The money source in Hebei specializes in the resin and strains the electrical insulator

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Strain the electrical insulator jh10-90 introduction
Suitable for isolating insulatingly and using when the guy wire is passed through or close to 10kV and the following circuit;
Main technical parameter / Main technical parameters
Destroy pulling force: 90kN
The experimental withstand voltage of mains frequency: 20KV (60 seconds)
JH10-90 strains the electrical insulator and is made of new composite material, has already improved the electromechanics and allowed pulling force greatly, having improved the pressure tight level, and corrosion resistance is strong, it is of good performance to wear out in the hole; Have one pair of danger protecting functions, even the insulating layer is because of the overladen damage, straining the electrical insulator guarantees to draw the collinear continuity, slope and pour the emergence of the pole accident. Small, light, and difficult damage, it is convenient to install, its already all right and Tenneco fastener apolegamy, it is fixed to use the cartridge or internal reeled silk of stiffening rib; JH10-90 strain electrical insulator adopt to defend dirty to design three shirt rim, increase the creapage distance greatly, it is prevented the emergence of the elephant corruptly that effective to flash; The workmanship is meticulous, the surface is bright and clean, the iron sleeves all belong to and adopt hot dip galvanizing to deal with, whole quality level is first-class.

The main management of electrical apparatus Co., Ltd. of the money source in Hebei, composite insulator, glass insulator, the insulator, the electric engineering equipment is from assembly to an enclosed busbar, combined enclosed busbar, disk insulator, pillar electrical insulator. The money source in Hebei specializes in the resin and strains the electrical insulator;

  • The gold source electrical apparatus limited company of interchannel city is a professional manufacturer which produces and sells the electric engineering equipment assembly. It is a transformer factory, wave damper factory, reactor factory, the power plant produces specialized auxiliary products. Mainly produce various crossover blocks, the insulating stay (worker's message) ,Wall bushing, cutting ferrule, support electrical insulator, close the bus insulator, the bus wire support, various serial insulating products such as the gold utensil of bus-bar accessories,etc.. And can process various products according to your demand. Our factory improves grade by management in line with surviving on high quality, in order to serve and increase running manufacturer's needle of prestige, do every product well. You expecting and having chance with open the beautiful future together. Process the way: Come to pursue to process; Craft: Other electronic preparation methods; Brand name: The electric quality of the gold source is controlled: Inside welcome to the gold source limited company websites of electrical apparatus of interchannel city, specific address whether the intersection of Hebei and the intersection of Hebei and the intersection of interchannel and the intersection of city and the intersection of interchannel and city don't seek little the intersection of Chinese and industrial area in front of the township while being competent, the boss is Fu ZhanQi.
    Mainly deal in the raw material, raw material, electric engineering equipment assembly in telephone number 18232711110, 15132777732, crossover block, insulating stay, wall bushing, cutting ferrule, gold utensil, electrical insulator.
    The unit registered capital is unknown.
    Our company is absorbed in research and development, design, make and sale of electric products such as the electric attachment electrical insulator,etc.! Company with high-quality for position, pay attention to the intersection of user and practise and research and development of products, succeed in, serve thousands of enterprise, appointed suppliers of 500 tops of the world. The company products are applied to electricity, trades such as metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, traffic,etc. extensively, get the affirmation of the masses of users! Look forward to the future, the company will continue grasping and bearing & ldquo; Equality, sincerity, cooperation, developing & rdquo; Management theory,constant for increasing investment, quickening enterprise developing steps, offer high-quality products and satisfactory service to domestic, other customer wholeheartedly, and wish to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life and realize the great-leap-forward development!

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