The high-frequency ups power is made to order

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Brief introduction of online high-frequency serial T1K/S - 3T20KS-New products

1-3k(S) T6K(S) -3T20K( S)

T6K- 3T20K T6KS- 10KS

Series T are that one section have strong adaptability, dispose the flexible products. Adopt pair and change purely online framework, can solve the framework of all power problems to design effectively most, appear to the electric wire netting: Outage, the city electric voltage is too high or too low, whether the voltage falls in the twinkling of an eye or reduces one to shake, high-pressure pulse, voltage fluctuate and wave well up voltage, harmonic wave distorted miscellaneous wave interfere with and the intersection of frequency and the intersection of person who fluctuate and state can offer the good solution, offer the safe and reliable power guarantee for user's load; Adopt advanced DSP digital control technology, has promoted properties of product and system dependability effectively, and realize higher power density is integrated and miniaturization. Satisfied with users' individualized demand, dreamlike serial T6K(S) for being all-round at the same time ~The expanded function that 3T20KS can offer the very abundant one, users can follow the flexible disposition of need.
Properties of product
Adapt to various electric wire netting environments
Export work because 0.8 - suitable for development trend that support, realize strong the intersection of strip and year ability. The complete machine efficiency is up to 90%, the electricity which reduces UPS losses, save the use costs of users. Adopt the active power factor to correct technology (PFT) ,It is close to 1, has reduced the pollution of the electric electric wire netting of the city by a wide margin to input the work. Should demand to design the Chinese electric wire netting, offer the broad input voltage range, can meet abominable electric wire netting sublimity; The excellent input frequency range makes UPS adapt to different power supply units such as the generator.

It is disposed, change because of needing that flexible
Abundant expanded function is all-round meet customer's demand.
Maintain the function online: Can go on in the maintenance of line safely in cases load supply power continuously.
Function (EPO) that long-range to lose electrical power : When the urgent accident happens, can shut off UPS fast.
And the machine assembly: Realize that connects dilatation in parallel and connects the redundant function in parallel, offer elasticity and safer guarantee of planning of power to user.
Dustproof assembly: Promote the dustproof grade of the products under the industrial environment.
Isolate the voltage transformer: Offer to user and isolate protection
Miniaturization is with low noise
Adopt advanced control technology and manufacturing process, promote the power density of the products greatly, reduce the floor space of the products, in the space of official working where every inch of land is precious of today, save the valuable space for you. The noise is low when the machine runs at the same time, safeguard your quiet working environment.

Intelligence is managed
Intellectual battery management: Adopt the advanced one intelligently and charge the control method, choose the optimum charging way according to performance of battery type and battery, make the service life of the battery be lengthened, and charge and discharge and manage to the battery fixedly automatically. And can follow the battery voltage of free choice of the need ' Whether 192V or 240V) . Users can inquire and presume the corresponding UPS control parameter, realize the intelligence of UPS is managed according to the need. Discern and adapt to 50/60Hz power system automatically, meet the requirements of different power systems. The function that the complete trouble protects and reports an emergency and asks for help or increased vigilance: Offer input, export pressing or owe to press, the battery passes filling or low pressure, overload, alarm, trouble that the complete trouble of shorting out etc. protects and distinct warn the function.
The management of starting the machine of intelligence: After UPS start the machine, battery discharge shut down the intersection of city and cable later on, UPS could start the machine automatically in lose electrical power by UPS, meet the customer's nobody's function on duty.

High dependability
Which adopt advanced DSP digitized control technology, properties of product more excellently and quality is more stable and more reliable. Unless it bring and strong in overload capacity in year, fine in compatibility in load,can loads of different typeses applicable. The strong ability to resist interference, accord with IET61000-4 to the strict requirement resisted electromagnetically and interfered with, provide the clean electric environment for your apparatus.

