Exchange the intellectual ammeter of meritorious ammeter in DDS1540 type single-phase electron type

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First, product summary
The DDS1540 type single-phase electron type electric energy meter has adopted large-scale specialized integrated circuit and SMT technology, shield the interference-free structure completely. This watch performance totally accords with the relevant technical requirements of a grade of single-phase electric energy meters in GB/T17215-2002 national standard and IEC61036 international standard, can measure the consumption of meritorious electric energy in the specified single-phase exchange electric wire netting with frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz accurately directly, machinery count degrees of device reveal total power consumption from person who walk into, have the intersection of dependability and fine, the intersection of volume and little, the intersection of weight and light, esthetic installing characteristicking such as being flexible and convenient appearance.
Second, main technological characteristic
51 walking into machinery type counters reveal.
The power direction discerns automatically, the electric energy of single direction is measured, have burglar-proof electric functions.
The passive pulse is exported, accord with DIN43864 standard, it is convenient to concentrate on checking meter.
Available and regular or simple and convenient to wire the way.
Third, technical indicator
Technical indicator
Specification type
DDS1540 type
Working voltage
AC150- 250V
Accurate grade degree
1.0 grades, 2.0 grades
Standard electric current
10( 40) A; 5( 20) A; 5( 40) A; 15( 60) A
Fourth, external dimension
110mm× 140mm× 50mm

Suzhou end the intersection of department and the intersection of agate and the intersection of electrical engineering and the intersection of Co., Ltd. and main products, single-phase electron type electric energy meter, three-phase electron type electric energy meter, single-phase multi-functional electric energy meter, company's main management: Concentrate safe power consuming energy-conservation of intelligence on and measure water of the administrative system, electricity, angry warm the intersection of remote and many table measure student, university of administrative system, malignant to support, discern, measure the intelligent network ammeter of administrative system with cable apartment have, network instrument, the electric fire of the exquisite ammeter controls, leaks electricity the low-voltage power distribution box, nonstandard case of warning system and supplies the DDS1540 type single-phase electron type and exchanges the intellectual ammeter of meritorious ammeter;

Suzhou end the intersection of department and the intersection of agate and the intersection of electrical engineering and Co., Ltd. register on center district Wu, city of Suzhou, the company is devoted to the research, development of the energy-conserving products of building, produce, sell, the products that the company deals in involve energies and use the field, energy safely and measure the system, energy consumption monitoring system, electricity fire and leak electricity in the warning system. The company products are authorized through China quality authentication centre ISO9001 quality management system and the mandatory 3C products of low-voltage distribution are authorized, the company is with rich technological capability, the checkout equipments of modernized management mode and completion, fine official working, production environment, gain the masses of users' trust.

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