BQX52 serial anti-blast frequency conversion transfer the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai of the speed case to specialize in

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BQX52 serial anti-blast frequency conversion adjust the speed case (IIB) The explosion-proof adjusts the speed case Frequency conversion case is made to order

Applicable scope

A district, 2 districts endanger the place.
IIA, IIB firecracker gas environment.

Characteristic of the products

BQX52 motor frequency conversion adjusts the rotational speed that the speed case can adjust the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor through changing the frequency of its output, meet the requirement of production technology
Realize the purpose of economizing on electricity, economize on electricity rate can reach 30%-60%, can also regard as the intersection of motor and software, get up controller, can also be through the sensor, control circuits such as the changer,etc. make up
Close the ring and adjust the speed systematically. Installation easy to operate, get up dynamic equilibrium have, bludgon electric current into to be (soft to start) ,The power capacity is reduced greatly, the power factor is invariable, possess the trouble to reveal at the same time
Wait for various functions.
1,Cross the electric current to protect, short out and protect, overvoltage protects, owes the voltage to protect, lose electrical power to protect and protect absolutely instantly.
2,But the frequency of digital display, the rotational speed and supporting rate or electric current,etc..
3,Can regulate the frequency manually. Can presume the craft curve that the rotational speed changes according to time. Can also be provided the signal to control its frequency by DCS system.
This product adjusts the speed frequency converter in order to import the component. Still contain ampere meter, voltmeter, automatic air turning on or off, indicator lamp in the cupboard,
Exchange to the contactor, worker frequently frequency conversion changes the switch and starts, stops the button etc.. Can design according to different users' technological requirement, choose the device and formulate various
Appropriate working technique.
4,The steel tube or cable connects up.
5,Accord with GB3836-2000, IEC60079 standard required.

Order notice
Should mark out the socket quantity while ordering, corresponding voltage and electric current, enter the line a quantity, direction and specification, if need to mix the mouth qualified for the next round of competitions, please mark out direction quantity and specification: The electric current substantially as please mark out the switch while taking the switching is big or small and Count very much.
The promise explosion-proof of Sichuan is regarded as the professional manufacturer of the anti-blast electric apparatus, in line with & ldquo all the time for many years; Quality first, the customer is ahead of & rdquo; Management theory,pay attention to by communication with customer while in trying to find out constantly by oneself, it innovate constantly, from the angle of customer, research and develop a large number of products suitable for the masses of customers. In order to repay the masses of customer's new support and brand influence of enhancement company to obeying for many years at the present stage, we promise to let you use the products of highest quality at lowest price. Welcome to call to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. main management of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, switch board, power distribution box, anti-blast power distribution box, anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast pipe fittings, anti-blast distribution device BQX52 serial anti-blast frequency conversion adjust the speed case, the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai is specialized in;

The anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai is a anti-blast electric apparatus company incorporating developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole, the professional factory uses the anti-blast electric apparatus, stainless steel electric apparatus of explosion-proof, antiseptic electric apparatus of explosion-proof, products such as dust anti-blast electric apparatus, anti-blast lamps and lanterns, anti-blast button, pipe fittings, instrument and waterproof dustproof antiseptic electric apparatus and lamps and lanterns, anti-blast air blower, moving and lighting,etc..
The company has developed the anti-blast electric apparatus of stainless steel with steady, powerful with esthetic appearance all serial performance newly, in addition, introduce the antiseptic plastic products of a series of explosion-proof again, are the ones that fully meet requirements such as user's explosion-proof, antiseptic, waterproof, environmental protection, energy-conservation,etc. new? ? Take the place of the leading products.
For a long time, the company insists on & ldquo all the time; Scientific management, quality first, offer satisfactory products and fine one service for customer & rdquo; Policy,last project technician, managerial talent sum advanced production equipment, checkout equipment. Already had team of engineering, more high-quality production, managerial talent headed by senior engineer now. Can accept the design, production of various nonstandard anti-blast electric apparatuses.
It is satisfied with the petroleum that the products of the anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai are all-round, using the demand of each field such as chemical industry, vessel, medicine, textile, making wine, spaceflight, war industry, fire control. More than 30 province and city and more than 20 countries in great demand and domestic, are favored by the masses of users, it is the networking suppliers and cooperative partners of a lot of famous enterprises both at home and abroad.
Proceed from starting point of Hi-Tech, every slight expression of quality that anti-blast electric apparatus Co., Ltd. adheres to the promise of Sichuan of Shanghai, grasp and bear & ldquo; Quality seeks development, manage and achieve benefit, prosper enterprises with science and technology, the brand achieves the image & rdquo; Idea of development,it is last electric apparatus bright tomorrow undertaking not to devoted to.

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