The excellent kindness in China and Singapore is organic to fire prevention in the cable trunking box power product specialized factory of trunking box

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Brief introduction of fire-proof trunking box: The fire-proof trunking box has good heat insulation, fire prevention, be non-combustible, produce, water penetration, oil proof, is able to bear chemical corrosion, weather ability is good, nonpoisonous and the mechanical strength is good, the weight is light, bearing capacity is large, safe and reliable Fire prevention trunking box after the use, if cable on fire but because their oneself structural closeness cause anoxia self-arcing in the box, the outside will not bring disaster to the cable in the box because of its trunking box of material imcombustibilities either while breaking out a fire. Fire prevention trunking box to be safe and reliable installing convenient, can carry on machine work of sawing, getting into, planing etc., separating refractorily when being suitable for cable laying, it is the ideal material that the flame prolonged and fired while preventing the cable from catching fire effectively. As to different to use occasion, fire prevention trunking box can be divided 4 parts into: 1)The totally closed trunking box of the flameproof type: Suitable for the power cable, the laying of and outdoor impracticable cable chutes, tunnels of indoor such as control cable, lighting conductor arrangement under 10KV. 2)The semi-closed trunking box of the flameproof type: Can stand the flame to bake smokedly, the temperature can be confined to cable safe operation accepted value in the trough, the box cover is a double-deck cover plate. Except that there are rain-proof functions, in very automatic whereabouts that if high-temperature, cover the heat disspating hole, isolate the air. 3)The cable tunnel uses the refractory trunking box: Can be used in occasions such as the tunnel, underground communal facilities,etc. extensively. Have good the intersection of ventilation and air permeability, catch fire as trunking box or when the excessive heating cable, because the flame acted on to make the open ventilation mesh which was soaked with the special fire retardant coating originally stop up, and swell the cable, the automatic whereabouts of the online small cover of sending a telegram in reply into one layer of bags of thick thick carbonization, cover the network, enable, burn the anoxia self-arcing of medium. 4)The inorganic trunking box of the flameproof type: Use the inorganic material and strengthen the glass fibre to form, the fire-resistant construction is totally-enclosed, danger of preventing the cable from autoigniting effectively and outside kindling material. Another inorganic material because of choosing, is especially suitable for acid, alkali and corrode the severe occasion. If you are interested in the service of goods of our company, expect you call to consult, manager He: 15801007251

China and Singapore excellent the kindness ' Beijing) The main management of Science Technologies Co., Ltd., electric cable accessory, the excellent kindness (Beijing) in China and Singapore The address of office of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. lies in the district of No. 188 S. fourth Ring Road West of Fengtai district of Beijing, fast growing since the establishment of the company, the business is developing our company and mainly dealing in the hot dip galvanizing cable shelf constantly, fire prevention trunking box / fire prevention raceway, the intersection of highway and the intersection of railway and the intersection of cable pipe and case / trunking box, monument mark, cable bridge profile, the third rail (conductor rail) Protective cover, glass fiber reinforced plastic draw and crowd apparatus, FRP planking and bar section, muff of the valve, metal compensator, non-metal compensator, LED unexplosive lamps and lanterns etc., have we by products preferably and specialized sale and groups technological,there are for enterprises famous in trade on our company, if you are interested in the service of goods of our company, expect you call to consult, manager He: 15801007251 China and Singapore excellent kindness, organic to fire prevention trunking box, cable trunking box, the specialized factory of the power product;

China and Singapore excellent the kindness ' Beijing) Science Technologies Co., Ltd. insists on Israel " Based on sincerity, quality first, price are reasonable " Management theory,insist on"customer first " Principle offer high-quality services to the masses of customers. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to negotiate the business!

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