DDF16 system, 75 ohms of Siemens types can pay 90 degrees and rotate and mix Manchus and connect the head

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Electric performance
75Ω /75Ω The uneven type connects the unit
The impedance of characteristic: 75Ω
The return waves echo losses: ≥ 18dB(50KHz- 233MHz)
Get involved in the line and decay: ≤ 0.3dB(50KHz- 233Hz )
The insulating resistance among internal and external conductors: ≥ 1000MΩ ( 500V)
Exposed to the resistance inside, among the other conductors: ≤ 2.5mΩ (other conductor)
≤ 10mΩ (inner conductor)
Able to bear the voltage among internal and external conductors: ≥ 1000V *AC *1min puncture, has not flown arcly
Go back to a bunch of sound of space to defend degree: ≥ 70dB(50KHz- 233MHz)

Main mechanical performance
Draw and take off strength ( N) : Resist the cable and draw ability and is greater than 50
Separate strength ( N) : It has been 2.2 - 10 under not locking the state
Mechanical durability: After the coaxial connector is inserted and pulled out for 1000 times, accord with its electric performance, and is exposed to the surface and should be electroplated layer, can't show the basal material.

Environmental condition
Working temperature: -5 ¡æ- +40 ¡æ
Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (+30 ¡æ)
Atmospheric pressure: 70 kPa - 106 kPa
Store the temperature
-25 ¡æ- +55 ¡æ
Experimental environment condition
The test goes on under the standard conditions, namely
Temperature: 15 ¡æ- 35 ¡æ
Relative humidity: ≤ 75%
Atmospheric pressure: 86 kPa - 106 kPa

Characteristic of the framework
1,The products are the two-sided shelf, open design.
2,A location standardized design of mounting hole of body of unit on the body, the commonability is good
3,Satisfied 21 And 19 The installation of the body of unit installed, interchangeability is good.
4,Meet installation of body of unit of different quantity, the situation regulates the erection site of the body of unit arbitrarily according to the need of reality.
5,The space utilization ratio is raised by 36% within the framework
6,The body of unit can turn 90& deg downwards; ,The convenient cable is operated as the end.
7,The body of unit adopts and leads and moves forward to make a reservation automatically, it is easy to operate to open and close
8,Y” Type have plugs coaxial test by mouth,it have online and test by function.
9,Adopt the coaxial connector that the surface is gilded, it is low to exposed to the resistance, it is reliable to connect.
10,The system annotates clearly, completely, it is convenient to safeguard and manage.

The auspicious good networking products Co., Ltd. main management of Germany of Shenzhen, optical communication equipment, optic fibre apparatus, the wide-band total distributing frame (MDF) of the local call , digital distributing frame (DDF) , optic fibre optical cable management apparatus (ODF) The distributing frame the wall type form hang, hanging the wall type always mixes the line case, FTTX, outdoor computer lab, cabinet outside the room, cabinet of the network, the floor is terminal to mix the line box, the optical cable hands over the case, optic fibre adapter, match the line cupboard in the middle, always match the line cupboard, two-sided total distributing frame, total distributing frame the form, distributing frame, network distributing frame, telephone distributing frame, exceeds five kinds of distributing frames, six kinds of distributing frames, pay attention to the line shelf, jump the line shelf, optic fibre beat line, information panel, module, module of network, module of pronunciation, 110 module, exceeds five kinds of module, six module, through module, 90 module, 180 module, jump line, five network, jump line, six network, jump line, the intersection of network and the intersection of line,etc. and products DDF16 system, 75 ohms, Siemens type, can rotate 90 degrees, matches Manchus and connects the head;

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