The DDZY311C-Z type single-phase fee accuses of the intellectual electric energy meter

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First, summary

The DDZY311C-Z type single-phase fee accuses of the intellectual electric energy meter, it is a intellectual electric energy meter of new generation become on the basis that the intellectual ammeter of edition serial new standards of national electric wire netting company 2013 are developed. This phenotype has adopted the super large-scale digital signal to deal with the chip, keep the storing device of information permanently, electric carrier communication, RS485 communication, infrared communication, international standard intellectual CPU card and information security encrypt advanced technology such as ESAM module. Realize many period, many the intersection of rate and the intersection of electric energy and measure, local the intersection of fee and the intersection of person who accuse of and function, meet electric department's prepaid fee and demand of gathering management of the information.

Second, technical parameter

Precision grade

2 grades

Voltage specification


Voltage range

0.8Un- 1.15Un

Electric current specification

5( 60) A, 10( 100) A

Temperature range of job

-45 ¡æ- 70 ¡æ

Relative humidity

< 75%

Interface of communication

Electric signal carrier, RS485, infrared

On-load switch

Turn on and break the electric current 80A the most largely, turn on and break for 10000 times

Consumption of the complete machine

The voltage circuit is smaller than 1.5W and 10VA, the electric current circuit is smaller than 1VA

Clock accuracy

≤ 0.5s/d

External dimension

It is 160mm (high) × It is 112 mm (wide) × It is 71mm (thick)

Third, main function

1,Measure the function: Have, not reverse, always, sharp, peak, flat measuring the function by the intersection of valley and the intersection of timesharing and meritorious electric energy, ,and store 12 historical electric consumption data on account day.

2,The local fee is accused of: Adopt CPU card to realize sale of electricity and control, function of controlling, purchasing the electricity to report an emergency and ask for help or increased vigilance, overdraw, prevent electric consumption from cornering with the electricity etc..

3,Measurement: Measure parameters of running such as the voltage, electric current, active power, power factor,etc. at present of the record, precision & plusmn; 1%.

4,Incident record: Record zero clearing at the incident, programming, school, lose electricity, draw, shut floodgate, uncap total number of times.

5,The period of rate: Can have two arbitrary rate and period of programming, each support 8 the intersection of period and 14 rates.

6,Freeze the function: Freeze regularly, freeze instantly, agree to freeze, freeze in Japan, freeze on the hour.

7,Safe protection: The parameter changes and adopts ESAM module to encrypt algorithms in long-range data transmission and table, do not a licensor operate in order to prevent.

Manufacturing Co., Ltd's main management of electric energy meter of west strength of Hangzhou, the electric energy can count the case, the single-phase electron type electric energy meter, electric energy meter and power consuming information gather the system the terminal, electric energy measure the case, DDZY311C-Z type single-phase fee of branched case of cable and accuse of the intellectual electric energy meter;

Manufacturing Co., Ltd's predecessor of electric energy meter of west strength of Hangzhou is a factory of kilowatt-hour meter of Hangzhou, firstly appeared in 1968, reformed system, registered on December 30, 1999, RMB registered capital is 60 million.
Company it specializes in electric energy meters and power consuming to be terminal to gather system in information and electric energy measure case, the intersection of cable and branched case,etc. mix the intersection of network and the intersection of automation and relevant research and development of product, produce and sell, already had a history of more than 40 years so far, it is a national-level new high-tech enterprise, successively made ISO9001 quality management system, ISO10012 measures management system, ISO14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS18001 job health and safety management system to authorize. West strength & ldquo;” Brand electric energy meter is the leading brand products of Zhejiang Province, west strength & ldquo;” The trade mark is a famous trade mark of Zhejiang Province.

The instrument and apparatus of the unit of incumbent Zhejiang Province managing director of employer's organization of instrument and apparatus of the company, Chinese instrument and apparatus employer's organization electrician? ? Know managing director's unit, electric energy of standardized technical committee of national electrician's instrument and apparatus and measure and support and control the unit of committee member of Sub-committee of the apparatus, participate in the country (trade) many times The standard is drafted, it is South Africa STS and Swiss DLMS technological association member.
The company complies with & ldquo; Based on quality, science and technology wins victory & rdquo; Management theory,regard science and technology as enterprise development source, quality souls that enterprise survive, expense of the proportion go on new product development, technological transformation and scientific and technical innovation with higher than 6% income from sales every year, carrying on the maintenance, operation of company's quality certification system and improving, improving. The research and development technique center that the company set up in 2002 is research institute, provincial enterprise research and development centre and technique center of provincial enterprise at present, is equipped with in Germany EMH high-accuracy standard device, measures the standard testboard, tests apparatus and various dependability life-span testing equipment intactly and electromagnetic and compatibly, there is table taking the course of its own in trades that counts the operation laboratory of dependability; Have large quantities of to research and develop technicians while being high-quality, and regard developing in market demand and enterprise as the direction, launch every research and development, multiple technical research are in leading the level at home; There are 62 product design patents and 43 products software copyright card at present, 29 kinds of new products have passed the scientific and technological scientific and technical assessment of results of drawing room of Zhejiang Province, some scientific research projects are listed in the demonstration project of industrialization of national Torch Program, market & ldquo of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou; Special & rdquo of technological innovation; , & ldquo; Enterprise's informationization employs & rdquo; , & ldquo; Industrialization & rdquo of new and high technology; Wait for the government to support specially and reward the project category, is well received by governments at all levels; And set up uniting laboratory and production, teaching, research project to cooperate with the technical colleges of University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang, rely on the academic advantage of university talent's information, offer the solid assurance for company's industry's technical development.

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