The Model CTB- spring holds and moves the organization Wan is good and electric

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This spring speaks and moves the organization and suitable for operating the solid and surrounding network cupboard high-pressure vacuum circuit breaker and other switchgears that shuts the work of the floodgate equal to it.

(This organization is the organization manually type, if need to mix the electrical machinery and dispose by switch factory. )

Condition of environment for use

Ambient temperature higher than +40 ¡æ, lower than - 25 ¡æ(the intersection of warehousing and transportation and the intersection of ambient air and temperature higher than +40 ¡æ, not lower than - 40 ¡æ) .

The height above sea level does not exceed 1000 meters.

The daily average of the relative humidity is not greater than 95%, the moon is not greater than 90% (+25 ¡æ) on average ,The vapor presses daily average and is not greater than 2.3X10MPa, the moon is not greater than 1.8 X10MPa equally.

Without fire, it is dangerous to explode, filthy seriously, the place where chemistry corrodes and shakes vigorously.

Technical data

3.1 Divide the electro-magnet technical parameter of the floodgate such as table: Working voltage (V) of amount
Electric current (A) of specified job
At 20 ¡æcoil resistance value (& Omega)
Normal working voltage range
Working voltage of amount 65%- 120% should divide the floodgate reliably, is smaller than working voltage of amount 30% and does not score in the floodgate 5 times time.
Invite 40& deg in the output corners of other organizations; . Organization's weight about 10kg.

Appearance and mounting hole location sketch map

The main management of market Wan good electric Co., Ltd. of Yuyao, circuit breaker, there are products 3AV3, CT21-12, CT21-40.5, CTB, CT25B, CTS, CT43A, CT now in enterprises -The spring of series 40.5 holds and moves organization and organization fittings; Otherwise mix 72.5kV, 110kV vacuum circuit breaker specialized spring and hold and move the organization. Model CTB- spring speak, it moves the intersection of organization and Wan to be good and electric;

Market Wan good electric Co., Ltd. (the Wan 's of Yuyao) of Yuyao Established in 2000, it was one that collected and researched and developed, produced and sold all kinds of circuit breakers and held and moved the professional enterprises of the organization; Enterprises have accumulated the abundant experience in researching and developing the circuit breaker and holding and moving the organization, help to research and develop the new product, the innovative field altogether together; Enterprise having now machine machining center, numerical control process the apparatus, corresponding checkout equipment, in order to ensure processing quality of the organization spare part; Process the left and right side of the organization with the machining center, elaborate every part in the organization, hit and produce the spring and hold and move organization masterpieces; The products of enterprises form a complete set and use in nearly one hundred enterprises in the whole country now, already nearly 200,000 organizations of production and sales.

There are products 3AV3, CT21-12, CT21-40.5, CTB, CT25B, CTS, CT43A, CT now in enterprises -The spring of series 40.5 holds and moves organization and organization fittings; Otherwise mix 72.5kV, 110kV vacuum circuit breaker specialized spring and hold and move the organization.

Company & ldquo according to burning; First-class quality, create good brand & rdquo Wan; Company developing policy,in it is at short one for several for year, if you can't produce single one by Model CT21 spring, speak to move what organization manufacturers professional of varieties serials organization is, having gathered certain talent and capital capability, enterprises successively participated in the new product development of many scientific research institutions and famous producer, with good design idea and conscientious and meticulous working spirit, have got the commendation and definite of expert and user.

It is designed in by oneself according to the needs of user especially CT21C spring holds and moves the organization, mainly match holding and moving the organization specializedly of the miniaturization vacuum circuit breaker, small, simple in construction, characteristic and application national patent with high dependability (Patent No.: 02265643). Cooperated with grand source companies full of trees of Shanghai at the beginning of 2004, designed independently, only used succeeding in developing the Model CTS spring and holding and moving the organization in several months, and applied for the national patent (Patent No.: 200420082397.5); CT -40.5 organizations apply to country for the appearance patent (Patent No. in 2008: 20083209083.0); Fitted and applied for the national practical patent (Patent No. in 2009 in CT25 mechanism a pair of side structure and hand strength energy storage: ZL2008 2 0085972.5) ; WJCT - the intersection of ¢ò and spring speak, move the intersection of energy storage and part with the intersection of divide-shut brake and part of organization, combine device and method, apply the national patent for invention (Patent No. to 2010: CN201010149224.0) .

The civilization of 7,000 years in time immemorial, the river nurse crosses with their industrious hands ahead of the people, outstanding intelligence, create out the glorious and magnificent primitive civilization. Beautiful woman Wan spend time cast go out of spring, speak, move quality product of organization 10 year today, pursue ancient brilliance with 200,000 masterpieces of sales volume.

Keeping improving to every slight, a beautiful woman of Wan makes the spring and holds the aim which moves the specialized factory of the organization, it meets user's needs to be power of beautiful woman Wan, innovate, surmount, beautiful woman and that you create brilliance tomorrow Wan.

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