Abundant communication and control
Offer RS232 communication interface, can be used in the local or long-range power to manage. Offer the intellectual slot (Intelligent Slot) ,Users can load WebPower card (SNMP card) according to the need ? ? TMT Carlos, AS400 nip ' Do the joint card) To realize that manage and control the function long-rangely

Main management of Electronics Co., Ltd. of the promise of Taiwan, Dongguan, voltage stabilizer, UPS incessant power / the intersection of EPS and emergency supply / direct-flow steady voltage plug / the intersection of lead and sour non-maintaining storage battery / intellectual the intersection of frequency conversion and power / intelligence integrate, go against, turn power / intellectual the intersection of switch and power into Supply the high-frequency ups power to make to order;

Taiwan promise group lies in the industrial area of tall building of horizontal river in Dongguan, there is production plant of 5000 square meters in the company, nearly 30000 square meters of new factory building are being newly built, Taiwan promise group company is absorbed in electric technical application and researches and develops and devoted to providing high performance, high-quality products and all-round service for global customers, lead UPS, worker of EPS power machine, high frequency machine, the intersection of communication and power, bend over, go against person who become electric and electronic the intersection of field and development in science and technology only frequently, create the reliable, high-efficient, energy-conserving products.
Taiwan promise Electronics Co., Ltd., Dongguan is Taiwan promise group, have the most intact power product line of industry, devoted to offering the most complete power solution to customer. The products involve the incessant power, hand in the direct-flow steady voltage plug, go against the becoming device, only bend over the solar energy products, non-maintaining lead-acid battery, contain research and development of products, design, makes, sale and service, the products are applied to each trade field such as government, finance, communication, education, traffic, meteorological phenomena, broadcast and television, industrial and commercial tax, health care, energy electricity extensively.
Although the promise of Taiwan is a domestic brand, it is one that has UPS key technology at the same time, the products draw the internationally recognized brand UPS technology, and accumulate through the technology for many years, count the research and development persevering for ten years as if it were one day to practise, introduce in the trade stability performance is not second to a gleam of brand UPS products in world, through the technological background decades, rely on researching and developing, the products, the service, can produce the comprehensive advantage in respects such as the scale,etc., keep properties of product, stability, dependability,etc. being in leading position of industry all the time.
The company products find a good sale in world all parts, offer the continuously sane electric guarantee for information processing departments such as data centre, IT network, computer lab,etc., serve every important key field such as finance, traffic, industrial manufacturing, medical treatment. All products in the group will appear on the market with a promise brand, including the solar energy that has already gone into operation now goes against the becoming device products. Taiwan promise group is creating a firm market platform, by supporting the growth at the whole world level in the future.
The company has already passed ISO9001 in an all-round way: Authentication such as 2008 quality systems authorizing, CE. The products examine the multiple authorities of the department to authorize through national-level quality testing. The promise of Taiwan has the national patents of multiple power, the Chinese member unit of power association, Chinese Academy of Sciences appoints power supplier and qualified supplier of military purchase. The power products of a promise, besides selling to Canada at present, still export to a plurality of countries and regions such as U.S.A., South Korea, Cuba, North Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh,etc., employ in systems such as Aero-Space, electricity, communication, railway, oil field, new energy,etc. extensively.
“ Interdependence, sincere cooperation, learn from other's strong points to offset one's weaknesses, develop together & rdquo; It is the eternal enterprise aim not changed of a promise; Pay attention to talents, it is the management thought that a promise adheres to to be human-oriented. The promise of Taiwan will regard customer as the centre, will regard quality as the core, will pay close attention to the customer's requirement constantly, with & ldquo; Innovation high-quality, extensive and profound, pursues being outstanding & rdquo; Enterprising spirit with the masses of customer launch cooperation,develop together.
The group company UPS technology of the promise of Taiwan belongs to leading UPS manufacturers in the trade, offer the specialized solution to user all the time.
Devoted to the constant technological innovation, according to the needs of user, offer the professional solution, offer the most steady, reliable solution in the trade to user.

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