Small flow flow meter

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Flow instrument

Small flow flow meter

First, summary
DXBTMF serial microminiature metal pipe float flow meters are that one kind which is based on position measurement of the float is turned into area flow instrument. The brand-new design makes the measurement of the small flow become possible. Especially suitable for the measurement of the liquid and small flow of gas. Adopt the whole metal structure, have small, press and decrease light, range than large (10: 1),Apply to the complicated, abominable environment of every profession and trade, measure and control with the course small flow, low velocity of flow, flow of different harsh medium conditions extensively, especially suitable for measuring muddily, opaqueness or corrosivity fluid.
DXBTMF serial microminiature metal pipe float flow meters, direct against different user's needs, different occasions, many kinds of measurement forms offer users to be available; According to having pointing out type in situ to divide, transmitting the appearing type far to output the form; Classify according to the anti-blast requirement, can be divided into safe type two kinds general type, essence.
It has been adopted partly too internationally advanced to have no magnetism and stagnat magnetism that detect the change of angle of magnetic field to examine the sensor to contactly that DXBTMF serial microminiature metal pipe float flow meters are spread far, and add high-performance MCU and make 4- 20mA to transmit out far, can set up parameters such as linear correction,etc. to the flow meter through the software of location going machine in Line two. This type intellectual signal changer has very high precision and dependability, have high cost performance, can well replace and import the instrument of the same type.
DXBTMF serial microminiature the intersection of metal pipe and the intersection of float and flow meter design and make, consider the intersection of user and craft flow into, require also, there is DXBTMF-V installing type, DXBTMF-H appear in order to play into the installing type enters the side to appear for the side.
Structure and principle

Second, DXBTMF serial microminiature metal pipe float flow meters are made up of following part:
2,Measurement is managed
4,Gauge outfit
5,The magnetism couples the system
6,Electric cable

There are three kinds of the connecting liquid materials of the sensor: Alloy, titanium material in stainless steel, Kazakhstan; Users but craft pressure and corrosivity of the medium that foundations are different are required, choose different touching the liquid material, the ones that to meet the craft are able to bear pressing and antiseptic need of medium.
The measurement of the flow is to experience the change in the position of float to finish the instruction of the flow and far transmission of signal to publish through the magnetic steel of coupling by the changer in the indicator. When the medium examined is flowed through and measures the tube from bottom to top, when balanced that the float receives vertical and upward motive force to float of the gravity, buoyancy and fluid velocity of flow, the float is relatively resting in a certain position, this position changes with the crack area of ring that float and awl are in charge of, velocity of flow of fluid, the position of the float corresponds to the size of examining the medium flow promptly.

Third, characteristic
Minimum can measure flow range: 0.1 to 1 l/h water
The side enters the measuring type and takes out of a injection valve or imports the needle valve
Can take Line two make the intersection of 4-20mA and analog quantity, export ' 24VDC supplies power)
The valve flows availably and relatedly and permanently
It installs minimum intervals to be 90mm ' The side enters the side appearing type)
All stainless steel structure
The temperature range of environment for use: -40 -- +80 ¡æ
The time of damping sets up the range: Can be set up in 0-10 seconds
Precision: < ± 2.5% is warm float: < ± 0.1% / 10 ¡æ.
Can through isolating type USB-UART converter and at operate all configuration about flow meter location machine software.
Connect the external liquid crystal display through four buttons on the flow meter, can set up the main parameter.

Fourth, technical parameter
Measure the range Water (20 ¡æ) 1- 3000 l/h
Air ( 0.1013MPa 20 ¡æ) 0.5- 90000 l/h
Range to 10:1
Precision grade 2.5 grades / 4.0 grades
Working pressure PN16MPa
Medium temperature Normal form -40 ¡æ- +120 ¡æ
Ambient temperature -40 ¡æ- +80 ¡æ
The medium glues degree 1/4& rdquo; NPT, 3/8” NPT 1/2” NPT≤ 5mPa.s

3/4” NPT, 1” NPT ≤ 250mPa.s

Output the standard signal: Make 4 in Line two- 20mA (24VDC supplies power)
Power supply 24VDC± 20%
The side of connection way enters the measuring type: 1/4” NPT
Leave the appearing type on entering: 1/4” NPT, 3/8” NPT, 1/2” NPT, 3/4” NPT, 1” Whorl in NPT
Electric interface M8× 1 or user offer the specification

Protect the grade IP65
Anti-blast sign Originally fitting type: ExiaIICT3- 6

The auspicious instrument limited company main management of the east of gold lake, the others, the flow meter of glass tube, small flow flow meter of flow meter of silent stock tube;

The east of Jiangsu auspicious instrument Co., Ltd. has instrument and apparatus, electric wire cable, plastic products, inter-trade products such as engineering goods, trade,etc., one integrates the comprehensive enterprises that one set of projects, trade are with as an organic whole service; Meticulous services such as the supply that totally has the ability to offer to customer in the business scope, forming a complete set, debugging,etc., it is the masses of customer's credible cooperative partners.

Main products: The float flow meter of silent stock tube, the rotor flow meter of silent stock tube, the rotor flow meter of glass tube, the float flow meter of metal pipe, gas eddy meter, holding ultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic the intersection of liquid and location count, side install magnetic the intersection of turnover panel and the intersection of liquid and location count, side installing type translates the liquid location of column to count, the side holds companions hotly type and turns over the liquid location of column to count, some anti-blast electric thermocouple more, many point pattern electric thermocouples, anti-blast electric thermocouple, very small the intersection of armor and electric thermocouple, wear-resisting to able to bear rotten electric thermocouple, wear-resisting to able to bear the rotten thermal resistance, the intellectual flow is accumulated and be regarded as the appearance, the absolute pressure changer, little difference presses the changer, shoulder the pressure changer, the intersection of 1151/3351GP and competent the intersection of pressure and changer, the intersection of DX-S305 and accurate digital pressure gauge, fire prevention cable while being high temperature resistant, KVP\RVVP series shield the signal cable, high temperature resistant Fluorine moulds and installs line and cable, hands in and unites polyethylene insulating electric cable, fire prevention, control cable, the intersection of polyvinyl chloride and insulating cable,etc. while being high temperature resistant.

Our company is located in the scenery show ease, green and carry on one's shoulder or back the drifting fragrance, land of rivers and lakes of Jiangsu propitious for giving birth to great men.

Our company is in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Jinan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Xinjiang, Dalian, Harbin, Jilin,etc. plan to build the branch company of marketing.

Obtaining the great kindness coming from the customer of the achievement, enterprise staff realize this reason deeply, it is determined to use the honest and diligent work, annotate & ldquo; Science and technology create value, quality pursue being outstanding & rdquo; Enterprise aim. Expect that draws nutrition in the cooperation with friends from all walks of life, is inspired, jointly for making new contribution of national instrument industry.

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