LW8-35 sulfur hexafluoride switch

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The products are summed up: The LW8A-40.5 type outdoor high-pressure sulfur hexafluoride router is 50 hertzs of outdoor high-pressure electrical apparatus three-phase alternating currents; Suitable for 40.5kV and lose control and protection of the power distribution system; It also can be used for the circuit breaker of the contact and open and shut the occasion of the bank of capacitors; And very enclosed current transformer is available for measuring and protecting.
Actuating mechanism:
Matched Model CT14 spring operating mechanism of circuit breaker of the Model LW8-40.5. The circuit breaker accords with national standard GB1984-1989 " exchanging the high voltage breaker " and International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC60056: 1987 requirements for " exchanging the circuit breaker under high pressure ".
The leading particulars of the circuit breaker:
1.On-off is of good performance, adopt the compressed gas type arc chute, fire arc time short, the electricity is longe-lived, serial on-off 25,000 fit, overhaul by 20 under nominal voltage, change the intersection of sulfur hexafluoride and gas;
2.Insulating and reliable, mechanical reliability is high, switching-in ability is strong, can frequently operate;
3.Switching bank of capacitors electric current 400 Ann has not fired again;
4.Cut long-line 25, 50 kilometers emptily and has not fired again;
5.Simple in construction, small, time between overhauls is long.
Company's profile:
Electric scientific and technological Co., Ltd. lies in the Songjiang District of Shanghai that Shanghai celebrates a victory, our company specialize in 10-110KV inside and outside the family ' Permanent magnetism intelligence, prepaid fee, miniaturization, duplicate supply, watchdog) Vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit-breaker, load switch, disconnecting switch, the fuse, level piezoelectric devices such as composite apparatus, lighting arrester, the complete sets of electric apparatus of high pressure,etc.. In line with & ldquo all the time since establishment; Quality first, service is above everything else & ldquo; Management aim. The detail, the thinking of this customer of each taking things of after service while selling before doing well and selling to the letter, in order to do more outstandingly in the electric trade, and make great efforts to struggle without end.
The company insists on taking the road to new and high technology, insist on the research and development of the new high-tech product, having developed the fast vacuum circuit breaker of 10KV intellectual permanent magnetism successively in recent years, high pressure intellectual duplicate supply automatic transfer unit,etc., and direct against the new demand of the intellectual electric wire netting, high voltage breaker a physical stamina acts more fast, have smaller scatter, more high reliability, reach and close the requirement shut synchronously finally, and is expanding with the electric wire netting of our country constantly and the swift and violent growth of electricity consumption load, it is difficult to meet the power reguirements that there is distributing net of 10KV voltage classes originally, the company develops the fast vacuum circuit breaker of 24KV outdoor permanent magnetism in right time, especially get brand-new development on the miniaturization circuit breaker, has made breakthrough success to 35KV vacuum circuit breaker. The company will combine market oriented analysis to power equipment, will continue and develop the high new product hard.
The company inherits & ldquo; And, letter, new & rdquo; Enterprise idea,build & ldquo; Regard human-oriented, sincerity as bone, innovation as the soul & rdquo; Enterprise quintessense of culture; With the harmonious group, the new high-tech enterprise that builds sustainable development, manage the first-class brand which abides by the commitment; Insist the international highest specialized standard, take the difference development path. Welcome domestic and foreign personage and us to establish long-term exchange of technology and win-win cooperation relation sincerely.

After service:
1. It is one year to be that our company sells for all products guarantee periods, guarantee the maintenance to the doorstep during this period free, our company will repair and change according to the detailed regulation of the warranty ' Except the trouble or destruction which people cause for factor or unresistable natural phenomenon) .
2. After receiving and reporting the notice for repairment, make dash for and combine problem solving live in seven workdays.
3. User can through the intersection of telephone consultation and technological issue concerned, receive clear solution.
4. Users, while presenting the characteristic trouble while using normally, our company promises the above-mentioned in-service attendances. The country is suitable to apply the laws and regulations clearly and specified besides this, our company will follow the relevant laws and regulations to carry out.
5. Within guarantee period, the situation will implement the paid maintenance service as follows;
a.Damage happening because people are or unresistable natural phenomenon;
b.Trouble or damage caused by misoperation;
c.Trouble or damage taking place because to the transformation, resolving, assembling of the products.

Electric science and technology is limited and common that Shanghai celebrate a victory? ? ? Main products, circuit breaker, switch cabinet, disconnecting switch, Shanghai celebrate a victory electric professional production and sales of Science Technologies Co., Ltd.: Indoor ( Outside) Vacuum circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, potential transformer, current transformer, the mutual inductor of the zero sequence, high-pressure power metering box,etc.? A series of high pressure electric products! Drive relevant industry development, has already become and collected researching and developing now, the production, sale, service, trade have been integrative pluralistic enterprises. Shanghai celebrates a victory in electric scientific and technological Co., Ltd., has been carrying out all the time " Is quality the growing of enterprises? The life " Management theory,overall develop? ,Pursue being outstanding, in new product development, products quality are improved, the service quality is improved, the human resources are put into the respect, do one's utmost, bent on making progress! LW8-35 sulfur hexafluoride switch;

Electric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. insists on Israel that Shanghai celebrates a victory " Based on sincerity, quality first, price are reasonable " Management theory,insist on"customer first " Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to negotiate the business!

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