Intellectual ammeter of the sectional prepaid fee of the Model DDSH1540 multi-user

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Main technological characteristic
Can reach 36 and concentrate on measuring, assigning to the family to measure and reveal with electricity at most, the table case is small, it is convenient to install.
It is accurate to measure, overload capacity is strong, have long performance life, prevent stealing the electricity effectively, reduce the power consuming dispute.
Wide range 10( 50) A, high sensitivity, totally meet the load of power consuming and change big users.
There is power that measures the function, animation users' power consuming load, can carry on the on-the-spot school table.
Measurement circuit and revealing the circuit adopts the three-phase power to supply power in the way within the electric energy meter. Even if the supply line lacks the looks, the electric energy meter can work normally, make the electric energy measure more scientifically.
The low power dissipation of the complete machine, the consumption ( 7VA) less than a machinery type electric energy meter .
Have checking meter and function that the computer networks and checks meter of infrared short ranges long-rangely, way of checking meter is more advanced.
The watchcase is pressed and shaped, seal, take lead sealing, accord with international GB/T17215-2002.
Technical indicator
Working voltage: AC150- 250V Standard electric current: 10( 50) A
Accuracy grade: 2.0 grades, 1.0 grades The data are protected: The data protect time & ge after cutting out; 100
Way and system make up to check meter
Read and check meter directly: Model DDSH1540 multi-user's electric energy meter
Infrared to check meter: Model DDSH1540 multi-user's electric energy meter; DHY-A type infrared checking meter device; Computer and management software ( Available)
Network and check meter: Model DDSH1540 multi-user's electric energy meter; DHY-A type infrared a checking meter device ' Used for for the serial number of electric energy meter) ; RSVVP type shields the paired line; Collect the copying device in Model DJS data; Computer and management software
External dimension
Specification type
16 under (mm)
17- 27 (mm)
28- 36 (mm)
Electric energy meter
375× 260× 94
461× 283× 115
496× 283× 115

Power distribution box
740× 620× 150
820× 640× 150
860× 640× 150
Holding type secretly
700× 620× 140
780× 640× 140
820× 640× 140
Holding type of tomorrow
1.When users enter the line as three phases, the corresponding specification type is DDSH1540-xxT. For example: DDSH1540-5T +1D, the output of this electric energy meter is 5 three-phase users and a single-phase user. Its external dimension corresponds to the above table after calculating according to 1T=3D. DDSH1540-5T +1D equates with the size of 16.
2.The power distribution box, for the size when basically disposing; If dispose needing to fix separately specially.

Suzhou end the intersection of department and the intersection of agate and the intersection of electrical engineering and the intersection of Co., Ltd. and main products, single-phase electron type electric energy meter, three-phase electron type electric energy meter, single-phase multi-functional electric energy meter, company's main management: Concentrate safe power consuming energy-conservation of intelligence on and measure water of the administrative system, electricity, angry warm the intersection of remote and many table measure student, university of administrative system, malignant to support, discern, measure the intelligent network ammeter of administrative system with cable apartment have, network instrument, electric fire of exquisite ammeter control, leak electricity the low-voltage power distribution box, intellectual ammeter of sectional prepaid fee of Model DDSH1540 multi-user of nonstandard case of warning system;

Suzhou end the intersection of department and the intersection of agate and the intersection of electrical engineering and Co., Ltd. register on center district Wu, city of Suzhou, the company is devoted to the research, development of the energy-conserving products of building, produce, sell, the products that the company deals in involve energies and use the field, energy safely and measure the system, energy consumption monitoring system, electricity fire and leak electricity in the warning system. The company products are authorized through China quality authentication centre ISO9001 quality management system and the mandatory 3C products of low-voltage distribution are authorized, the company is with rich technological capability, the checkout equipments of modernized management mode and completion, fine official working, production environment, gain the masses of users' trust.

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