Electric control cabinet Operate the button with apparatus

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Electric control cabinet Operate the button with apparatus

Electric control cabinet Operate the button with apparatus
The description of products:
Electric engineer and skilled worker of technical training through rigorously enforcing with a batch of high technology while having of the company, have higher technological development ability and job accomplishment. Through introducing and digesting and assimilating foreign advanced technology constantly, is devoted to development of the electric control system, development. Take projects contracting of industrial automation control as the core, and bear the big repair of the electric control system and transform the business, can be offered on production fields such as the metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, light industry, papermaking,etc. to user:
The unit electric system of every profession and trade forms a complete set and serves;
Numerical control extends electromechanics' angry control system of the ring;
Numerical control opens a book and smoothes and cuts the electric control system of tangent line;
Numerical control is vertical to cut the electric control system of line;
Electric control system of flexible processing line of numerical control of the press;
Hydraulic electromechanics' angry control system;
Design, manufacture and transforming of the electric control system of the specialized numerical control lathe;
Other kinds to process the design, manufacture of the electric control systems of the apparatuses and production lines and transform.
http://www.jnqysk.com/cpzs/dqkzxt/1072.html electric control cabinet Apparatus control button

The spring of Jinan jumps numerical control mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. and manages power automation mainly and extends the ring machine, reaming machine, the press of the liquid, ring forging machine, forge the angry control cabinet apparatus of hydraulic electromechanics and operate the button;

It is professional that the spring of Jinan jumps the Industrial Co., Ltd. of numerical control to design, produce, make, sell the enterprise run by the local people mechanical in numerical control. The company faces the deeply processed links of belted steel logistics of enterprises such as steel enterprise, electrical home appliances, spaceflight, vehicle, steel trade,etc., offer numerical control to open a book and smooth and cut sideways vertically and cut the production line, belted steel numerical control smoothes and presses the cold curved automatic production line, and the application demand in having no shaping and forging which sew the ring one to process, offer three roof beams four columns of liquid presses, automation to forge the press of the liquid, D51 type reaming machine of vertical numerical control, the numerical control radial of the Model D52 extends the ring machine, the numerical control foot-path of the Model D53 extends the ring machine, servo ring a round machine, automation of school and walks into the roof beam system, design and manufacture of automatic manipulator of three coordinates axially.
The spring of Jinan jumps the Industrial Co., Ltd. of numerical control and regards product quality as the life of enterprises, stand fast at & ldquo; Do things and conduct oneself promptly, products such as moral standing & rdquo; Values. Reputation first, the highest aim of the customer. While carrying out product quality strictly, mould the image diligently, deduce diligently and promise, keep the customer here diligently. We can design and make various frocks and nonstandard apparatuses that you need badly by cooperating with user according to users' demand, and the fittings offering relevant apparatus and undertaking to maintain professionally. We wish, move towards brilliant together hand in hand with the intersection of industry and personage, welcome the arrival of friends from all walks of life guidance, negotiate the business!
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