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The switch price of producer's _ vessle's form of _'s vessle's form switch of the vessle's form switch vessle's form switch calls the wane switch too. Its structure is the same as toggle switch, but change the handle into a vessle's form. The daily mains switch which functions as the electronic device of vessle's form switch, its contact is divided into several kinds such as single throw and double-pole double-throw of short-hilted broadsword, some switches also have a pilot lamp.

Stick, to the drinking machine, race apparatus, computer acoustic enclosure, storage battery car, motorcycle, ion television, coffee potas single throw and double-pole double-throw of short-hilted broadsword,, whom household electrical appliance,etc. spend many mainly.
Test the number of times of switching mainly, up to damaging, if does not need and can drive eccentricity to open and shut the switch with a small motor manually, record the number of times with the counter! It is necessary that this switch demands to fit the rule and authorizes, the products use CQC at home if selling, which country foreign words are seen and sold specifically, such as U.S.A. UL, Canadian CUL, VDE, ENEC, TUV,etc. fit the rule to authorize in European countries.
The single throw of short-hilted broadsword: A traveling contact and a breakback contact. There is only a passway
Single-pole double throw: A traveling contact and 2 breakback contacts, (can put through the bilateral breakback contact respectively)

Double-pole single-throw, 2 traveling contacts and 2 breakback contacts, there are 2 passways
Double-pole double-throw, 2 traveling contacts and 4 breakback contacts, there are 4 passways (can put through 2 bilateral breakback contacts respectively)

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