High-quality copper, copper aluminium apparatus fastener ST series series SLG

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Type applicable wire (mm²)
ST-1 35-50
ST-3 120-150

Gather together long electric Co., Ltd. main management in Zhejiang, compound the insulator, the electric gold utensil, the arrester, sell high-quality copper, copper aluminium apparatus fastener ST series series SLG in batches;

Leqing gathers together the long electric apparatus limited company, the front urban & mdash located in reform and opening-up of Zhejiang; — City of willow of Wenzhou, it is one that is collected and developed, production, sell the electric gold utensil, defend the thunder gold utensil, apparatus gold utensil, protect the gold utensil, gold utensil of the hydropower station, continue the gold utensil, compound the insulator, Model H fastener, Model T fastener, able to bear a fastener, impracticable insulating gold utensil, punctured the fastener, sheath of the voltage transformer, outdoor high pressure and waterproof to wire for an organic whole Gather together long with practical rigorous, open up, aggressive spirit, realize & quot; Make users satisfied, think about & quot for users; Service promise,by quality that is remarkable, service on it is good, last society the sincerity one management, strive for prosperity and development of the electric undertaking. Leqing gathers together long electric apparatus limited company visiting, guidance and business negotiation to welcome the arrival of friends from all walks of life.

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