Producer's price of the price U70BP glass insulator of U70BP glass insulator

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The electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of Hebei Golden Palace Restaurant is a specialized factory producing insulator and electric line materials. Our company lies in the city of interchannel of Hebei, is adjacent to Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang. Superior and easily accessible in the geographical position. Our company mainly sells level and pigeonholes the insulator, glass insulator, hanging insulator of vase, safety glass insulator, piezo-electric vase of level, level pigeonhole fuse box, switchyard gold utensil, gold utensil of the hydropower station, having formed three major population, 20 series, more than 700 specifications, its all parts of the country of product sale, 20 odd provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Xinjiang, Inner Mongol, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi Shanxi Hubei Hunan, Jiangsu,etc., the production equipment advanced person of the company, technical force are rich, detection means is complete, the products produced every year are supervised regularly and examined by the quality testing of Hebei, qualification rate is 98%. Appraised as & ldquo many times continuously; Crossing unit & rdquo of product quality letter; Observe contracts and keep promise in enterprises.
The company mainly produces and sells the pin. Press vases at last; Glass armoured insulating bottle; Silicon rubbery insulator oxidizes the zinc arrester. Press and isolate various electric goods and materials such as the switch,etc. at last. Type: Hanging vase X-3, X-3C, X-4, 5. XP-70, XP-70C, XP-100, XP-120, XP-160, XP-210, XP-240, XP-300, XWP-4.5, XWP-70, XWP-100, XWP-120, XWP-160, XWP-210, XWP-240, XWP-300, ,needle type vase PD-1, PD-2, PD-3, P-6, P-10, P-15, PS-20, PS-15, PQ-20, P-20C, disc type vase ED-1, ED-2, ED-3, glass armoured insulator LXY-70, LXY-100, LXY-120, LXY-160, LXY-210, LXY-240, LXY-300, LXHY-70, LXHY-100, LXHY-120, LXHY-160, LXHY-210, LXHY-300, FC70-146, FC60-146, FC100P-146. And various electric gold utensil apparatus.
The company has won the favor from the masses of customers deeply for many years. We have been abiding by & ldquo all the time; Sincere, practical, sane, high-efficient & rdquo; Management theory,it is constant pioneer and keep forging ahead, development on is it electric without being played for undertaking. We firmly believe & ldquo; Use first-class talents, produce the first-class products, do the first-class service, benefit of achieving the first class, fight for first-class enterprise & rdquos; It is a aim of our company. We should redouble one's efforts, mutually encourage and meet the opportunity and challenge that China's entry to WTO brings with the counterpart, progress together, open up the heroic bearing on the international economy stage altogether!

Company's website;
Sales manager of telephone number; 15933278661 15730302428

Hebei Golden Palace Restaurant electric apparatus Co., Ltd. manages the insulator, glass fibre reinforced plastic insulator glass insulator mainly, glass armoured insulator, high-quality glass armoured insulator, the glass stock of insulator producer, the high-quality glass insulator producer supplies with U70BP producer's price of price U70BP glass insulators of glass insulator from stock;

Glass insulator manufacturer of producer's high-quality low price sells the glass insulator directly to households at producer price!

Hebei Golden Palace Restaurant electric apparatus Co., Ltd. lies in the industrial area of Shahe bridge of interchannel city, border on the Bohai Sea in the east, abut Beijing and Tianjin in the north, lies in " the Bohai Sea of the ring " , " ring Beijing and Tianjin " In the double radiation range of the economic zone, easily accessible, have superior economic environments, it is the insulator of pillar, ceramic insulator, glass insulator, compound products such as the insulator,etc. and specialize in the company processed, have intact, scientific quality management systems, quality is first-class.
Our factory has advanced production technologies, production equipment and testing the detection system. The products are perfect in workmanship, great variety of goods, sold to the national all parts, mainly process production: The insulator of pillar, ceramic insulator, glass insulator, compound products such as the insulator,etc..

Producer's official website: Tel.: 13663275330 is because absorbed so remarkable! Make great efforts to make century-old Golden Palace Restaurant!

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