Three-phase servo voltage transformer Voltage transformer of the apparatus

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Three-phase servo voltage transformer The apparatus voltage transformer is sold in batches


Manufacturer: Firm pot Electronics Co., Ltd. of Suzhou
The place of production: Suzhou
After sale: One year
Transport: The freight transportation is chartered and posted
Pay the bill: Pay the bill stage by stage
Product performance:
Use the good quality material, keep durable electric characteristic and firm mechanical performance;
Use carrying the sub platform of Ma Ke, security is extremely high. Adopt the high magnetism to couple technology, press to reduce, distorted and small, the characteristic with high efficiency;
Continuous amount;
Wiring way and voltage grade can be had made to order according to the request of customer.
Contact: Xiao Fang
Telephone number: 0512-65138986
Address: New pool road No. 12 of industrial park of Suzhou
Official website:

The main management of Electronics Co., Ltd. of firm pot of Suzhou, distribution voltage transformer, voltage stabilizer, reactance (hinder) Device, exchange the voltage transformer, alternating current steady voltage plug, intellectual frequency conversion power, UPS incessant power, direct-flow steady voltage plug, three-phase servo voltage transformer apparatus voltage transformer of voltage regulator are sold in batches;

Firm pot research and development, manufacture and service experience for many years of Electronics Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, so far, the firm pot electron has already become in order to exchange the voltage transformer, products such as alternating current steady voltage plug, intellectual frequency conversion power, UPS incessant power, direct-flow steady voltage plug, voltage regulator,etc., in order to rely on, the systematic solution enterprises of all-round power taking electronic electricity and application technology in the peak as tie.
Focus on the customer's challenge and pressure, offer competitive power solution and service, it is our mission to create value for the customer;
The company regards the customer's demand as the first all the time, it is a aim of the company that the customer is the highest;
No stop and pursue Hi-Tech, high quality is goals of the company;
New product, it popularizes new services to be the intersection of company and power to turn on development;
Merge, responsibility, innovation are management theories of the company.
The firm pot electron has rich technological capability, there are 150 staff now, among them engineers and technicians account for more than 20% of staff's total number. The company is selling and the service field accumulates the abundant experience, can meet regional customer's demands better, all-round to offer professional services such as the design plans of all kinds of power of projects, installing, debugging, maintaining and training,etc. to customer.
At present, the firm pot electron has had complete research and development, the professional power enterprises of manufacture, sale, technical support service system to already develop into. Except grasping the fine exchange and product technology of miscarrying directly, possess technology and combine ability even more, create diversification and uniqueness of the products. Our company is promoting procedure quality and staff's value constantly, establish good foreign cooperation relation, in line with & ldquo; The scientific management, quality first, lasting improvement, customer are satisfied with & rdquo; Quality policy,wholeheartedly cooperate with domestic and foreign customer. Expecting your joining, advance courageously hand in hand, create the beautiful future!

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