Baoding strains the wave and compensates the new products

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What our company produced strains the wave to compensate the unit and inhibit the systematic harmonic wave portably effectively, inactive power of reliable compensation. Reduce energy consumption, improve the power factor, does not have work that compensate the system to improve the low pressure of new generation of electric energy quality.

Strain wave, compensate unit mainly by filter condenser, strain the intersection of wave and reactor, broken circuit, protect Entrance, shoot and cuts the control unit while being portable, the comprehensive warning unit forms.
Strain the wave portably and compensate the main characteristic of the unit:
1.Fling-cut switch many kinds of choice ( Intelligence specialized contactor, contactless switch, on-load switch, synchronous switch) .
2.Friendly human-computer interaction interface, help users inquire about parameters such as the frequency, voltage, electric current, active power, inactive power, power factor, harmonic wave,etc..
3.Lose electrical power to protect ' The incoming telegram runs automatically) , short out, protect, overvoltage protection, owe, press protection, harmonic wave, protect, guarantee apparatus work in normal cases, it is not controlled to avoid.
4.Adopt interference-free one-chip computer and guard the gate dog, adopt some gather the intersection of vote and way more at software, strengthen the ability to resist interference of the apparatus, guarantee the apparatus runs reliably.
5.According to the harmonic state of the power consuming environment, design and match rational straining the wave reactor, inhibit the harmonic wave of corresponding number of times effectively.
Strain the wave portably and compensate the unit and adopt the integrated structure, it is simple and convenient to wire, Chinese reveals menus, can reveal voltage, electric current, active power, inactive power, power factor, harmonic wave,etc.. Strain the wave to pay the unit for and install portably under having harmonic environments, equilibrate the inactive power, there is no electric current of work to reduce the circuit, reduce the line loss, the problem of interfering with etc. of solving harmonic wave once high.

The north cable electric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Baoding manages the apparatus of power transmission and distribution mainly, compensates the device and strains the wave cupboard, harmonic wave control the device, strain the wave and compensate the device, subdue the cupboard in harmony, there is not work that compensate the device Baoding and strain the wave and compensate the new product;

The north cable electric Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of the intersection of Baoding and city lies in the national development zone for new and high-tech industries of Baoding, specialize in the research and development of the products apparatus of the power system, produce and sell. Absorbed in offering the complete scheme of solving the electric energy quality problem to customer; And the new high-tech enterprise that carried on the harmonic wave of the electric wire netting and controlled design, device researching and developing, apparatus and formed a complete set independently.The main products are as follows, the electric wire netting does not have work that compensate the apparatus to strain the wave, online electric energy quality monitoring system, portable electric energy quality analysis instrument, monitoring system of the wireless temperature of power industry, electric deployment's communication and recording system and computer software development,etc.. The products mainly serve systems such as the electricity, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry,etc..

The company depends on one's own unique technological capability and harmonic administration project experience accumulated for a long time; And rely on the cooperation and exchange with famous universities and colleges such as North China Electric Power University, Chinese electric department's institute,etc.. Offer to you: Mix, switchyard system design consulting; Electric energy quality tests, assesses, solution; It control harmonic wave by design of apparatus, in a complete set, install, run by guidance, technical training. It is the most suitable to make electric energy quality solutions to measure of different customers.

The north electricity has been inherited electrically all the time as the outstanding scientific and technological enterprises of the electric valley in China " The innovation, quality, service " Enterprise idea; One " innovate first-class technology; Offer the product of miscarrying; Guarantee the high quality services; Train first-class talents " As people's eternal pursuit of north electricity; Helping hand is made " Intelligence, cleaning, high-efficient " Electric wire nettings green more north than electricity goal which people struggle constantly.

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