Gas silent stock tube float flow meter

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First, brief introduction:
The gas silent stock tube float flow meter of Model DXLZBQ is a flow meter with unique intention and measurement gas having wide adaptability, she is by AS, ABS plastics make into, there is the better one that is able to bear rotten performance,

Rational, small, light, awls are in charge of characteristics such as the difficult breakage,etc. to have structure. The float flow meter of silent stock tube can be applied to industrial departments such as chemical industry, environmental protection, food,etc. extensively. Silent stock tube float

The connection way of the flow meter can be divided into: Inject, weld, whorl and flange connect 4 kinds of.

The gas silent stock tube float flow meter of Model DXLZBQ is turned into the area type flow meter, ABS/AS vertebra managing and a float that only moves with flow size that she is mainly expanded from bottom to top by one

Make up, when the fluid flows through the vertebra tube from bottom to top, the buoyancy of lift and fluid that the kinetic energy of fluid produces on the float makes the float rise. Because the vertebra is in charge of the ring between inboard wall and float and circulate the area increases,

Thereupon decline of lift that the kinetic energy of fluid produces on the float. When the sum of lift and float is equal to one's own gravity of the float, the float is in equilibrium state, steady at a certain height, on position of this height

Scale instruction flow through to shed magnitude flow meter.

Flow range:

Air: 2.5-25L/min




6-60m³ /h

Other flow can be made on request

Applicable requirements: DN3, DN4, DN5, DN6, DN8, DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN150

Connection way: The socket is connected, inner whorl connecting, flange is connected

Able to bear pressing: ≤ 1mpa; It is warm to be able to bear: ≤ 60 ¡æ

Precision grade: 4 grades

The auspicious instrument limited company main management of the east of gold lake, the others, glass tube flow meter, silent stock tube flow meter gas silent stock tube float flow meter;

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