Cold hot water circulating testing machine of plastic ductwork of wide material

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First, applicable scope

The plastic ductwork cold hot water circulating testing machine is suitable for assembling and bearing the number of times that certain internal pressure changes various pipes and pipe fittings at the temperature alternatively according to the specified requirement And then,
Check the seepage situations of pipe and pipe fittings, this instrument is used mainly the system testing after the pipe pipe fittings is assembled. Suitable for the cold hot water system to try on with the thermoplastic pipe pipe fittings system
Requirement tested.

Second, function characteristic
The pilot unit has adopted the foreign advanced controlling device to control the pressure, have prevented water pressure from being up to the temperature and fluctuation of time, the circulating pump that the proof pressure is imported by foreign countries
Offer, has guaranteed the long-term significance of the pressure. Its detection device turns on the corresponding one back to the water valve automatically according to water tender feeling condition, reduce systematic energy consumption, reduce the experimentation cost. The instrument has dispelled the noise of the pipe line greatly with the special device, adopts and imports the original packaging refrigeration equipment, the power consumption is little, refrigerating output is great; Reliable protection device and overall liquid level measuring set, have guaranteed the height of liquid level of the high low-temperature water tank, when the test fails, the pipe line breaks, prompt closed-down; It is easy to observe the course tested again that can be valid to pay protecting in testing personnel.

Third, technical parameter
The control limit of pressure: 0.4MPa~1.0Mpa
Test worker's figure: No. 6

The main management of tester Co., Ltd. of wide material in Guangzhou, the ge, it is tested that (experiment) Instrument, checkout equipment of the electrical machinery, specialize in mechanical tensile testing machine, universal tester, electrolyte servo universal tester, compression testing machine, torsion tester, durometer,etc.. Cold hot water circulating testing machine of plastic ductwork of wide material;

The wide material tester Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou tested the instrument plant and rotated and made standing in 1946 original Guangzhou, specialize in mechanical tensile testing machine, universal tester, electrolyte servo universal tester, compression testing machine, torsion tester, durometer,etc.. It is various nonstandard testing machines of customer's professional tailor.
The company has production now to equip advancedly, have batch high-accuracy electronic instrument, instrument, have large-scale accurate borer, double housing planer, numerical control milling machine, vertical lathe, high-accuracy cylindrical grinder, level grinding machine, all kinds of lathes, checkout equipments 150 multi ' Set) , 200 multiple measurement standards and utensils;
Consist of organizations such as development department, marketing department, manufacturing department, Shanghai office,etc.. CAD system of adopting mechanical design, designs EDA system and software on the electron, one-chip computer development system and enterprise's resource management system ERP carry on products design and manufacture. Have mechanical design, electrical design, hardware of the computer, industrial appearance design, software development waits for specialized high, intermediate engineering talent, model worker of Guangdong Province and original Guangzhou to test the production techincal control backbones of the instrument plant. Most of existing staff are the academic certificates at or above the junior college level.
All kinds of products successively got 25 national-level, ministerial, provincial enterprise honors and quality product title at city level; The products are extensively suitable for the scientific research institutions, institution of higher learning, the commodity inspection quality supervises, metallurgy, steel, electricity, energy, trades such as machinery, petrochemical industry, the electron, electric wire, cable of rubbery plastics, light industry, textile, papermaking, processing hides, building materials, printing, food, medical treatment,etc..
The accumulation of 60 histories of more than years, the products of the company are sold to places such as all parts of the country, Europe, Southeast Asia,etc., have 100,000 multi-users. In recent years, we were successively Guangdong Province product quality supervisory station, Guangzhou special electromechanical device measures the academy, municipal Administration of Auality and Technical Supervision of Zhuhai, the quality of Foshan measures and supervises the monitoring center, institute of technology of South China, Zhongshan University, industrial graduate school of Shenzhen of Harbin, polytechnical university of Guangdong, Guangzhou university, Shenzhen University, Guangdong add many the intersection of treasure and the intersection of beverage and the intersection of food and Co., Ltd. and the intersection of Hong Kong and high the intersection of strength and group company, middle the intersection of Angola and base, Company of group, the intersection of Guangzhou and the intersection of city and municipal works test measure? ? Only allow users such as company, academy of composite material of Guangzhou, white cloud institute of Guangzhou, technological teachers college of Guangdong job, second Kai agricultural school,etc. to offer the products and the service, well received by they and the encouragement.
The company has complete sale, supplier to appraise, serve the management system, the company is according to ISO9001 management mode operation, offers the first-class products to customer, the high-quality service has established the good management foundation. Have good business reputation and sound financial accounting system; Necessary apparatus and professional technical capacity of carrying a contract; Obtain & ldquo that the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou issued; Guangdong Province keeps the heavy credit & rdquo of the contract; Enterprises.

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