The flashlight starts 2kw diesel engine generator

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The flashlight starts 2kw diesel engine generator

After engine oil add, you can add diesel oil (0, may spend on the 10th) . The seat added please look at and make pursuing (pay attention to the lower postbox volume while adding, just add at will, ours is 15 liters) Will open the following oil passage switch after finishing adding, otherwise the oil will not go down. And then just begin to start it. ( 1) Must turn on the engine switch. ( 2) Press the relief pressure valve down. ( 3) Break the following air door off with the fingers and thumb again. And then pull drag rope, pay attention to, want, draw through to the end rope without letup, draw loudly (whom electricity start it connects pieces of storage batteries to be better, follow, it starts cars to be uniform) Can't sound quickly, it is all right to try several times more, because the new lubricating oil has not totally gone down yet.

The ones that were paid attention to after sounding are not to take the apparatus at once and wait for machine run, take the apparatus. The small-scale diesel engine generator fuel injection pump one is for oil content to depend on the rotational speed of the oil engine. The speed of crankshaft increases, for oil content to increase too; On the contrary, are for oil content to reduce. At the time of the variation of load of the oil engine, the rotational speed is changed largely. When the flashlight starts 2kw diesel engine generator aircrew's load to reduce, the rotational speed rises, the rotational speed raises leading to the fact the plunger pump is circulated for oil content to increase, it causes the rotational speed to further rise again to circulate for oil content to increase, so constant vicious circle, it is higher and higher to cause the engine speed, the driving finally. On the contrary, when increasing in load, the rotational speed is reduced, the rotational speed reduces to lead to the fact the plunger pump is circulated for oil content to reduce, it is for oil content to increase again to lead to the fact the rotational speed is further reduced, it is lower and lower to cause the engine speed to circulate, misfire finally. Change this kind of vicious circle, require one and can regulate and support oil content automatically according to the variation of load.

The main technical parameter of 2KW small-scale diesel engine generator:
Power rating
50 60
Specified output power
Store the output power
Nominal voltage (V)
Rated current (A)
Rated revolution (r/min)
Number of phases
Power factor (Cos &Phi)
Insulation class
Agitation way
Constant voltage of encouraging oneself (take AVR)
Faceplate form
Ordinary faceplate
Physical dimension (L× W× H)mm
Net weight (kg)
Gross weight (kg)
Grade dB(A) of the noise
Structural style
Open shelves
Engine type
Engine form
Vertical horizontal bar, four cycle, air-cooled, directly-jetted
The cylinder counts - bore & times; Stroke (mm)
1-70× 55
Total discharge capacity (ml)
Power rating [KW/(r/min) ]
1.7/3000 2.0/3600
Compression ratio
Lubricating method
The pressure is splashed combinedly
Initialization mode
The hand-pulling start of recoil, the electricity is started
Fuel type
Diesel oil: 0 #s (summer) -10 #s (winter) -35 #s (severe cold)
Type of the lubricating oil
More than of CD grade or SAE10W-30, 15W-40
Capacity of the lubricating oil (L)
Germany's west zero degree
Manager Cai

The safe handling rule of the diesel generator set: Only operate, maintain and maintain and guarantee the apparatus runs Safety Ground correctly, the only method of preventing the personal and apparatus from endangering is to strictly observe operational procedure and relevant security rules. Pay attention to getting an electric shock dangerously, the electricity of the generating set must pass the change-over switch (ATS) with mechanical chain to enter the public line ,Guarantee it with the city electric segregation. Aircrew's necessary reliable ground, must use the insulating tool to take the overhauling of the electrical equipment. Small-scale diesel engine generator operation method: First of all, when you receive a west zero degree 2KW small-scale diesel engine generator, the first step is to check whether each place of the generator has damage, because because of stream, etc., may smash something. (Certainly the friend that come to the west zero degree company's factory to take the goods does not need this step directly, because we will teach you live) It is under the intact situation in everything, begin to add the engine oil, take place with our 5KW three-phase small-scale diesel oil? ? Machine example, place that add please watch, down, pursue .

The flashlight starts 2kw diesel engine generator

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