has covered fields such as corollary equipment, mere communicating device and device, data communications equipment, broadband access communicating device, communication engineering of mobile communication,etc.. Rely on advanced management, quality assurance system, strong technical force, rich comprehensive strength and enterprise's sincerity of completion, have already become main equipment supplier of China Mobile, China Telecom, CHINAUNICOM, Chinese China Railcom and some foreign communication operators, and apply to Private Networks such as broadcasting and TV, electricity, postal service, military unit, government bodies, enterprises and institutions,etc. extensively, offer auxiliary products for domestic and foreign master manufacturer at the same time.

The development going through a few years, communicate in the manufacturing industry of the products to develop into the Hi-Tech industry from the low-end. By having automation of advanced lateral panel beating both at home and abroad to process fabrication facilities such as numerical control equipment, the whole automatic spraying assembly line, optical communication device, and comprehensive high-accuracy detecting instrument, has offered the reliable quality assurance for products.

Three networks of spirit: Insist on & ldquo all the time; Quality, price, service & quot; Enterprise policy,there are satisfied for and & ldquo on user on it is 100% without being striven to make; Unite, practical, open up, innovative & quot; Enterprising spirit,Israel advanced technique last improvement operating efficiency.
Three networks of aims: The customer is satisfied first, enterprise honor first, product quality first.
Three networks of goals: Achieve three networks for a century, is in leading position in the trade, is in leading position in customer relationship management.
Three networks position: Brand internationalization, enjoy certain popularity at home and abroad in the following ten years.
Three networks develop the principle: Pursue technological innovation, procedure improving, cooperation of thorough fare, wanting to ask the performance goal that must be reached, make great efforts to create first-class corporate image, first-class work environment, first-class business administration, first-class customer service, cooperate sincerely with domestic and foreign user!
Three networks of communication, developing together, creating brilliance!

Deal in the products: FTTH optic fibre register one's residence product, ODF unglazed components and parts, ODF optic fibre conductor arrangement products, digital routing products, MDF copper cable main distribution frame, copper cable comprehensive wiring series of DDF copper cable

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