Pipeline engineering fluid sealant of Australia's American high treasure

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Pipeline engineering fluid sealant of American high treasure is one of the series of products [imports adhesive newly ], it is Australia that produces, the symbol of the pipeline with high-quality domain, face the area of China's Mainland to popularize and sell, such as wanting to find out about fluid sealant of newest pipeline engineering | Fluid sealant of pipeline | The pipeline has adhesive stock preferential prices, please call to consult.
Pipeline engineering fluid sealant of Australia's American high treasure
--Compound sticking to seal high-efficiently
This product regards modifying epoxy resin polymer as the main body, mix a structural glue of one pair of groups of strenghthened type developed and become with materials such as solidification pharmaceutical of many kinds of compound performance, modified pharmaceutical,etc., possess the sticking intensity high, wear-resisting and resist to presses, is able to bear shaking, the packing is good after solidifying, toughness is specially strong, consistency is high, have weatherable, is able to bear chemical solvent and acid alkali to corrode the fairly good one, mechanics performance such as fine electric insulating ability, its antidetonation, resisting to press, resist and draw, resist and strike are distinguished.
Pipeline engineering fluid sealant of American high treasure can fully solve various industry pipelines and seal the demand continued, there is dissolving to materials such as the metal, plastics and concrete,etc. and bind strength, can in stretch out and draw back, keep the good airtight and waterproof under vibration and temperature change continuously, and it is very good to be able to bear the oil, able to bear the solvent, durability.
Applicable scope:
1.This product has excellent plasticity, deduct sealant of the connection as the silk, can remedy silks and deduct defects such as the incomplete, line irregularity,etc. automatically, prevent taking off loose incurred because of shaking, realization is sealed safely.
2.Suitable for Fran's connecting it in the craft, it is good, has not creep, tough and tensile and reliabled that the colloid glues the intensity big, heat-resisting for the first time, adhesion is extremely good, the surface of the patching material is lacked, it is very right to shrink, break, shift, burn out the invalid flange to repair and regenerate, dispel interfaces and let out the phenomenon.
3.Offering high strength, high toughness, high durability to connect the technological construction craft to the caliper brings the brand-new choice, seal the conglutination of interface to the pipe fittings playing a connecting sealedly role, guarantee rigidity and intensity of the cannelure attachment, form a hard, tenacious sealed structure.
Performance characteristic:
Pastel is white
Mixed proportion
Volume ratio A: B =1:1
But operating time
45 minutes
Time of solidification
About 2 days
Compression strength
Resist and cut the intensity
Tensile strength
Modulus of elasticity
4.3× 103MPa
Coefficient of expansion of line
60mm/mm ¡æ& times; 10-6
Working temperature
-60 ¡æ to +200 ¡æ
Pack and valid quality guarantee period: 6 kilograms hold, 2.
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Shenzhen manages the structural glue of voltage transformer project mainly along the chapter Science Technologies Co., Ltd., the intersection of reservoir and the intersection of reinforcement work and glue, concrete mend structural pharmaceutical, reinforcing bar protect the intersection of pharmaceutical and the intersection of Australia and American high the intersection of treasure and pipeline engineering fluid sealant;

Shenzhen is devoted to popularizing and propagating conglutination and sealing technology along the chapter Science Technologies Co., Ltd., holding the note will record the new import adhesive of the foreign atypical use searching, make lowering costs in guaranteed quality as one's own duty, lay particular emphasis on to the high-quality chemical requirements that all former factories produce the energy-conservation, environmental protection, high-efficient respect, special with the fire power water and electricity, petrochemical industry, trades such as steel and metallurgy, machine-building, Aero-Space, car making, vessel repairing and making, mine and cement, electronic apparatus, biological medicine,etc. associate with.
Possibility to weigh customer's operating mode and malleability of prolonging, make and is put on record, offer the non- traditional settlement route to project personnel connecting.
Worship the practical, rigorous professional etiquette, our company pledges one's devotion and becomes the outstanding figure in the current supplier of the same trade or business.
Bind the thing littly, the safe thing is great, only the speciality can be derived.

Its original packaging imported binder products of special use - -
A.Australia's American high treasure series:
Structural glue of project
Reinforcement work glue of reservoir
The concrete is mended structural pharmaceutical
The reinforcing bar protects pharmaceuticals
The high strength encapsulates pharmaceuticals
Long-efficiency and antiseptic to protect pharmaceuticals
Resist and rub structural pharmaceutical
Project glue of power plant
Glue of compound structure
The foundation encapsulates pharmaceuticals
B.But Nation series of Australia's beauty:
Multi-functional binder
Waterproof structural glue
Structural glue of yacht
Structural glue of ball mill

Structural binder of wind-powered electricity blade
C.German Will's health series:
1.Resist and assault the wear-resisting structural glue
2.The response kettle mends pharmaceuticals
3.The flange repairs fluid sealant
4.Coat the glue wear-resisting
5.The mould mends pharmaceuticals
6.The water pump is mended dose
7.The spiral thick liquid is mended dose
8.The machine for rubbing coal mends pharmaceuticals
9.The condenser is in charge of the antiseptic glue of board
10.300 ¡æ is antiseptic to resist the rust to gush out pharmaceuticals
11.The chimney titanium board mends pharmaceuticals
12.The vessel mends pharmaceuticals
13.Ship fluid sealant
D.Melt the metal and employ the products in excellent Nice of U.S.A.:
1.Melt the metal and employ the coating
2.The inside lining mends the material
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