Bus bar trough

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The trough characteristic of bus bar has series to form a complete set, goods production, volume little and capacity old and design and construction cycle short installing, dismantling convenient can burn, be safe and reliable, have long performance lifing. The trough products of bus bar are suitable for exchanging 50Hz, specified voltage 380V, three-phase Line four of the specified electric current 250A-4000A, three-phase Line five is made and supported in the system engineering of the distribution.
Closed bus bar trough( Abbreviated as the bus bar trough) By metal sheet ' Stencil plate or aluminium board) In order to protect the bus bar system that outer cover, electric conduction arranging, insulating material and relevant attachments make up. It can make every other distance and have injecting type injected and divided the line box that closes the bus bar, can also make, without divide the intersection of line and feeding closed bus bar of box. In the electric power system of the skyscraper, motive force and lighting circuit are often set up separately, the backbone as supplying power of bus bar trough is installed once or a lot of time vertically along the wall in the electric shaft. According to the intersection of use and one the intersection of bus bar and trough generally by the intersection of top and the intersection of bus bar and trough, through bus bar trough ' Zonation jack two kinds of jacks) with taking , L type vertical ' Level) Curved open bus bar, Z type vertical ' Level) It setovers bus bars, T type to be vertical ' Level) Three direct links bus bar, X type vertical ' Level) The intersection of Stone and bus bar, become, hold the intersection of bus bar and trough, swelling the intersection of bus bar and trough, terminal to seal head, terminal junction box, inject case, the intersection of bus bar and the intersection of trough and relevant attachment and fasten device,etc. make up The bus bar trough can be divided into a air type and injected the bus bar trough, injected bus bar trough and high strength to inject three kinds bus bar troughs intensively and insulatingly according to the insulating way. Divided into intensive insulation, air insulation, air and added the insulating, refractory, resin and insulated and slipped the touching bus bar trough according to its structure and use; Divided into the outer covers of steel, aluminium alloy outer cover and mixed the bus bar trough of outer cover with steel aluminium according to its material of outer cover.

First line of a couplet electric the science and technology ' Fujian) The main management of limited company, the cable, power distribution box, bus bar trough, the production and sales " first line of a couplet brand " Power products such as electric wire cable, branched cable, aluminium alloy cable, mineral cable, bridge shelf, power distribution box, bus bar trough,etc., welcome to call to consult. Bus bar trough;

First line of a couplet electric the science and technology ' Fujian) Limited company specializes in and sells & ldquo; & rdquo of first line of a couplet; Brand electric wire cable, branched cable, mineral insulating cable, the aluminium alloy cable, cable bridge shelf, electric voltage transformer and fittings, press the complete sets, the bus bar trough, electric switch at last, products such as electromechanical equipment, the hardware and electrical equipment,etc.. The products are applied to electricity transmitting, finance, national defence, traffic, petrochemical industry, metallurgy extensively, fields such as trades such as the industrial and mining,etc. and urban construction,etc., the products are sold to a plurality of countries and regions directly or indirectly, win trust from the masses of users deeply.
Company production base located in beautiful bank of Tai Hu, the intersection of Chinese and the intersection of cable and city - the intersection of Jiangsu Province and the intersection of Yixing and Lin Zhen, officer of city, the floor area of factory building is more than 30,000 square meters, there is rich technical force now, advanced production and checkout equipment. The national marketing centre of the company sets up in maritime garden city of Fujian - Xiamen, the geographical position is very superior, easily accessible, information is unblocked, have offered superiority for enterprise's development. The company authorizes through ISO9000 international quality system, ISO14001 Environment Management System authorized with the national Chinese Compulsory Product Certification (CCC Certification) (3C authorizes) . The company has gained good prestige with first-class products and first-class after-sale service, good prestige has earned the broad market for enterprise.
“ & rdquo of scientific and technical innovation; It is aim and source motive force of company's development all the time, we will adhere to & ldquo; Sincerity is practical, renew product variety and upgrade product quality, win together & rdquo harmoniously; Key for values,through implementation high side, integration, internationalization strategy, adjust the industrial structure optimally, improve quality and benefit constantly, make great efforts to turn the company into the advanced, skill-intensive range pole of power industry which the brand distinguished domestic first-class world integrated of management, towards become & ldquo; Intelligence & rdquo of energy expert; This is grand to wish the scene to move ahead constantly. We put user first all the time, seek development with technology, market-oriented, wish that it is all-round to offer to user, high-level service. Under the fierce market competition, pass our untiring efforts? ? ? Creat and deal in the brand, is based on the invincible position, wish to cooperate sincerely with various circles of society, develop together, create brilliance!
“ Grouping, pluralism, establishment of a full-fledged shareholding system, market-based & rdquo; It is the first line of a couplet people's set objective, the first line of a couplet people are welcoming the masses of users with the hospitable hands, the first line of a couplet people raise one's head and look the arrival which look forward to you!

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