LXSK-I type intellectual water gauge of prepaid fee of contact-type IC card

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The description of products:
Adopt the activity to read the card structure, lift and cover and insert the card, the top of water gauge is designed waterproofly to cover, not only can achieve the waterproof goal make the products elegant in appearance but also
Adopt and import the ultralow consumption microprocessor, the circuit adopts a consumption technology, enclose the service life of battery to improve greatly in making, guarantee to use for more than 8 years
Valve automatic blowdown, defends stopping up, the technology of antirusting: The timing of valve carries on switch movements automatically, utilize instantaneous impulsive force of water that the pipeline pressure causes effectively, realize the automatic blowdown of the valve, prevent the valve from forming the dirt, rust and dying etc.
Seal and design independently: Device all epoxy resin of every part of circuits was sealed, has not leaked electrodes, the sealing is good, stop the waterproof, dampproof difficult problem caused by deformation of outer cover
Prevent the dispatch from foreign news agency, magnetism from attacking technology: When the outside attacks the strong electricity, magnetism, the water gauge will turn off the valve automatically
The surplus water yield calls the police and points out the function: The data are nuclear while reducing to the surplus water yield in the table, close the valve and point out users automatically, in case that because the water yield is not enough to influence users to use water
The data shift the function: After the water gauge breaks down can transfer to new table with the intersection of project and card the intersection of fault dictionary and data, thus achieve the goal of influencing user's exactly daily water
Support water, electricity, warm all-purpose card to be designed, user Zhang's card can manage 4 water gauges, it is to that the users of more than one table may be said very convenient

Technical parameter:
Nominal to lead to the foot-path
High flux the most
Daily flow
Minimum flow
Interface size of the table
The table takes over the size
Body of table
Width & times; Height
DN( mm)
qs( m³ /h)
qp( m³ /h)
qi( m³ /h)
Have not taken over the length
Interface whorl
The tape takes over the length
Effective length of the whorl
Take over the whorl
L( mm)
L1( mm)
L2( mm)
W× H( mm)
95× 250
95× 252
95× 254
It is electronic some is big reading most (m³)
Electronic some resolving power(m³)
0.1 (purified water is 0.001)
Accuracy grade
2.0 grades adopt the standard: Water JJG162-2009 of cold; Hot water JJG686-2006; Purified water CJ/T241-2007
Pressure loss
< 25kPa/qp
The greatest working pressure
Water medium temperature
Cold water ( 0~30) ¡æ; Hot water ( 0~90) ¡æ; Purified water( 0~30) ¡æ;
Environmental humidity
( 0~90) %RH
Way of supplying power
Lithium battery DC3.6V

Suzhou end the intersection of department and the intersection of agate and the intersection of electrical engineering and the intersection of Co., Ltd. and main products, single-phase electron type electric energy meter, three-phase electron type electric energy meter, single-phase multi-functional electric energy meter, company's main management: Concentrate safe power consuming energy-conservation of intelligence on and measure water of the administrative system, electricity, angry warm the intersection of remote and many table measure student, university of administrative system, malignant to support, discern, measure the intelligent network ammeter of administrative system with cable apartment have, network instrument, electric fire of exquisite ammeter control, leak electricity the low-voltage power distribution box, LXSK-I type intellectual water gauge of prepaid fee of contact-type IC card of nonstandard case of warning system;

Suzhou end the intersection of department and the intersection of agate and the intersection of electrical engineering and Co., Ltd. register on center district Wu, city of Suzhou, the company is devoted to the research, development of the energy-conserving products of building, produce, sell, the products that the company deals in involve energies and use the field, energy safely and measure the system, energy consumption monitoring system, electricity fire and leak electricity in the warning system. The company products are authorized through China quality authentication centre ISO9001 quality management system and the mandatory 3C products of low-voltage distribution are authorized, the company is with rich technological capability, the checkout equipments of modernized management mode and completion, fine official working, production environment, gain the masses of users' trust.

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