The wide material testing machine WD-20KAJ soil shears the appearance

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WD-20KA(J) The soil shears the appearance
First, major application
The soil shears the appearance and is used mainly in 300mmX300mm sectional soil shear test, after in order to analyze binding power and plant between the soil grow in the soil for some time, impact on soil binding power of the plant root; Have important meanings in the stability of studying soil horizon.

Second, leading particulars
1,Simple in construction, reliable, easy to operate and safeguard;
2,Adopt LCD display screen to reveal, the display with force value, real chronaxie and maximum value out of shape;
3,The sensory dynamometry of load, such characteristics as the high, measurement limit of measurement accuracy is great;
4,Manual the intersection of oil pump and application of force, the intersection of bee and bright device brief function on have year, prevent sensor from damage;
5,Shear the appearance to fix and form the shelf of application of force on the inspection box fast through the screw;
6,The jack À‹ has automatic reset function of a spring after carrying on one's shoulder or back;
7,There are operating platforms, easy to operate and saving effort, easy to observe the display screen;
8,Grease nipple and signal line adopt the fast plug, easy to install and transporting;

Guangzhou is wide to try the main management of the instrument Co., Ltd., it is tested that (experiment) Instrument, ge, electrical meter, professional to make electronic universal tester, servo universal tester, tensile testing machine, servo universal tester of the microcomputer controlled electrolyte, impact testing machine, creep lasting testing machine, torsion tester, endurance testing machine, durometer, move balancing machine supply the wide material testing machine WD-20KA(J) with The soil shears the appearance;

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Since the establishment of the company, according to creating value for users, assist customer's successful practical action, we were successively subcenters of Shuande of supervisory station of the product quality in Guangdong Province, municipal Administration of Auality and Technical Supervision of Zhuhai, the quality of Foshan measures and supervises the monitoring center, quality safety monitoring center of the project of Guangzhou Nansha, institute of technology of South China, polytechnical university of Guangdong, and the service that users such as Guangzhou university, Zhongshan University, Harbin industrial Shenzhen graduate schools, middle group company Angolan bases, Hong Kong high strength group,etc. have offered the products, get the masses of support and trust of customer, make the intersection of company and advanced the intersection of customer and cluster have batch. We believe that choose widely to try, has just chosen the satisfied and guarantee.
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