ZW17-40.5 circuit breaker

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ZW17-40.5 employs the environment:

1,The height above sea level: ≤ 1000m (special requirement is consulted separately) ;

2,Ambient temperature: -30 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ(special requirement - 40 ¡æ) ;

3,Wind pressure: Less than 700Pa (equivalent to the wind speed 35m/s) ;

4,Earthquake intensity: Do not exceed 8 degrees;

5,Filthy grade: Grade, grade ( Creepage to distance: 25mm/kV, 31.5mm/kV)

6,Install the place: Without explosion hazard of fire, there are no chemical corrosion and regular violent vibrations;

ZW17-40.5 main technical parameter:

Name of the code number Called the single digit According to

A nominal voltage kV40.5

2 rated current A1600, 2000

3 amount shorts out in breaking current kA20, 25, 31.5

4 amount shorts out in making current kA50, 63, 80

5 amount thermostable the electric current ' Mean value) KA20, 25, 31.5

6 specified the dynamic current ' Crest value) KA50, 63, 80

7 amount hot stabilization time S4

Number of times time 20 of breaking current on-off that 8 amount shorts out

9 specified operating sequence divides - 0.3 s – Close-open - 180 s - close-open

Mains frequency withstand the voltage in one minute ' Mean value) KV tries 95 wetly to try 80 dry

11 thunder and lightning strikes the withstand voltage ' Crest value) kV185

12 specified operating voltage and the intersection of subsidiary loop and the intersection of nominal voltage and V exchange 220, 110 direct current 220, 110

13 excessive load release rated current A5

14 mechanical life time 10000s

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